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Nancy Tankersley

5 Days Ago

Names Of Our Purchasers

I'm wondering why FAA doesn't share the names and contact info of the purchasers of my prints? I'd like to be able to send a thank you. Or am I just missing that info somewhere on the site?

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Gill Billington

5 Days Ago

No they never will because they are their customers. We just licence our images for them to sell as various prints or on various products.


Val Arie

5 Days Ago

Nancy -

If you think about it, it totally makes sense not to share that information with us. If they did can you imagine how turned off the customers would be by all the "thank you s" they would receive?

If our customers think about it they know we are grateful and they also know how to contact us if they so desire. I think it is a good decision on the part of FAA.


Abbie Shores

5 Days Ago


You are licensing your images for us to use on products we sell. So the customers on the site are our customers.

Privacy Policy https://fineartamerica.com/termsofuse.html?document=privacypolicy

It would be against our Privacy Policy to give out any information. This also covers your information we hold on file.

If they wish to contact you, they can do that using the CONTACT link on your homepage.

Artist Areas and Tech Support Manager

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Mike Savad

5 Days Ago

they aren't your actual customers, the money goes to the site. there is no need to thank anyone. and you can place that thanks on the comments, but i'm certain they won't care either way. if they want to be known they will contact you.

----Mike Savad


Robert Yaeger

5 Days Ago

The only time I have ever received customer information from FAA was regarding resolving a billing issue.


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