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Akos Horvath

4 Days Ago

Do You Dream With Your Art?

Dear Faa members!

Do you dream with your art?
If yes, how often?

King Regards,

Akos Horvath


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Mike Savad

4 Days Ago

not sure what you mean. i have seen wonderful things, only to not understand how to use my camera, or its broken, or stolen, or missing, or i thought i shot it but didn't, or i shot great pictures but had nothing in the camera in the morning.

doesn't happen a lot, more often now because i haven't been able to shoot things in real life.

----Mike Savad


Alison Frank

4 Days Ago

I do! All the time! And then I get really inspired to get up and start creating something. It's the best feeling.


Stefano Senise

4 Days Ago

It depends on the months ... :)))


DK Digital

4 Days Ago

I don't believe so.


Bruce Bodden

4 Days Ago

I have had dreams that I am looking at some really cool art that in my dream someone else did. Then I wake up and realize that because it only existed in my dream that someone else did it, that I can do it and it is really mine. But I never have accomplished such an art, but I do remember vaguely some dream art that I would like to do yet.


Joseph Baril

4 Days Ago

I actually created art sleepwalking.



4 Days Ago

Most of my art is created as a result of dreams. I also get in a dream-like state when creating them. As far as how often, quite often.


Mike Savad

4 Days Ago

usually if i dream of art, its usually about the future. or its whatever i'm saturated in. so if i'm watching a cartoon, i'll dream in cartoon.

----Mike Savad


Janine Riley

4 Days Ago

I'd like to get some peace and rest at night.

If I am working with a particularly tricky piece - my brain will work it out during my sleep. So that's no fun.

I will also see or create cool pieces in my dreams. I wish I was as good as getting them down as I see them on paper.

I do definitely dream in color .


Gurinder Preet Kaur

3 Days Ago

I do it many times, specially if I am trying to figure out a painting i am working on


Dreaming, dream-states (including waken or daytime dreaming) is part of my own creative nature; its involvement is sometimes conscious and at other times working in the background out of sight. When it is 'out-of-sight' it still leaves a residue, clues and evidence, that it is 'faithfully' energized and cooperative with my creative motivations - sometimes it even strongly suggests that my direction or medium is less than adequate for the effort in progress.

At least that has been my own experience...


David Randall

3 Days Ago

My first serious oil painting was based on a dream I had.

Now I sometimes dream about the painting I'm working on.


Donna Mibus

3 Days Ago

I don't have dreams of my art, but my mind apparently keeps going over design challenges, especially if I'm working on a custom design for someone. I will literally wake up in the middle of the night with an idea. Then I HAVE TO get up and right it down, otherwise I will forget it by morning. It's disruptive to my rest, but I can't seem to stop doing this. I wish my brain had an "off" switch for when I go to sleep. (not off completely... I'd like it to keep my heart and lungs, etc, functioning, but I wish my thoughts would go to sleep when I do) :-)


In some ways, like wondering through a dream, automatism can meander and unfold into visual journeys - seemingly to no end...But obviously with much purpose. Viewed by an audience, one has to wonder: Has the next viewer sailed further than the first? How dreamy are our creative works when viewed like one views dreams?



Robert Yaeger

2 Days Ago

Yes, I have dreams that lead to the creation of my artwork.
Here is an example.


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