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Sook Gardiner

3 Days Ago

Mobile Site!!

Hello everyone,

I joined FAA a few days ago and I have upgraded to a premium account now. I love my website, it looks superb!!
Also, it was quite straightforward setting up my website so thanks FAA for that too. One thing I can’t figure out though is why my work is displayed cut in half when I use the mobile site? I'm not a very technical person so can anyone help me on this issue please?


Thanks a million in advance :D


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Douglas Brown

3 Days Ago

Turn your phone and hold in landscape that should sort it. On the iPad it’s normal, but most smartphones are held portrait meaning you get the half picture.


Sook Gardiner

3 Days Ago

Thanks a lot for the kind reply Douglas. My phone still shows the same so maybe it's just my old iPhone that isn't working properly!!

Have a lovely weekend :D


Jessica Jenney

3 Days Ago

The mobile version looks that way because it is not a square image. You can upload custom images for slides, and then upload a square image for the mobile version as I have done:

see my link below



Sook Gardiner

2 Days Ago

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the advice. I love your site, your work is amazing!!
I'll try as you said and see how it goes :)

Have a lovely weekend!


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