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Jennifer Pollock

3 Days Ago


I enjoy doing pen and ink of my areas landmarks. Has anyone out there had any luck at selling their work of landmarks, whether local or national landmark?

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A large percentage of my sales are photographs of local and national landmarks.


Dale Kincaid

3 Days Ago

Landmarks and iconic locations are very popular sellers for me.


DK Digital

3 Days Ago

Next to pop culture art landmark/tourist art probably sells the best.


Janine Riley

3 Days Ago

Yes, quite a few of my best sellers are from my own backyard, so to speak. People love what is familiar to them.


Bradford Martin

2 Days Ago

Only 100 of my photos have sold at least once. That is less than 10% of my total uploaded images. Of the 100, 7 are landmarks. Some iconic and some local. Several of those have sold more than once. None is a best seller at this time. I always seek out local landmarks as well as those that are more iconic. When I visit an area I like to get the iconic photos as well as those that dig deeper into the culture and flavor. Both sell if done well and especially with a unique take.


Joseph Skompski

2 Days Ago

Landmark photos sell regularly for artwork as well as for stock photography, especially when done with a unique take on the subject.


Yes, exactly what all the others are saying. Not always every landmark, but the more popular ones sell regularly.


Val Arie

2 Days Ago

I really can't speak personally as I don't do much of either but whenever I look at the recently sold I see a lot of landmarks and named places sold.


Shaun Swanson

2 Days Ago

Landmarks are awesome, but be careful. Some landmarks claim to be trademarked. There is a big fight going on over the famous Hollywood sign right now.



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