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Akos Horvath

2 Days Ago

Oops... Something Is Not Right Your Image Must Be One Of The Following File Types: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg. Please Change The Image Format And Try Uploading Again.

OOPS... SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT Your IMAGE must be one of the following file types: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg. Please change the image format and try uploading again.

Abbie, please, help me, the system doesn't upload my works, why?

My works are jpegs.

My camera is mirrorless, the best Panasonic Lumix S1.

Please tell me, why this happen?

Yesterday, other works uploaded succesfully, the same camera...

Today only my old camera works, can be uploaded, but my new camera works doesn't....

King Regard,

Akos Horvath

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Mary Bedy

2 Days Ago

Akos, was it just one image? If so, you might try renaming it. I had an issue with one image a couple years ago. No matter how I tried it wouldn't upload even though related images were no problem.

If you're finding that issue will several images, it could be a site glitch. Sometimes if you wait a while, it will clear up. If not, then I don't know what else it could be.


Abbie Shores

2 Days Ago

Sorry to read you are having this issue. However you are saving it is not actually saving as a jpg properly. You can only upload jpgs or png files here. You will need to open them in editing software. and then save it, or a copy, as a jpg.

You can get this issue with SD card saves

In the latest phone update, it was suddenly decided by the phone company to default to saving pictures as HEIC files that saved space instead of jpgs.

In an iPhone you can change this in camera settings. Under format choose COMPATIBLE (NOT High efficiency) then future images will be saved as jpg.


L A Feldstein

2 Days Ago

Akos, I had this problem a few times. I found that adjusting the color, lightness or clarity just slightly, made a difference.


Akos Horvath

2 Days Ago

Many thanks, for your advices, rename and PS auto color and contrast saving are works.

King Regard,

Akos Horvath



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