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Christina Carlson

26 Days Ago

Computer Mouse Recommendation

What is the best mouse for long hours of editing? I’m experiencing a lot of wrist and arm pain... 🙁

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Abbie Shores

26 Days Ago

What is the one you use at present?


Jessica Jenney

26 Days Ago

Do you have carpel tunnel?


Christina Carlson

26 Days Ago

No, not that I know of anyway.


Mike Savad

26 Days Ago

depends on the editing. for a mouse i use a MX master 3 from logitech. it uses a dark field laser, its wireless and charges faster than other models.

but if you do a lot of graphic work that needs pen precision then you want a wacom of some kind. i think i have the intous medium, but they keep changing the name.

you should do hand and wrist stretches, and make sure your arm is supported in some way for the mouse. i made a padded extension that sticks out like 8" from the table covered in leather. most of my forearm sits on that.

if your doing a lot of cloning work or shading, then its a pen you want, because a mouse is best for selecting files, but a pen allows you to shade things. but if you do get a wacom, get a sheet of tablet glass and a little bit of double stick tape. the surface sands a tip down in a week or less now. and the glass (i can look up what fits best if you get the medium), lets it slide and i can get like 2 months on a tip now if i round it now and then.

if you are getting pain you should get it looked at, surgery hurts a lot more.

----Mike Savad


Daniel Hagerman

26 Days Ago

WACOM Tablet and pen only. Mouse is not suitable for daily editing. You can get the Wacom refurbished for a decent price. Good Luck with your editing . . . .


Joshua House

26 Days Ago

Another option for Wacoms is pawn shops. That's where I got mine. Paid like 30 bucks for it. They weren't sure what it even was.


David Bridburg

25 Days Ago

Switch hands for a period of time. Over use stress.

Make sure your seat is at the right height. Some stretching can be bad along with posture.

I use a Walgreens bought mouse because I have a few things on AAA batteries. If you buy in bulk it costs less.

See a physical therapist. Get a real opinion on your pain. The body tells us things. The internet does not.

Dave Bridburg
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Chuck De La Rosa

25 Days Ago

That would have been my suggestion. My trouble now is that I've developed a bit of arthritis at the base of my right thumb. The movement that mouse would require of my thumb would kill me.

Many years ago I had a Microsoft Trackball Explorer. Zero wrist or hand pain. And very precise. Mine dropped on the floor and broke. By that time they stopped making them. I never understood why. They are still so popular that used ones sell for hundreds. And they aren't even wireless.

The next closest is a Kensington Orbit Fusion. I stick with Logitech though because of the unifying receiver.

See a physical therapist. Get a real opinion on your pain. The body tells us things. The internet does not.

Excellent advice.


Robert Yaeger

25 Days Ago

Depends on what you are doing.
As far as a mouse goes, I recommend using a wireless one.
I use Microsoft Apple's wireless, model a1657. Nice sensitivity and finger top surface control, comfortable.
I also have the wired A1152, for when I am recharging the wireless mouse. This one has a tiny trackball wheel on top, which allows for really fast scrolling.
As far as editing goes, I use a WACOM pen tablet, model pth660 for almost everything. It feels more like drawing, more control than a mouse.
Best wishes!

Robert Yaeger

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Michael Rodrick

8 Days Ago

Track balls are nice but overuse can lead to thumb/ wrist issues.


Kevin Schwalbe

8 Days Ago

I developed carpal tunnel and elbow issues over the years and my doctors and therapists all recommended a vertical mouse. The evoluent vertical mouse is great. It’s very comfortable and easy to program the various buttons. I’m right handed and trained myself to also use my left hand. They are specific to each hand, so I have one of each.


Doug Swanson

7 Days Ago

When I was doing 10 hours per day with a mouse, managing a web site and then going home to other things that used a mouse, I started having repetitive motion sort of issues. I noticed that a lot of the problem was not the mouse as much as how I was holding it and sitting when I used it. If you pay attention to those things, don't do what a lot of people do, which is to bear down on the mouse in a awkward posture and then sit there doing it for hours, it can help a lot. It's not JUST the mouse, but the entire arm and the back that supports that arm and how often you change positions, loosen up and relax the muscles. Any of the conventional mouse alternatives can become repetitive motions if you do them too much.

My favorite at this time is an Apple mouse, which doubles as a trackpad and requires hardly any pressure at all.


Rebecca Herranen

7 Days Ago

I use a tablet, it's just like drawing


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