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Abbie Shores

10 Days Ago

Adding Products To Existing Images

Search pages like the shop pages take 24+ hours to re-cache with changes on ANYthing you do on the site

I have put this up several times but here you go :D

Click on Bulk Image Editor button https://fineartamerica.com/controlpanel/bulkeditprices.html

Then see my image here http://abbie-shores.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/bulkedit.jpg

If you have any questions, you can get really speedy help from the members in the discussion area



Do not forget to also change the Default Settings for future images


When you are logged in you are seeing your base price for purchasing

When you are pricing the work or editing it you can see non-household items are on https://pixels.com
AND premium Pixels sites only.

Just log in with the same details

A premium account is the best place to be be sending everyone, as it is just yours with no other artists on it

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Michele Penner

10 Days Ago

Thank you Abbie!



10 Days Ago

thanks for the information !


Mohamed mehdi Fawzi

10 Days Ago

Please I need to sell


Susan Carlson

9 Days Ago

Thank you


Kristin Mccord

9 Days Ago

thank you


Mendy Sutherland

9 Days Ago

You may want to put the 24hr refresh at the beginning of that message. :)


Olga Chubarov

8 Days Ago

Thank you) It is very helpful!


Aliona Lozovaia

7 Days Ago

Thank you) Good to know


Natalie Sawyer

6 Days Ago

Appreciate the time and effort that went into sharing this information. Thank You :)


Claudia Chappel

5 Days Ago

I added my puzzle markup 3 days ago and still, when I go into my site, I don't offer puzzles. Please help . I know what to do but it's not working.
Claudia Chappel Art


Jessica Jenney

20 Hours Ago

Claudia, you have to do a bulk edit of your images and price your puzzles. You have not done that!


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