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Joseph C Hinson

7 Days Ago

Unusual Sale Recently

A few years ago, I started adding a lot of my railroad car detail shots of fallen flag heralds (such as Illinois Central or Southern Railway) or graffiti shots. At first they just sat there, but lately I have been selling them here and there. Just this week, I made an unusual sale. They wanted an original, high resolution version of a shot in particular so they could see all the details in the graffiti art so they could make an N scale model of that boxcar. It is stipulated that all the will do is use the photograph for seeing the detail and not for promotion afterwards. I was paid, of course, but they're also sending me one of the cars they produce from it. (I model HO scale, but it will be cool to have nonetheless.

I guess they found me doing a Google search which is why for folks that shoot railroads it is important to put the railroad name and reporting marks in the tags. These are supposed to be visible on the car, engine or caboose. For example, another recent sale I made was of the Southern Railway #630 steam engine because the buyer and her fathr used to see that engine back in the 50s running through North Carolina. I don't know how she searched for it, but "Southern 630" or "SOU 630" eventually got her to me. And I'm very glad. So, in closin, railroad name or reporting marks and car number are very important in tagging train scenes.

(I actually suspect she looked for SOU 630 North Carolina which brought her to my images. Location is obviously important to

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MM Anderson

7 Days Ago

Congratulations on the sale! It's pretty cool that they are sending you a model.


Very good points, Joseph. The more detail in a description the better - you never know exactly for what people may be searching.

Congratulations on that sale. It will be cool getting that piece that was made more accurate because of your art.

~ Bill
~ Bill Swartwout Photography at US Pictures.


Mary Bedy

7 Days Ago

That's really cool, Joseph! And you will know you contributed to the making of the model!

I always include the ship name in my keywords with my freighters. You never know how people are going to search for something. Well done!


Rebecca Herranen

7 Days Ago

That is very cool!


Floyd Snyder

6 Days Ago

WOW!! For a guy that likes trains getting the model based in part on your photo has got to be really cool!

Congrats to you!

And yes, those are excellent tips on tags....


David Bridburg

6 Days Ago

Way to go!!

Merry Christmas five weeks early.

Dave Bridburg
Post Modern Gallery


DK Digital

6 Days Ago

That's cool, congrats. I use my photos for modeling reference as well, it would be even more cool if a company made a model from one of my photos.


Matt Lott

6 Days Ago

That's awesome good job!


Rudi Prott

6 Days Ago

Congratulations Joseph !
Can You post a photo of the model when You got it ?

I also was very surprised that people seem to like lokomotives on mugs. I sold two to Australia and one to Mexico this year. German engines worldwide !


Rachelle Stracke

6 Days Ago

Wow this is a cool story! Congrats to you and thanks for sharing.


Joseph Skompski

6 Days Ago

Congrats! That is a really nice outcome from posting your photos on FAA.


Darrel Giesbrecht

6 Days Ago

way to go Joseph, great story!


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