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Roger Swezey

6 Days Ago

Worth The Faa/pixel Fees For More Than Pod Sales

I've been a willing payer of two annual premium fees since 2009

This one for my tangible (roger swezey) Art

And this one for my POD (r allen swezey) Art

This $60/ per year is certainly worth all the fabulous Art I've been introduced to and purchased, that now fill the walls in my house,

This $60/ per year is certainly worth all the fabulous Artists I've been introduced to and remain in contact with

This $60/ per year is certainly worth this forum where I'm more or less allowed to pontificate.

This $60/ per year is certainly worth the chance to challenge, face to face, my peers in coming up with the most clever, out of the box, most charming, and/or most touching solution in the monthly Image Challenge.

And it's sugar on the cake, when I receive, every so often, messages like this one that I received yesterday afternoon, directly from this site

"we saw your work in montauk point, long island, N.Y. in the 1980's , i believe. we loved your vulture family in a tree or on a piece of driftwood. i would very much like to order one of those to surprise my husband for X-Mas,"

This has just resulted in a sale, that had it been my only tangible sale this year, would have fully covered my $60 annual responsibility. with money to spare

Now, I have to get to packing this piece for shipment Monday,

As for POD, I must remain patient , for my digital images to Catch Fire!!.....At 85 ...eleven years is just a drop in the bucket...So, when those images DO Catch Fire there will be enough water in the bucket to deal with it

So, as for you guys....Any thoughts about this site going beyond POD ?

Let's keep it positive

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DK Digital

6 Days Ago

Don't you have all those things with the free membership? Yes, for a time you couldn't access the forum without a premium membership but now you can.

I'll be honest, I'm a simple person, the only reason I have a membership is so I can put up more images in the hopes I can get more sales, so no, POD is the only reason I'm here.


Roger Swezey

6 Days Ago


RE:..." POD is the only reason I'm here."

Oh come on!, DK

If that were the case, you wouldn't be on this forum,at all ....Like most of the other Hundreds of Thousands of FAA/Pixels members that don't.


DK Digital

6 Days Ago

Roger, I'm only in this forum because I'm selling POD, if I wasn't I wouldn't be here at all. Remember, I closed my account for a few months, did I set up a free account and come to the forum during that time? Nope, I didn't. I enjoy using the forum from time to time but it's not at all why I have an account here.


David Bridburg

6 Days Ago


Bah hum bug!



Kathy K McClellan

6 Days Ago

I only have one account but it's worth much more than the $30 a year!

I've learned from other members, both in this forum and in private e-mails, I've been helped by other members when I had a problem to solve, I've met members in person that I would never have met otherwise and have become good friends with a couple of them and I've experienced some spectacular art that I would never have seen.

All of the above is beyond the POD of this site.


Learning and sharing is what this discussion group is all about. I have actually made some long-distance friends here. We also converse off the forum and I am doing some collaborative sales promotions with a couple of them.

$30 a year is a pittance for the services we get with a fully functioning online art gallery that has an efficient sales funnel and excellent fulfillment. We have to do nothing other than create and upload sales-worthy art and FAA/Pixels takes care of the rest. Someone not "ready" to invest the $30 is certainly not ready to have an online business.

~ Bill
~ BillSwartwout.com


VIVA Anderson

6 Days Ago

Hi Roger, great thread, agree with all your thoughts, and to add, whether or not pple contribute to the threads,
we are seen by so many who don't post here..........what a great benefit is that !!

https://fineartamerica.com/showmessages.php?messageid=5450213 .......

currently , since just June, visitors: 28,606 !!!

That's just amazing! No proof that sales occur, but, we're watched , thanks to FAA, this Forum!


Rachelle Stracke

6 Days Ago

I'm good with the $30. It was obvious from the beginning it was worth it, but I waited a couple of months (literally 2 I think), just to feel it out and see for sure if I'd stick around.
BTW It was nice to see many of the "usual suspects" I see here in the "recent sales" pages today...congrats you art , rock stars, you!


Mario Carta

6 Days Ago

Roger, I gladly pay it and it's not for pod in the least, it's for the diversity in the arts I've been introduced to and the opportunity to interact with the people here.


Congrats on your vultures finding a home Roger! And such a good home too, makes it even more special! I gotta know, is that the exact one they saw in the 80s that was just waiting for its rightful home?? =)

I kinda agree with David, I wouldn't be here if it weren't my job to be. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy it though. As for the $30, it's a pittance for what we get and I would gladly pay more if I could do things like remove products from my AW that I prefer to sell only on FAA/Pixels, had personalized packing slips and had more control over site design. For starters, LOL!


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