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Lise Winne

14 Days Ago

New York Times Article: The Arts Are In Crisis: Here's How Biden Can Help

The link is here: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/13/arts/design/arts-stimulus-biden.htm

The article mentions that 52 percent of actors and 55 percent of dancers are out of work, and many of them are ineligible for unemployment. This is compared to 8.5 percent of the rest of the population. (USA). The article suggests policies that would mirror some of Europe's policies.

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Lise, that link doesn't open for me, but here is a link that discusses how gig workers in the USA are eligible for unemployment, it varies by the states.



Lise Winne

14 Days Ago

Thank you, Jessica. Better.


I guess it's okay to talk about a political administration as long as it's about art?

There is a quicker and simpler way to aleviate the problem. Just as there is for those who are without work altogether and in danger of losing everything.


I too think that there are other ways to address the problem... This type of dialog, in this forum, could get political real quick - the whole article is political. Much of the population is needing help - period.


I've been banned for less. The hypocrisy is thick.


David Bridburg

13 Days Ago

This is politics the way it is presented as hopeful etc.....

Presented as money might be made available would be far more neutral.

Dave Bridburg
Post Modern Gallery


Abbie Shores

13 Days Ago

Don't be silly Chicago. Just means I've been too busy to follow through! Getting fed up with this attitude, to be honest.

If you'd not brought politics into it Lise, it may have been okay. Politics is not allowed here in any shape or form. Sorry.


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