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Brad Knorr

14 Days Ago

Default Setting--shop Vs Collections And Why??

I have read over and over default settings for these settings and each side has compelling thoughts.. So why should we set it for the particular setting you have chosen???

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Jessica Jenney

14 Days Ago

I prefer Collections. When a visitor comes to your page, they can decide what subject they want to see. Especially when your have thousands of images to scroll through!

Everyone has their preferences.

I don't like the Shop page. I prefer to lead with images not pushing sales. I also don't like the look of the Shop Page.


Val Arie

14 Days Ago

I like collections for the same reason as Jessica - I like how it looks better than the shop page.

I should add when first starting out with less than 10 pages of images I set the default landing to images and would rearrange that.


Donna Mibus

14 Days Ago

If you have set up Collections then I'd recommend that be your landing page by default. It's the IMAGE people are after, so help them find that the easiest way, and I think Collections does that by narrowing it down to a specific theme or subject.


Joshua House

14 Days Ago

As a photographer whose work covers various topics, regions, bw v color, panographic v conventional shapes it makes far more sense to send people into collections rather then into a pile of photographs. And of course as a photographer I'm able to produce at a far higher rate then a painter/pen and ink artist etc so while they may upload say two dozen images a year for example, I may produce that in an afternoon.


Douglas Brown

14 Days Ago

I go for Collections and especially for promoting, you want to show as much as you can in any single visit. Promote a collection from your premium AW site via the 3 bars top left, that shows your latest upload first.


Mike Savad

14 Days Ago

some like shop because it shows prices and clusters of files in each gallery. i like collections because it shows the buttons i provided, its less cluttered looking. its really just up to you.

----Mike Savad


Susan Rissi Tregoning

13 Days Ago

I prefer Collections because it's a cleaner look.

I also like people to feel like they can come and look around without being pressured to purchase. Those are the people that become fans, visit often, and sometimes even help you promote your work.

On my personal website, I actually provide both links. My Gallery links to collections...and...my Buy links to Shop. Maybe it's redundant, but I think they appeal to different types of people.


Floyd Snyder

11 Days Ago

I am not sure it really matters all that much.

Probably some but we are told that most of the sales come from being found in the Google search and then from the FAA search.

After that, all of my advertising is with links to specific images. If that be the case I think it is less important than one may think.

I am sure one is better than the other but I don't know if anyone really can say which is the better one.

I don't even know which one mine is set at or how to find out. I probably should know that. 🤣


Abbie Shores

11 Days Ago

Your shop, Floyd


Brian Wallace

11 Days Ago

I've tired both and could not tell any difference in views or sales. The old expression... six of one, half a dozen of the other. I usually am optioned for "shop" because I think I'm still improving in my work and I like the most recent images to be what is first seen. The customer (if serious) can figure out they can go to collections if they choose.

I've seen in discussion threads many times when a question is asked, "What is your favorite work?" and the artist replies, "What I'm doing now", or "My most recent", etc.

It's also more convenient for myself, when I manage images or when I'm doing a series of a subject and want to quickly find my other recent images to copy search tags or see titles that I don't want to duplicate or whatever.

I also believe most potential clients "search" via internet search words rather than find your gallery by happenstance and decide to browse through (in my case), thousands of images.


Brian Wallace

8 Days Ago


Boy I wish I could edit these things past 24 hrs. Where I said "Shop" above I actually meant, "Images" rather than "Shop" or "Collections".

Now I hope what I was saying makes more sense.


Paul Thompson

8 Days Ago

Although I'm new here I prefer the look of collections as my home page. It keeps everything tidy for me to catalogue my images and makes it easier for potential customers to go to a particular subject without having to wade through subjects there're not interested in.


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