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Kendall Kessler

14 Days Ago

Questions About A Bot

Just curious if others are being hammered all day long with Kiev Ukraine.

I don't ask to get into a debate over whether or not we should have bots. I know
they will not be taken down and I don't have a problem with that.

Just curious about this one today

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David Dehner

14 Days Ago

No - my big one today is Beverly Hills


Diana Angstadt

14 Days Ago

There are many BOTS from all over the world. They are good, and we want them!!!


Kendall Kessler

14 Days Ago

Yes, Diana! I agree. I was just curious if anyone else had received Kiev Ukraine all day today.

I have never had one bot cover my visit list all day long.


Val Arie

13 Days Ago

Yes sometimes Kiev does that. Kiev is a frequent visitor. They all (bots)seem to do that randomly. It could be some tag you used came up in a search that day that was popular. I don't always look - but yesterday I did and it was New York all day long. Sometimes it is one image - sometimes many.

You can't really attach any meaning to it. As far as sales - I have had some never showed the purchase place visited the piece.


David Bridburg

13 Days Ago

bots can intermarry and have baby bots.


Dave Bridburg
Post Modern Gallery


Andrew Pacheco

13 Days Ago

I tend to get bursts of visits from one bot or another at times. I think it is normal bot behavior.


Doug Swanson

13 Days Ago

Bots have an intelligence beyond our understanding. Or, maybe not. Sometimes they just get stuck doing the same thing.


Kendall Kessler

13 Days Ago

Thanks everyone! Just curious about getting hits from the same bot all day long. I'll close this now.


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