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Mustafa Kizilcay

5 Years Ago

Is There Any Possibility At Faa To Prohibit External Links?

Some days ago Robin-Lee complained that her images are linked to various websites without permission. Here, for FAA galleries a feature like at should be implemented that the owner can decide to allow or prohibit external links for her/his own images.

I appreciate any statement from the FAA management.

Mustafa Kizilcay

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Todd Bannor

5 Years Ago

Did you here anything back about this? This site is linking to two of my FAA images and allowing wallpaper downloads:


No, our slideshows and widgets depend on hotlinking to them being allowed.

Most sites stealing images are not hotlinking, they are stealing and uploading.

It is incredibly hard to hotlink here unless using the widgets and slideshows due to the no right click so most people do not know how to get a link to hotlink from.

FAA do all they can to stop image theft but it is our own responsibility to contact other sites and demand the removal if we do find them there.


Balanced Art

5 Years Ago


it's not as hard as you think

this is where some of the incredible image view counts come from, in my opinion

edit to add:

they are even nice enough to include instructions on how to rip off the images ...gota love it!


David Lane

5 Years Ago

it's not hard at all , if it was the internet would be a real pain to use. Face it if you post it on the net and someone wants to steal it bad enough they can.


For most people it is hard to get the image link on pages with right click disabled. Most people do not know how to do it. Thankfully.

It still is up to us to have images removed if we find them on other sites.

If they are hotlinking to them, just slightly change the images name and that will break the link.

I will ask Sean to ban that particular site from hotlinking. I believe that is possible.


Karin Kuhlmann

5 Years Ago

Beth, changing slightly the name sounds as if it could be a good solution...but on the other side you are going to loose all your ranking criteria at FAA (sales, comments, votes, contests, features...etc)...that means if you are prominently listed with google image searches, have good tags and descriptions everybody can grab your image, hotlink it and can (mis)use it for its own benefit!


Jeff Kolker

5 Years Ago

That one site has been removed, so somebody did something....


Megan Dirsa-DuBois

5 Years Ago

Yeah, that wallpaper site is suddenly down! Maybe they have been found out to be doing illegal and unethical business. Lets hope so!


Todd Bannor

5 Years Ago

Probably has something to do with the DMCA takedown notices I sent to their hosting company.


Balanced Art

5 Years Ago


yeah you brought them down with a thud! They looked to have a site that was basically scraped info from just about any site dealing with NY, this gets jumbled into some form of sense to then boost rankings for other sites targeting NY as a keyword. I bet the owners didn't even blink when it happened, knowing this black hat link building model included getting shut down.

the image i put in the post above, is still valid as a hotlink of sorts, even after the infringing domain has been shut down.

I would like to get the official word on what counts as an image view and if the image view count is a consideration of the FAA search engine. Lets start with if the image above counts as an image view.

inline with that thought, i'm going to add my own linked image so i can watch the count, but damn this looks huge for something so easily hotlinked.


I have notified Support of your query.


Balanced Art

5 Years Ago


I already have some verification on the image count from posting my image above, I also noticed that the image view counts in the FAA graphs have dropped from a few hundred per our to 30 or so, so it seems there was a change to what is reported, but i could be very wrong. So that question would be what counts as an image view.


Sean McDunn

5 Years Ago

The only thing that counts as an image view is if someone views your artwork page on FAA or AW.

Our tracking code resides on those two pages... not within the image itself. If someone hotlinks your image, that won't count towards your view counts. The visitor has to actually be on FAA or AW.



Balanced Art

5 Years Ago


thanks for looking in. Was that something that was updated in the last few months?

I'm currently looking for a thread on the search and keyword density question, but it's not coming up using the forum search case in point was the search term lightning hardly low hanging fruit for FAA improvement, but there is no reason for the roses to be showing on the first page. The user has about 1/2 a page of keywords of which lightning is but one keyword. Why is this showing on the first page, if the keyword density defines it as "Pink Roses" at about 2% of page text?


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