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Rebecca Herranen

10 Days Ago

Looking For Photo Op Suggestions

We are heading out on a road trip for about a week. Starting in South Florida. Tentatively we are heading up to the Tampa area. Hope to find some eagles and there is a wildlife reserve which is supposed to have some great wildlife. Then maybe up into Georgia, would like to get up into some higher elevations. There is a red rock area, anything else? Then over to the coast, is Augusta worth seeing on the way? Charleston maybe, Savannah, Jacksonville area and then back towards home sticking close to the coast.

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Nieves Egelkraut

10 Days Ago

I flew to South Florida (2) years ago. I enjoyed the beaches. WAVES as well as the MIGRATORY BIRDS. Pelicans, Cranes, Sea Gulls, Ibis, Blue Herons. Stay safe, Rebecca. God bless your journey.


Bradford Martin

10 Days Ago

Not far from Tampa is the Circle Bar Bar B Reserve. I was going there for the first time today but held back for weather . Said to be the best place in Central Florida.
To the south and east of tamp is Fort De Soto. This is a great place for wading birds and shore birds.

On the east coast id Merritt Island NWR. there is a pair of Bald Eagle nesting on the Black Point Wildlife Drive. The drive takes you through mangrove and grassland marshes with every kind of water bird, according to season. At the Visitor Center Painted Buntings visit the feeder.
See my birds gallery. Most of the images from the past year are from Black Pont Drive. The seabirds are from Jetty Park to the north of there at Port Canaveral.

Just outside of Savannah in South Carolina is the Savannah NWR. It has a nice wildlife drive through. Great Horned Owls have nested at the beginning of the drive.


Rebecca Herranen

10 Days Ago

Thanks for all the suggestions Bradford. Yes, Circle Bar B is the place my hubs found that he wants to go too. Glad to hear you have heard good things too.

@Neives thank you for your suggestions. The birds are fabulous in Florida. Heading out this very minute!


Kathy K McClellan

10 Days Ago


In Georgia there are tons of good options depending on how far north you are traveling.

Just to name a few:

Savannah, GA (Tybee Island, also Richmond Hill, GA)
St. Simons Island, GA (also Darien, GA)
Jekyll Island, GA
St. Marys, GA
Providence Canyon in Lumpkin, GA. (not sure about this time of year with wet weather)
Whistle Stop Cafe in Juliette, GA. (from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, neighbors went & said food was fantastic)
Helen, GA (Alpine Village)

Athens, GA will be more picturesque and interesting than Augusta.

Have fun!


Rebecca Herranen

9 Days Ago

@Kathy, thanks for all those suggestions. Some were in our plans so far, but will definitely research out the others :}


Kenneth Smith

8 Days Ago

Rebecca: On your way over to the East coast of Georgia, pop by Hammock State Park in Sebring, FL in the middle of the State. There is a Cypress swamp there (see: https://11-kenneth-smith.pixels.com/featured/cypress-reflections-kenneth-lane-smith.html), hawks and lots of other critters.




Rebecca Herranen

7 Days Ago

@Kenneth, ok, thank you. We are on the road now, so should be to our first stop in a couple hours....the Circle Bar B Reserve.

Got a new zoom lens, call it The Beast. Can’t wait to see what I get : D


Conor Murphy

7 Days Ago

Hi Rebecca,
when travel restrictions ease, why not travel a little East and visit us in Ireland, there is a Thousands welcome on the mat for you. The landscape of Ireland is truly beautiful and the Guinness is the best in the world.
I have a beautiful Summer rental home in the West of Ireland on Airbnb just waiting for you and your family to arrive, so bring your camera, easel, tripod and your good looks to Ireland and have a blast. Best of luck, stay safe, sane, inside and Positive..


RD Erickson

7 Days Ago

Between Miami and Tampa there is Myakka State park - you can drive all the way through and come out the back gate - onto a county paved road. From Tampa find U.S. 41 all the way to Lake City, from there you can travel east to Jacksonville on U.S. 90 and so then up through Georgia on U.S. 17 or go up through the middle of Georgia on U.S. 441 all the way to Franklin, N.C. All are 'interesting' drives away from the 'hot spots' where there are too many people with cameras. LOL


Rebecca Herranen

5 Days Ago

@connor Thanks for the offer. Before COVID we were packed and ready to retire in Europe. Hubby is an EU/Finnish citizen, so we could go anywhere & that’s still the plan. If we get to Ireland we might just look into your ABNB.
@RD Thanks we will look for into your suggestions. Are plans are very fluid & they are already changing. Seen some incredible wildlife the last couple of days.


In Georgia we've been to Jekyll Island, Tybee Island, Savannah and Charleston. All are wonderful places to visit with photo ops a-plenty. If you make it to Jekyll Island be sure to find Driftwood Beach - it's about two miles north of the central area (town?). If the weather is nice there will be people there but a bit of patience can yield some fascinating shots. We spent only a couple hours there on our way south last January and plan to return to coastal Georgia for several days - once we get vaccinated.

~ Bill
~ www.BillSwartwout.com


Rebecca Herranen

5 Days Ago

Thanks @Bill. We will be passing right by Jekyll Island on our way to Savannah. Will definitely try to make a stop, looks fascinating.


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