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Linda Seacord

9 Days Ago

Image Upload Error

Hi Everyone,

Just uploaded an image (Peace Collection [image Peace Leaf]) and applied pricing to all products and made adjustments as needed.
Finally got to Puzzles and skipped it for now (wanted to check on my mark-up on other designs).

When I went back to update the pricing I got this message and it still remains after closing and re-logging:
New Upload->Missing Required Parameter: imageSmall

Any ideas before I have to redo everything from scratch?

PS My image is 20x24 300dpi - not sure what imageSmall means.

Thanks in advance!

~ Linda

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It's 6000x7200 pixels which is larger than most people's images. It looks fine on your page so maybe it was just a glitch.


Gill Billington

9 Days Ago

This glitch has happened to me occasionally in the past. I would open the image click on edit underneath it you can change the image. That will keep your description and keywords (tags) but you will need to position everything on the products again.


Linda Seacord

6 Days Ago

Thanks for the responses.

It did work just changing the images, although I did have to go through and repeat my modifications.


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