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Otis L Stanley

8 Days Ago

Confinement Due To Covid 19

Hello friends,
I pray that you all are well. How has the current national situation changed your art output if at all? I have found options in creating smaller pieces of art and trying to keep my studio a bit cleaner. That my real challenge. Here in Virginia I'm looking forward to displaying my work again soon in neighboring public spaces. What are your experiences?

Peace, O.

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Mike Savad

8 Days Ago

same as it usually is. do the stuff i normally do. only do less fun things, get no new pictures, avoid people even more than before and that's it.

----Mike Savad


Janine Riley

8 Days Ago

Hi Otis .
I wish that I could say that I was more productive in the begining of the pandemic. The stress was just too high to focus.

Having had the virus and getting through it I have been able to move forward, and perhaps even make bolder choices ?

My studio certainly did not get cleaner - although... I have started cleaning out the closet.

I think we have all learned to appreciate and value our time more.


Mary Bedy

8 Days Ago

I did a drawing today (a fully completed pencil drawing 11 x 14) and I haven't done that for years. Since I can't go anywhere much except down to the boardwalk or to the local hiking trail with the camera, I figured I might as well draw. It's a "passable" drawing. Took me about 3-4 hours.


VIVA Anderson

8 Days Ago

Well done, Janine, am so grateful you won the battle.
Mary, this isolation, !!!, I took to photographing the toilet roll cannister!! lol. New category: Isolation Art!
Glad you're drawing!
Dear Otis, so glad to know you're doing well, still among us, thoughtful as ever, and SAFE, WELL!
Mike, you, too.


Andrew Lawrence

8 Days Ago

I've been lucky. I can do my photography and walk or drive around, and shoot pictures of outdoor objects in my area, every day if I wish, without interacting too closely with people. In Los Angeles, the warmish weather is a huge benefit in winter. And, luckily, all my photo editing is done at home then posted online. This creative routine has kept me sane since the L.A. lockdown started in March 2020.


Doug Swanson

8 Days Ago

My productivity has fallen off a ledge and what I have shot, I don't like. I really want to be walking around in urban areas, doing something like street photography, but it's not working well these days. Walking around in the woods, shooting pictures of nature and birds is nice but it's not really me. I've been doing some of that so I don't forget how to use a camera, but I have no illusions about it.

I've been postponing doing a bunch of computer upgrades, including my photo editing software, which will require updating everything because I don't really want to pay for a version upgrade at this time. I may just ditch all of this. I logged in here a short time ago because I was postponing looking at a recent crop of photos.


Alfred Ng

8 Days Ago

Actually, I enjoy having more time to create and think I produced some of my best works in the last 12 months. Even my online sales were the best I ever had. I am grateful to be healthy and with the drive to paint.


MM Anderson

8 Days Ago

I have been pretty much isolating in my room for the past week while a family member in my home is dealing with Covid. During that time I have done quite a bit of work. I created a pastel, worked on two greeting card series, and today I worked on a graphic repeat pattern. I have also done some promotion. I am trying to stay busy so I won't think about the possibility of getting sick. I am hoping for some nice weather this week so I can finally get out into my garden.


Angela Whitehouse

8 Days Ago

Hi otis I have been shielding as that is the group I come under in the UK.

Better safe than sorry.

All over the world things are done slightly different.

But I will say stay safe everyone everywhere.

I carry on painting in my spare room and keep in contact via video calls .



Otis L Stanley

7 Days Ago

Peace. Thanks friends for your input. Glad to hear from you all. I feel that your thoughts are helpful to us all. Thanks for sharing. The world needs our art. We help to get folks through this mess. Keep at it.


Kathleen Bishop

7 Days Ago

I've got cabin fever from too many rainy days so I'm heading off on a photography road trip this week. Will be shooting in the Nevada desert, Mono Lake, then heading west to the northern California coast, starting just north of San Francisco at Stinson, then traveling north along the coast on Highway 1 to northern Mendocino County. I'll have minimal contact with people. Gas stations and grocery stores as needed, though I'm bringing tons of food so I'll only need to buy milk and ice along the way. Will be sleeping in my truck and cooking my meals on a one-burner until I get to a house on family land up north to regroup. Staying away from people is my usual MO even when there's no pandemic. Hope to return with enough useable photos to justify the work.


Jim Cook

6 Days Ago

With travel limited at best, I have had to photograph much closer to home. In fact my backyard has been a godsend. I never thought I would be very good at bird photography but feel I have done much better than I thought possible for myself. I'm a bit worried though that I might get "pigeonholed" as a bird photographer. Sorry for the pun.


Edward Fielding

6 Days Ago

Much less productive, sold more, focused on other projects and have gotten a lot of exercise.


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