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Najat El-Khairy

7 Days Ago

How Are We Informed Of Faa / Pixels Site Wide Sale On Certain Products

Dear fellow artists / Pixels community manager,

Hope everyone is well and safe.

I usually find out that Pixels/ FAA is running a sale on say iphone cases or apparel a little late when i'm browing through the site.

Are any of you informed when the sale starts? I also signed up on a seperate account as an individual buyer and i am not receiving any on either my artist account or indivisual about
the sale of a sale.

I would like to inform my customers and promote when a sale is happening.


Ridha for NAJAT

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David Dehner

7 Days Ago

During the holidays we are informed ahead of time of all the specials FAA runs.

All other sales are quick pop-up sales that we could not inform our customers about

Here is where you can opt in or out of those special discount programs



Mike Savad

7 Days Ago

the sales random. you will know because you get less money. you can't inform anyone, its random and time dependent. generally they don't want to discount it other than to encourage the sale. but if lots of people knew the site would lose money on the sale.

----Mike Savad


Bradford Martin

7 Days Ago

I want to know is where did this idea come from? And why was there no transparency about it? Sure I opted on to site wide sales, but obviously these are only site wide to some people and not site wide the way the Christmas sales are. Is this some marketing thing other companies are using? Maybe to entice back previous browsers? Or is this something that was invented here.


Mike Savad

7 Days Ago

many months ago the site experimented with random discounts, but the site paid for the difference. we never got the results, then out of no where, we are paying for that discount as well. there sort of was transparency, but the money taken out was the new part. but you can opt out if you want. but you are opted in by default.

i think the sales encourages those buyers that either put something in their cart or come by often. i don't know what the trigger is because its random. and then they buy something. i seem to be getting more sales because of it.

----Mike Savad


I want to know is where did this idea come from? Or is this something that was invented here...
Flash sales were certainly not invented here. They have been around for a long time. Originally in email announcements they have migrated to "popping" up on websites at various times and for a variety of "triggered" reasons

And why was there no transparency about it?
That is one of the shortcomings here. They have been "described" but not "explained." However, if that lack of an explanation upsets anyone it is easy to opt out. I have NOT opted out of the flash/sitewide sales (but I have opted out of the Google/FB advertising).

the sales random. ... i don't know what the trigger is because its random.
While Flash Sales may appear random to the general public (including us contributing artists) they are not random. There is a "trigger" (as Mike mentioned) to have them appear under circumstances. Those circumstances involve a study of internal sales analytics and may involve something as simple as day of week and/or hour of day that has the slowest sales. There may be more involved metrics like product/production time slots that need to be filled, certain product themes that a cookied return customer may be perusing. And more...

~ Bill
~ www.BillSwartwout.com


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