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John Wadleigh

7 Days Ago

Weekly Update Always Shows Last Visitor From Shenzhen, 30 China

I've been a member for years and look with excitement at my weekly updates sent to me via email. However, 90% of the time the photos are all seen by someone in Shenzhen, 30 China! Now, I'm sure others are looking at these photos but what is the deal here? Can this be fixed somehow or is everyone getting a VPN IP Address from Shenzhen, 30 China?


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Abbie Shores

7 Days Ago

Beverly Hills and a couple of others are main mobile routers.

and several others not mentioned here are search bots.

If you know about bots you can ignore this bit.

Why do we need bots…. and why should you allow them some access to your site

A search engine is a site that allows people to put in a search term and find a site for what they are looking for.

A bot, or web crawler, is the little programme (think of a little robot made up of 0s and 1s) who runs around around the web with a thousand mates, checking out all the sites by following links. One link leads to another 5 links and those 5 links lead to another 10 links etc etc. The bots all scurry around and report back to the big programme, the search engine, what they find on the pages the links lead to.

The search engine waits, all knowing and, when someone then comes along and asks for FISH, the search engine smiles to itself and, patting a bot on the head that brought back the FISH descriptions, tells the person all the sites that are talking about fish.

That’s a bot.


Rudi Prott

7 Days Ago

Pure statistics: when most of Your visitors are bots than also most of the last visitors of any single image was a bot. The most active of them is from Shenzhen.

You are here for many years and did not know bots? It is a daily theme in this forum.


Jack Torcello

7 Days Ago

Aww shucks! And I thought I had thousands of fans in Shenzhen, Cupertino, and Beverley Hills!!!

OK, back to the drawing board ... :))


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