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VIVA Anderson

6 Days Ago

Fascinating, stupidity, people are starving,dying, and they hire helicoptors? oh well, room for all crazies in this world. count me out/not happy!


Andrew Pacheco

6 Days Ago

Viva, the helicopter that spotted the first monolith in Utah was taking big horn sheep counts. They weren't out there looking for illegal art installations.

I think most of these are copycats of the original Utah one. In my opinion it's just pent up energy from the frustrations caused by covid lock downs. People need to move around, be productive, accomplish something. There are still a lot of people around the world with a lot of extra time on their hands.


Chuck De La Rosa

6 Days Ago

Remember crop circles? 'Nuf said.


David Bridburg

6 Days Ago

All of them are copycats. Including the first one of Space Odyssey 2001.

Arthur C. Clarke

Dave Bridburg
Post Modern Gallery


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