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Gull G

6 Days Ago

Just Keep Scrolling!

Collection page should be infinite scrolling is a variety of long scrolling that allows users to scroll through a massive chunk of content with no finish line in sight (it’s the endless scrolling you see on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr feeds).

What do you think Members ?

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VIVA Anderson

6 Days Ago

I LIKE IT! .......another reason, is 'false/positives', when somebody views the images, but has to turn the page, and/or lands mistakenly on an image, b/c,
that registers as a visitor......which it isn't, really......due to the need to change page, more likely.



Mike Savad

6 Days Ago

it used to be, though i never liked the pinterest style of loading because it makes finding anything on the page impossible. since it has to load before you can search for it. i think he does it this way because of memory issues. but i would at least like to have it on the collections page.

there is a suggestion box you can put the idea there.

----Mike Savad


Jessica Jenney

6 Days Ago

I like your idea, or at least a "more" you can click on to continue scrolling. I keep a single page for my Collections for just that reason.

It's worse on the Premium site, but at least there you can click on the Collections tab to view all Collections on a single page.


Rudi Prott

5 Days Ago

All collections should be visible. Then I can remove my 'collection' MORE GALLERIES ON PAGE 2.


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