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Tatiana Travelways

8 Days Ago

Limited Time Promotions For April 2021 - Approved Thread

Post Your Limited Time Promotions For April 2021 - Approved Thread
ARTISTS, this is the place to post your "Limited Time Promotions", a feature available at FAA/Pixels, which is another way of exposing and promoting your work.

How to do this:

1. From your "Behind the Scenes" click on the "LIMITED TIME PROMOTIONS" link, under MARKETING.

2. On the Limited time Promotions page, click on the "Create New Promotion" button and chose your picture by name or keyword. It will bring you to the "Set Size and Price" page

3. Set up the size and price you want and also the quantity and expiration date. Click SUBMIT!
This will bring you to the "Limited Time Promotions" page

4. Copy down the Expiration Date, so you can post it here (and to your SM).

5. Click the link where the arrow is pointing to, and open the "Promotional Page"

6. Write the Name of your picture and a few attractive words, the expiration date and the URL (web address) of your "Promotional Page" in a new window of this thread.

That's it!

BTW: I like to also insert the actual picture of my promotion here, so people can see it in a glance. :)

In order to do this, on the Promotional Page, I opened in a separate window the link underneath the picture that says: "Click for Larger View".
From there, I copied the Embed code and posted it here.

* The discounts can be edited anytime.

** Seasonal images are the most suitable to post (i.e: a spring picture will not be very attractive to the audience in the autumn season)


We can only have 3 promotions at one time!, so it is maybe a good idea to just post one a day, to keep attracting the viewers to your work.

*** Let's promote each-other by giving a L, F and comment to at least one picture above!

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Tatiana Travelways

8 Days Ago

Springtime in Las Vegas.

Eiffel Tower at Paris Hotel, Las Vegas viewed through a branch of cherry blossoms at springtime.

Substantial Limited Time Discount on a 24.00" x 36.00" stretched canvas print.

Expiration Date: 04/09/2021 05:00 PM


Art Prints


Stefano Senise

8 Days Ago

Simple Abstract
20.00" x 20.00" stretched canvas print
Exp. Date 04/06/2021 12:00 PM
Art Prints


Tatiana Travelways

8 Days Ago

Springtime in Nonnenhorn, Bavaria, Germany
- Cherry blossoms and spring flowers in Nonnenhorn, Bavaria with the view of the Swiss Alps in the background

This picture is on sale, with a Substantial Limited Time Discount for a 36.00" x 24.00" stretched canvas print. Expires on 04/09/2021 at 05:00 PM:


Sell Art Online


Triple F co

8 Days Ago

Colors River

Best abstract art painting, abstract portrait, and colorful painting.

Substantial Limited Time Discount on a 20.00" x 24.00" Stretched Canvas

Expiration Date: 04/06/2021 05:00 PM


Art Prints


Mary Lee Dereske

8 Days Ago

I'm doing several promotions right now, all of churches. Here's the first, the Adobe Church Bell Tower in Golden, New Mexico:

16x20 stretched canvas for $69 through April 9.



Blenda Studio

4 Days Ago

24"X20" Stretched Canvas Print - $95 - Expires 4/12/2021 - click the link for Limited Time Promo
This is a scenic rustic forest mountain landscape artwork. It was created in shades of green and blue with warm accents of orange, the color of a sunset.


Art Prints


Dave Allen

4 Days Ago

As The Fire Dies - Blue Ridge Parkway Scenic Autumn Sunset

24x36" Canvas for $179 Promotional Offer, Expires 04/13/2021: https://fineartamerica.com/weeklypromotion.html?promotionid=263727

Wall Art


Angie Tirado

4 Days Ago

Weeping Spring- Holmdel Park, 20.00" x 20.00" stretched canvas print, Expires 04/10/2021

Wall Art


Blenda Studio

3 Days Ago

Birds in Paris
A tree rises up from a pieces of a map of the city of Paris the city of love. Two black birds sit among the branches of a tree covered in ripe persimmons and leaves against a textured blue background.

20"X24" Stretched Canvas Print - $95 - Expires 4/14/2021 - click the link for Limited Time Promo Page


Maryse Jansen

3 Days Ago

Wall Art

Purchase a 36.00" x 24.00" stretched canvas print of Maryse Jansen's Lamington Rainforest for $100 USD
Expires 04-12-2021 click this link for the promo-page: https://fineartamerica.com/weeklypromotion.html?promotionid=263681

Serene foggy scene from the lush UNESCO Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area in Lamington National Park, south east Queensland, Australia.
Many rare and endangered species of plants and animals live in this precious, ancient ecosystem. One can enjoy extensive walking tracks through the park and enjoy waterfalls, cliff lines and mountain peaks with great views and it’s an absolute paradise for birdwatchers.
Traditionally the area is home to the Yugambeh people.

rain forest, trees, giant, fog, damp, Queensland, Australia, flora, rainforest, subtropical, subtropical rainforest, Gondwana Rainforest, Lamington National Park, National Park, Lamington, fig tree, green, scenery, nature, World Heritage Area, ancient, UNESCO


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