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Abbie Shores

6 Days Ago

Artist Spotlight - Jeff Folger

Jeff has been with the site since 2013 and has some amazing photography, specialising in New England.

From his biography

In the autumn when the fall foliage of New England begins turn crimson, orange and yellow, You will find Jeff blogging about the fall colors. Even more importantly, he tells everyone where to go in search of the fall colors. You can find him as Jeff Foliage at www.jeff-foliage.com

You can find Jeff out on the back roads of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Connecticut photographing the quintessential New England scenic landscapes that have been captivating visitors to New England since the first tours took place back in the 1950s.

Jeff sets out to produce images that express his artistic vision and passion for photography as well as his love of nature and the outdoors.

Jeff Folger has been Recognized as a leader in his field and CBS Sunday Morning interviewed him for a segment. Their producer, camera, and sound crew followed him for two days while he explored and found Peak New England fall foliage. The world-famous, Conor Knighton sat with him to find out why he did what he did. Other broadcast networks like PBS and the BBC have come to Jeff for his expertise in locating and finding the fall color of New England.

Each autumn people from around the world stop into his website Jeff-Foliage.com to get his advice on the New England fall foliage. You can visit his website and read his many articles that will explain how the fall colors arrive in New England. He also does his best to answer all questions when he has time.

You can view his CBS Sunday Morning interview here: https://www.cbs.com/shows/cbs-sunday-morning/video/emEVFOJoYv2hyjBqpj3rG_2IO91cqpDp/a-colorful-guide-to-new-england-s-autumn-leaves/

It was also his birthday on Sunday.


CAPE ANN COASTLINE TOWN AND FIELD https://fineartamerica.com/groups/cape-ann-coastline-town-and-field.html
COVERED BRIDGES OR HISTORICAL BUILDINGS https://fineartamerica.com/groups/covered-bridges-or-historical-buildings.html
LIGHTHOUSES IN DRAWINGS PAINTINGS PHOTOGRAPHY https://fineartamerica.com/groups/lighthouses-in-drawings-paintings-photography-.html
MASSACHUSETTS SCENIC LIFE https://fineartamerica.com/groups/massachusetts-scenic-life.html
SCENIC NEW ENGLAND https://fineartamerica.com/groups/scenic-new-england.html
NEW ENGLAND ADVENTURES https://fineartamerica.com/groups/new-england-adventures.html
UNITED STATES NATIONAL PARKS https://fineartamerica.com/groups/1-united-states-national-parks.html
EVERYTHING FALL OR AUTUMN https://fineartamerica.com/groups/everything-fall-or-autumn.html



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Please visit his collections and comment and like his work :)


Another Spotlight next week!

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Andrew Pacheco

6 Days Ago

I like Jeff's work very much! I also had no idea he administered so many groups, I just joined some since I'm New England based myself.

Congratulations on the Artist Spotlight, Jeff!


MM Anderson

6 Days Ago

Congratulations Jeff! Your photography is really wonderful.


Donna Mibus

6 Days Ago

What beautiful photos, Jeff! I especially love the Vermont ones with the Fall leaves. Husband and I are watching reruns of Newhart. I don't know if you remember it, but he and his wife own an inn in Vermont. The opening of the program shows a car driving through Vermont on it's way to the inn and the scenery is so beautiful.


Janine Riley

6 Days Ago

Jeff Foliage Folger - is fantastic , & just how many favorite pieces of his work can you have ?
A very talented hard worker, and a busy man with all that he does.

Very happy belated birthday wishes !


Lois Bryan

6 Days Ago

Congratulations Jeff ... always a gentleman ... always superior artwork for us to enjoy!!!!

Happy belated birthday, too!!!


David Bridburg

6 Days Ago

Nicely Done!

WTG Jeff



Marvin Reinhart

5 Days Ago

Congratulations Jeff! Beautiful photography.


Kathy K McClellan

5 Days Ago

Excellent work Jeff! Congratulations on the Artist Spotlight.

Happy Belated Birthday. I hope it was a wonderful day for you.


Jeff Folger

5 Days Ago

Thank you everyone. It has been an amazing journey so far and this Sunday being Easter was both a joy and a little sad πŸ˜₯.
I spent the day with my wife and we drove to Ipswich for ice cream at a new πŸ™ƒ ice cream parlor that just opened.
We drove around Cape Ann (Rockport, Gloucester, etc) walked Good Harbor Beach β›±.
But sad because I couldn't spend it with My sisters family.
Also this is my last Easter birthday πŸŽ‚. You see it only happens (aligns) a few times a century. So it happens 4 times this century. 2010 and 2021 but it will not be till 2083 till the next time.
So unless cybernetic bodies become a thing (quickly) I doubt I'll see another alignment.

But I continue to meet wonderful people here and around the world 🌎 maybe ill' make it to 124... πŸ˜€
But I take each day as it comes. Which is what we all do.
Thank you for the birthday wishes.


Jean Noren

5 Days Ago

Nice work, Jeff. Happy birthday.


Sandi OReilly

5 Days Ago

Stunning images, Jeff, and congratulations on your successes in your artwork. Well deserved and will look into your groups as well!

Happy Belated Birthday, all the best for a wonderful year!!!


Joan Stratton

5 Days Ago

Your work is wonderful! Congratulations, Jeff! And a very happy birthday too!


Ava Reaves

5 Days Ago

Beautiful work and belated Happy Birthday


Edward Fielding

5 Days Ago

That guy gets around! Always on the move.


Jessica Jenney

5 Days Ago

Congrats, Jeff! Autumn has always been a favorite season for me especially autumn in New England! So I have been a frequent visitor to your page. I used to live in New England and so your work fills me with nostalgia as well!

So pleased with your well deserved success!


John Haldane

5 Days Ago

Congrats, Jeff, from a Maineiac and a lover of all things New England.


Gill Billington

5 Days Ago

Congratulations on your wonderful work Jeff and belated happy birthday to you. Hope you enjoyed your day!


Vivian Aaron

5 Days Ago

Congratulations on your beautiful work, and belated birthday wishes as well from a newbie here.


Jeff Folger

5 Days Ago

Thank you all the new commentors and Abbie of course...
My obsession (read as passion) for the fall colors has served me well over the years. First bringing me to Yankee Magazines notice and then both national and international note.

I do enjoy engaging with folks from around the world who come to New England for the fall colors.

This year I'll be adding my new skill set of drone footage and hopefully some wonderful airborne images of the fall colors.

I hope to continue searching for the fall colors for many more years... πŸ˜€


A blessed and happy birthday week Jeff! May you have many more and keep celebrating life!
Debra and Dave


Karen Kaspar

5 Days Ago

Congratulations and a belated Happy Birthday! Outstanding portfolio!


Debra Forand

4 Days Ago

Congratulations!! Beautiful capture of New England! Makes me so home sick!!


Bill Swartwout

4 Days Ago

Congratulations, Jeff. You are an unique and very talented artist.


James McCormack

4 Days Ago

Love your work, Jeff. So pleased to see you spotlighted on FAA!


Dale Kauzlaric

4 Days Ago

Jeff, congratulations on being in the Artist's Spot, well deserved!


Jeff Folger

4 Days Ago

Thanks everybody, it's nice to be in the spotlight and I try to stop in when I can to say hi and work on my groups.
I hope everyone is having a great spring and making lots of sales... πŸ˜€


Mel Steinhauer

4 Days Ago

Congratulations Jeff! Happy birthday!

Keep up your excellent work and best wishes!


Jeff Folger

2 Days Ago

Thanks Mel.... πŸ˜€


Nancy Griswold

2 Days Ago

Congrats on your spotlight Jeff, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and such wonderful fine photography I have enjoyed seeing over the years on FAA :)


Suzanne Luft

2 Days Ago

Congratulations and Happy Birthday! You have some beautiful work!


Dora Hathazi Mendes

2 Days Ago

Wonderful works Jeff! Congratulations on the Artist Spotlight.


Clif Jackson

2 Days Ago

Congratulations Jeff! Excellent work!!


Jeff Folger

2 Days Ago

Thank You Suzanne, Dora, Cliff, Nancy and so many others...


Janice Drew

2 Days Ago

Congratulations, Jeff. I’ve always been a fan of your work. It's a well deserved honor.


Lori Pittenger

2 Days Ago

Congratulations Jeff on your Faa spotlight! Your work is outstanding and always a pleasure to view!
Belated Birthday wishes as well.



Her Arts Desire

1 Day Ago

Jeff Congratulations! I too will add belated birthday wishes. Your work is amazing and being in the FAA Artist Spotlight is so well deserved!


Douglas Brown

1 Day Ago

Congratulations Jeff and my son has also had his birthday on an easter Sunday (16th of April 2005 or 2006) not sure when it’s going to happen again.

Your an inspiration, keep up the great work.


Western Exposure

1 Day Ago

Congrats, Jeff, on getting a spotlight shone on you and on your birthday. Your photography is beautiful. One of these years I hope to make it to New England in the fall.


Alice Schlesier

1 Day Ago

Congratulations on the Artist Spotlight Jeff! Your work is beautiful! I too am from New England originally and long to go back some Fall. In the meantime your images will fill that void. Congratulations again and Happy Birthday!


Toby McGuire

1 Day Ago

Congrats Jeff! Stunning New England photography!


Jeff Folger

1 Day Ago

Thanks Toby, Alice, western E, Douglas, Her art, Lori, and Janice...

I thank one and all


Angelo Marcialis

12 Hours Ago

Congratulations on a well deserved recognition. I'm very selective on who I follow here; Much respect for your artistry!


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