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Abbie Shores

5 Days Ago

Image Trivia Thread 18 Candles

This is a Trivia Image Thread.


TRIVIA RULES: Read BEFORE taking part

1. Remember you only get to answer one of the questions or your answers will all be ignored through the post.

2. If you guess once and are wrong then you cannot answer again this thread UNLESS it is a 'trick question' which will be clearly designated as one.

3. Only the first correct answer is awarded the points

4. If you answer one of the following correct and get points below then you will not be awarded points on the next days play (We wish to give every one a fair shot) Your names will be marked clearly so you can see...… but feel free to join in.

5. I am looking for specific answers. If you have not given those, even if nearly correct, you do not get points.


10 points


A. During a famine it was common for candles to be stolen. Why?

----- Donna Mibus - People ate them ------

B. If your candle smokes when alight, what does that mean?

----- Richard Reeves - the wick is too long ------

C. What is an Eulachon?

------ Diane Zucker - Eulachon is a fish that is also know as a candlefish. Because of it's fat content, it can be dried and burned as a candle. ------

D. Before the introduction of electricity, a “chandelier” was a ceiling fitting made of several candles to light up the rooms. A candle maker is called a....?

------ Lois Churchward - Chandler ------


ONE image per post
Let someone else post before posting again


One main winner for 2021 will win how ever many points they won, in a USD gift voucher for the site, when trivia ends in December

So if you get every single question right that's a lot on a FAA/Pixels gift voucher

Have fun

Do not win points this round

Viva Anderson
Marlin and Laura Hum
Becky Titus



Marlin and Laura Hum


Katrina Gunn


Susan Rissi Tregoning
Diane Zucker


Sandi OReilly


Jodi DiLiberto


Viva Anderson
Becky Titus


Mo Barton


Steven Ralser
Julia Fice


Lindley Johnson


Donna Mibus
Greg Norrell


David Dehner


Richard Reeves


Jessica Jenney


Eric Abernethy
LaVonne Whiteman

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Donna Mibus

5 Days Ago

A - total guess, they ate them?


L A Feldstein

5 Days Ago

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Abbie Shores

5 Days Ago

They did, Donna, because they were made of beeswax and animal fats

I actually had here two beeswax candles made for me at a renaissance fair


Diane Zucker

5 Days Ago

C - Eulachon is a fish that is also know as a candlefish. Because of it's fat content, it can be dried and burned as a candle.


Lois Churchward

5 Days Ago

D. Chandler I just hope I guessed right.


Sandi OReilly

5 Days Ago

B. Negative energy is being burned away.


Richard Reeve

5 Days Ago

B. The wick is too long...


Elisabeth Lucas

5 Days Ago

Canvas Art


Donna Mibus

5 Days Ago

These are the only candles I have 🙂
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Donna Mibus

5 Days Ago

I need to do more candle designs! Only have two.
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