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Sue Zipkin

4 Days Ago

How Do We Turn Off The Other Print On Demand Items Other Than Wall Art?

I am new to the website, I've been having trouble finding good clear tutorials on how things were. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can look for tutorials I'm working with a premium site? It would be great if there are videos, I found a few people talking about the websites online but I had many unanswered questions.

I emailed the company but I don't understand if they actually get back to artist or not, some of us have said they don't.

At this time my focus is wall decor. It appears that automatically I've got a bunch of other print on demand items.
Is it possible to remove those items? If so how can we do that?

Thank you for your help! Sue Z

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David King Studio

4 Days Ago

First, only enter a markup amount for items you want to sell. Do not enter "0", leave the box completely blank. For future uploads go into your "Behind the Scenes" and click on "Default Settings" and set the markups for the items you want to sell and make sure all others are blank.


Roy Pedersen

4 Days Ago

As David says just leave the markup blank. However,I would include them as you never know what a buyer wants.They may love your print and want matching pillows for example. Every sale helps the bank balence.


Edward Fielding

4 Days Ago

A. Leave the markup blank.


Sue Zipkin

2 Days Ago

Thank you so much everyone. I couldn't find where these answers were, I clicked that I want to follow the discussion I also clicked that I wanted an email. And I never received the email. Meanwhile a couple people I know explain to me about how you just leave the area "blank" when I used to zero that didn't work out very well.

Roy.. I agree it is a good idea. I also license by Design's to manufacturers, so every once in a while if they pick something up I would want the ability to take it down from the POD do you say if they needed it exclusive.

Thanks again folks!


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