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Karel Miragaya

4 Days Ago

Trying To Understand Pinterest. Please Help :d


I'm trying to use Pinterest to promote my image and managed to claim my website. I know some people on FAA don't like Pinterest but I thought it was at least worth trying. BUT I FIND IT COMPLETELY COUNTERINTUITIVE.

For example :

- Do you use hashtags? Some say you must use them, some say hashtags are not for Pinterest.

- I made a board named for example "Pictures of Italy", another "Pictures of America" (each one with its proper description) and a global one called "Pictures for sale on Fine Art America". When I create a Pin I save it to one of the first boards and then I save it again to "Pictures for sale on Fine Art America". Is that a logical method? I read that Pinterest might consider that behavior as spamming.

- Now when I click in "All Pins" my pins are duplicated. Should't they be unique pins with the "Saves" counter set to 2 ( because I saved them to two boards)?

- Would you say that becuse a pin is saved in two boards all the keywords entered on the descriptions of those boards are also applied to the pin? I mean...Saving the pins to boards create something like a keyword hierarchy where keywords from top levels (boerds) are applied to lower levels (pins)?

I'd appreciate your help.


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Matthias Hauser

4 Days Ago

Hi Karel,

Hashtags yes or no: it was a constant back and forth. As of now: no hashtags.

One Pin in multiple boards: This worked well in 2019. It can still work for old, established accounts (up to a certain degree if they spread it out long enough). For new accounts, this is a big no. If you overdo it Pinterest will consider it as spam. Pinterest wants fresh Pins. There are several strategies for this.

Every Pin goes on its own. If you pin the same content into 5 boards you will have 5 Pins.

Both the board and the Pin description are important and Pinterest sees them in context. This is one of the reasons you should only save Pins to relevant boards.

Hope this helps :-)

All things Pinterest: Blog, Pinterest Account Management, Pin Design, Video Pins, Online Course


Donna Mibus

4 Days Ago

Pinterest bugs me, too! I don't like that we can't add descriptions anymore.

I am also guilty of putting pins in several boards because I have a board for all FAA and another board for specific designs from FAA, like Cats, or Poodles, etc.

I'm pretty sure I'm doing everything wrong there...


Edward Fielding

4 Days Ago

Like any social media endeavor, manually adding pins is going to be more effective than using some automatic link.

Take the time to create custom graphics and fill out all the info. Pinterest works like society works --- around interests. "art" is rather general but something like "Art for the Guest Room" is more specific and useful.

Useful information always is more attractive to social media users than generic.

Think "How to" "DIY" "Trends" "Style" and slant your work towards these interests. Which decorating styles does your work fit? Who is your buyer? Identify your buyer and then you can identify which board it fits with.

This is how Pinterest describes itself:

"Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more. With billions of Pins on Pinterest, you'll always find ideas to spark inspiration. When you discover Pins you love, save them to boards to keep your ideas organized and easy to find."

Pin accordingly.


Vaclav Sonnek

4 Days Ago

I dont know why, but I dont see any statistics? Somebody can help me?


Edward Fielding

4 Days Ago

Pinterest Board with selling tips for artists:



Mike Savad

4 Days Ago

while some love it, pinterest has always been a waste of time. hard to use, hard to search things, hard to find things, you have to not only have an account there to view things but also wait for the endless stream of images to load before you find the thing you want. lately i can't even add text, and the analytics stopped working. the tech support has given be a - shirking it to the next person - response twice now.

i place it there, but get few hits. its a place for people to hoard without being called a hoarder. its good as an image board to think things through visually or gather wedding or craft projects. but for art, not really. because is hard to find. people can take your image and redirect it to their page. i only add things to be in control, but since losing the ability to add text, and i still don't know why i can't, i'm not in control of anything.

i personally think the site is dying. originally it was a copyright nightmare, where even the owner of the site took down images they "borrowed". its a site i can't take seriously. its like the roadside boutique of advertising. too mixed and disorganized to really be of any value to anyone.

though it is nice to see collections from other people with my name on it. but a lot of it, isn't my work. its like when weird al gets credit for every parody song.

----Mike Savad


Karel Miragaya

4 Days Ago

Thank you all for your help.

So.. my idea of having every pin in two boards. One named "Art for sale in Fine Art Amerjca" and another more subject specific is not how things are done?

Donna... You can add descriptions and edit your pins if they are 'created" rather than "saved". Pins are "created" if they come from a site you claimed on Pinterest.


Paul Chandler

3 Days Ago

Pinterest used to have repin numbers. I found that helpful for photos that I pinned, so I would know what types of shots people like. I wish they’d bring it back. I use Flickr Pro. If I post pictures there first, it will save the captions for when I pin them on Pinterest. I just set up a board for FAA and when I upload here, I pin there.


Donna, I add descriptions all the time...I go to: https://www.pinterest.com/pin-builder/ I add my title, description (with lots of #'s) and add the link where it says too. Works like a charm!


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