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Delphimages Photo Creations

9 Days Ago


I already posted about this in June suggestions, but I'd like to have your opinion about it.

I see triptychs everywhere on ads, they seem to be very popular and I would like to be able to offer them but at the moment, the only way is to upload 3 different images and explain in the description that there are 2 other parts.... It's to complicated, I don't think it will work.

So I have this idea that FAA could add triptych as a new product. This "triptych product" would automatically divide the image uploaded in 3 different panels.
As it would be a different product than prints with a different mark up, we could remove it from the sale if the image is not suitable for a triptych or if the artist doesn't want it.

I'm not sure if the triptych should be on acrylic, canvas or metal. It could be an option.

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Brian Wallace

9 Days Ago

Good luck Delphimages Photo Creations!

If that goes through, I'd like FAA to provide Red/Cyan filtered 3D glasses for 3D stereo anaglyph images.

There's a 3D stereo community out there and I've sold 3D stereo images in several 3D stereo formats from Fine Art America.

Up 'til now I've had to suggest in my description area where to get Red/Cyan filtered 3D stereo glasses online. Having them available with the 3D stereo image they purchase on FAA would also be a boost and incentive for the would-be purchaser.

Before you start laughing, consider that 3D stereo images have been around almost as long as regular 2D photography.


Stefano Senise

9 Days Ago

I have always wondered why a company like FAA penalizes itself by not offering this service to its customers who would be very thrilled to be able to choose this option. The potential is immense given current trends. If I google "Triptych Wall art" I find all the major competitors ...


With masks going to be a dead product perhaps it would be appropriate to redirect efforts on this product.


Douglas Brown

9 Days Ago

I agree with you, i recommended similar last year, great idea and would definitely bring new sales. Good luck.


Mike Savad

9 Days Ago

i have that choice on another pod, but never sold any. i wonder what shipping would be like though. 3 different prints, and what if one of the 3 is bad? logistically i think that would be a nightmare.

there are a number of things i'd like to have here like - matte prints for acrylic and metal and even canvas. outdoor canvas, and wall sized prints. so many ask for these giant things but i don't like supplying the file. and i would love to see framed round and oval prints.

----Mike Savad


David Manlove

9 Days Ago

I like the idea. Maybe offer diptychs and quadriptychs too.


Tibor Tivadar Kui

9 Days Ago

You can post triptychs as a collection of three images, and put a logo with the assembly.

Automatic division might be an issue from artistic point of view.


John Haldane

9 Days Ago

It's a good thought, but the cost might be prohibitive - triple the cost of a print and at least double the shipping cost....

I have a lot of images that would make great triptychs but I doubt they would sell as such.

I have been to art shows and fairs with triptychs I bought for resale and never sold any.


Actually, it would not be very expensive, at least with canvases. I just checked.

FAA price (without mark-up) for a 36x24" canvas : 186 + 53$ (shipping to US) = 239$
And for three 12x8" canvases : 149 + 27$ = 176$

Much cheaper to buy a canvas triptych !


A metal triptych would be 211$ against 200$ for the 36x24" print (including shipping to US). Only 11$ difference.

So the cost would probably not be a problem.


Also, to launch triptychs, FAA doesn't have to find new printers or suppliers.


Stefano Senise

8 Days Ago

if you order in poster format and you know how to use a cutter it's even cheaper! :))))))))


Johanna Hurmerinta

8 Days Ago

I like the idea of triptychs. I remember a few customers asking about these last year. Supporting the idea of Delphimages. :)


Thank you Johanna !


John Haldane

7 Days Ago

Good info! Thanks for doing the comparison!


Norma Brandsberg

7 Days Ago

I love the idea, hope it can be fabricated!


Ameya M

7 Days Ago

I like the idea. Great suggestion.


Paul Thompson

7 Days Ago

Would it not be possible to upload a suitable image that could be sold as 1 image or split into 3 also. Just to have that option available for the customer to choose?
Then you only need the 1 page to show potential buyers


Teresamarie Yawn

7 Days Ago

I think Triptychs is a great idea.


Yes Paul, this is exactly the idea. One image to upload, sold as 1 wall art or on the products we already have, and sold also as a 3 panels triptych. We can call it a new product or an option, it is the same.
If you don't want to offer it, you don't price it.

I would offer triptychs for my landscapes, and I would also create collages of 3 different images for this purpose.


Mario Carta

7 Days Ago

I really had no idea what a triptychs was, but now that I know I like the idea, actually I'm working my art into really large sizes, I just printed myself two works of my original artworks into not a triptych but a single large 4 foot by 8 foot wall art pieces. I could see combing this into really large triptychs.

Anything that makes the art larger than life is worth pursuing I think. Big is better, and biggest is best! :-)


Great idea we have done several on our personal website and the cost is usually around the same as a single print depending on sizes. I like the idea maybe FAA will condsider it, cross your fingers. I am sure they would have to figure out logistics first for printing and shipping!


Belinda Greb

7 Days Ago

Great idea!


Joan Stratton

7 Days Ago

I think Triptychs are a great idea. Currently I have to make the image into 3 (or 2 for a diptych) with a with a space between each section and I have seen an number of other artists doing the same.



7 Days Ago


Love the idea, I have always loved the way Triptychs imagery looks, I believe it would give artists a great deal of mixing various images onto a Triptychs and increasing their imagery exposures for more sales. Especially as someone pointed out above with the Face Mask market dead or soon to be. This would be a great new product to introduce.

Let me know Delphi if you need any backing or support


Thank you for the support.

Abbie, any comment from you from Sean ?


Irina Sztukowski

4 Days Ago

Triptych option is a great innovative idea that give our customers choice. I am all for it. I have a gallery called Windows that basically a triptych creations in a "window frame" .. sold a few of them. Apparently, people love to have multiple paintings divided and spread on the wall. Kind of classy yet modern.


Abbie Shores

4 Days Ago

I believe I asked for this about 7 years ago. I've asked again


Peggy Collins

4 Days Ago

Great idea, triptychs are trending! Diptychs would be great too.

It's funny, ever since I saw this come up I keep having ideas of how it could work for my own images.


I didn't ask for triptychs before because I thought that the only way was to upload different images and that might be to complicated to inplement.
Then I realized that we could upload them in one file.

I hope Sean will read this thread. Maybe he will rethink this.


Alexander Kunz

2 Days Ago

Adding my voice of support for this idea.


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