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Renny Spencer

8 Days Ago

Thankful For Faa Discount Programs

Just got say I am glad that we have the discount programs. Finally had a sale (small but mejor que nada) during one of the 20% off events. Odds are this buyer would never have been looking at my work had it not been for the special discount that enticed them to look around FAA and stumble on my artwork. Not sure why so many chose to opt out of the discount programs and miss out on selling to people that probably would normally not find them at all otherwise.

Hopefully I eventually see more sales from the program.


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Abbie Shores

8 Days Ago



I would also like to express my gratitude for the program! I have had 2 sales on one image. I don't know why my other images don't get discovered, too, but a sale is happy-making!


Floyd Snyder

8 Days Ago

Yup, very good on Sean's part.

My discount sales are still only running just about 30% of my total print sales so they are not the overwhelming percentage as some were afraid of.


Donna Mibus

7 Days Ago

I agree! There are some shoppers who ONLY buy when something is on sale.


Carolyn Marshall

7 Days Ago

Me, too. I was a little disturbed at first when I saw the big discount coming off my end. But, as original poster said, I would not have had the several sales I've had in the past couple of months without it. So, yes, I will stay opted in.


Renny Spencer

6 Days Ago

Glad to hear others like them as well. Had seen several griping about them was wondering if I was missing something.

I definitely prefer some money over no money.


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