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Melia Lindeke

7 Days Ago

Cannot Get My Bio To Show Up! Help Please!

I have written my biography and submitted it, but when I click the About tab on my page, it does not show up on FAA or my pixels site. It also does not show up with my paintings, which it looks like it should, when I look at other peoples work. I have used my desktop, my phone, safari, firefox...I am spinning in circles and pulling my hair out! I did not think FAA would be so glitchy being such a big company, but then again I am from rural Alaska and have never liked computers. Is it just me? Has anyone else had this issue? How do I fix it?

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Bill Swartwout

7 Days Ago

Strange thig about the bios - they do not like any "special" characters. If you copy and past your narrative from a word processor file that will almost assuredly jinx it.

Try deleting anything you may currently have there and manually type in one short sentence - and see if that works for you.

Note also that the bio for the FAA/Pixels sites is different from the one you have in your premium site. That allows you to somewhat differentiate your premium site from the huge sites.

There may be glitches but FAA is still the best (overall) art POD out there.


Jessica Jenney

7 Days Ago

Take out any parentheses and quotation marks also. Then your bio will show up. Then you can go back in and add your apostrophes back again manually


Melia Lindeke

7 Days Ago

Thank you, that helps


Andrea Picaso Henry

2 Days Ago

Also the same problem with the bio not showing up, and yet, somewhere I have seen it. Not where it belongs. Also pulling my hair out on this one!


Abbie Shores

2 Days Ago

You need to not add any special characters.

We only allow A-Z letters, numbers, and . and ,


Tibor Tivadar Kui

2 Days Ago

Your bio is visible now...


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