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Greg DeBeck

5 Years Ago

Sun Worshippers - Please Watch This - Very Important!

If you or someone you know like to tan either by natural methods or especially by use of tanning beds, please watch this. It might just save a life!

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Dean Harte

5 Years Ago

Thanks for the share Greg, impressive and definitely educational! Watch this if you havent already!


Dan Daugherty

5 Years Ago

I'll be back to finish...seems everyone is pulling me here and there. I got halfway through...VERY good info!!

Thanks Greg!!


Thank you for this profound advice.

I had a little bump, it grew and grew, and then became more trouble than I ever knew.
It's gone now.
But now there's one anew.
Time again to the surgeon for a view.

Do Not Ignore your smallest marks.

Mine's on my nose, bridge, front and center....not nice!!


Greg DeBeck

5 Years Ago

I stopped what I was doing one day, and thought about just how many people that I know personally who have lost their battles with cancer. It was a very scary number. Cancer is something I would not wish upon ANYBODY! But it is very real, and very dangerous, and far too many lives are taken by it.
Interesting fact: Most people don't know it, but we ALL have cancer cells in our bodies. Most of the time they are quickly dealt with by the bodies own natural defense system and never become worrisome, but then there are the ones that survive........ Skin cancer, like stated in the video is one of the easiest to detect because it's visible on the skin. However, and it's a big however, it's also one of the fastest growing and easiest to metastasize if not treated early.


bump...............summer's coming!

EDIT: Thanks so much, V


Greg DeBeck

5 Years Ago

Cancer is an awful, terrible, cruel, disgusting disease which slowly eats a person from the inside out. Skin cancer may start out as something easy enough to cure, but if left untreated - if it gets into the lymphatic system and blood stream, it can be a cruel DEATH sentence! If caught in time it can be cured. But it must be caught early. As Vivian said, above, summer is coming and the urge to go out and tan and bake is going to be strong. There will be a lot of people who will say, "What me"?? "That'll never happen to me"!! Don't count on it. It can and possibly will, but you can do a lot to prevent it just by doing something as simple as using sunscreen, or limiting your exposure. And PLEASE stay away from tanning beds. If you have daughters or sons who tan in these human cookers, please urge them not to. Live long and prosper.....

Vivian, here's hoping that your doctor will not find anything to worry about. Thank you for sharing a little of your own experience and best of luck to you!


Greg DeBeck

5 Years Ago



My bf is away at present looking after his Mum whose cancer is back. I lost my husband to cancer. I will not watch but thank you very much for sharing.


Greg DeBeck

5 Years Ago

I certainly understand your reluctance to watch the video, Beth, as you've obviously had some very personal experiences with this. My sincere condolences regarding your husband. I had something happen to me yesterday, which has never happened before. It was a good thing, really. I went and had my yearly physical (clean bill of health - Yay), and the nurse practitioner, while I was undressed, checked me over for signs of skin cancer. She has never done this to me before, and when I mentioned that fact, she told me that she has seen so many cases of skin cancer, in recent years, that she now makes it part of the routine during a physical. I thought to myself "what a wonderful thing to do". And I thanked her for that.


Greg DeBeck

5 Years Ago



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