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Aliza Souleyeva-Alexander

8 Years Ago

Be Aware Of Art Scams

I am sure this topic was raised before here at FAA but I just received an email from Gora Gallery in Montreal and I want to warn my colleagues about it.
Here is what they offer:

GALLERY GORA invite you to exhibit in a solo or in a group exhibition.

The fee for a solo-exhibition is US $ 2,500.00 TO COVER GALLERY EXPENSES.

Exhibition fees covers furthermore:
- Mention of the show in all city weekly newspaper arts calendar (when Possible)
- Advertising in the MONTREAL GALLERY GUIDE. The COST IS EXTRA (1 full color page add: 685us$ ; half page: 480us$ ; fourth page: 320us$).

- Artists are responsible for all shipping fees and procedures to the gallery door.
- The Artist is advised to arrange for a pick-up of their non-sold work ... within 3 working days after the end of the exhibition. For work not picked up on time an additional storage fee of US $ 5.00 per day will be charged.

- gallery Gora or it staff is not responsible for any loss or damage of any work, during shipping, storage, on exhibit, at art fairs or associate gallery.

So it looks like that they don't have ANY responsibilities and towards what gallery expenses $ 2.500 goes?

Here is also a helpful site that lists all known art scams called Art Alarm:

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Hello Aliza,
thanks for the message.


Laura Fung

8 Years Ago

omg thank you for that post! Agora Gallery contacted me for representation.... that fee was $3000.00 +.... way over the top! I just emailed them back so upset!

Thanks again :)
Laura F.


Laura, please don't let the scammers to discourage you from what you do. I am glad you stayed away from Agora, they contacted me too last year and I didn't know about them so a little research really helped me to stay away from them.


Nan Engen

8 Years Ago

Here's a request for information that I just received, not a scam a "pre-scam":

This message was sent by rita williams ( via



I am rita,how are u doing today i saw your art work on artwanted and i became interested in you and i will like to know more about you ok. if you can reply me back in my email address i will send to you my pictures and tell you more about me.i hope we can move from here,i will be waiting for your mail to me email address above.Regards,Rita


Obviously, something to be ignored. The fact that english is a second language is a dead giveaway.


Nan, thank you for posting your email.

Curiously enough, I received a similar email a couple of weeks ago from ArtWanted from monica william.
The same style of English makes it obvious to me that this email shouldn't be trusted.

This message was sent by monica william ( via

Greetings dear,

my name is monica and i saw your profile at ( and i became interestend to make friend with you.Some friends are remembered because of their smile. Some friends are remembered because of their style. But you are remembered because you are so nice to remember. pls i will like to know more about you. if you can contact me through my email address here ( really look forward to reading from you soon.
Yours Truly Friends.
Miss monica


Slade Roberts

8 Years Ago

I got the same email from Monica WIlliams on Ignored it.


Angel Ortiz

8 Years Ago

Mmmmm! they always around.


Nan Engen

8 Years Ago

A couple of weeks ago, I also got the same one from Monica Williams at ArtWanted, You're right Aliza, the poor English is a dead give-away


Shelley Jones

8 Years Ago

I received this email as well, big delete! This sentence " I will send to you my pictures ", question came to mind, what kind of pics. are you going to send me you creep. Gave me the willy's. I believe if you Google both of these names they will come up as spam madam's.


Nan Engen

8 Years Ago

If you type "Rita Williams scams" in your browser, you'll find an amazing number and type of scams she has perpetrated.


Nan Engen

8 Years Ago

P.S. Same for "Monica Williams scams."


Michael Gora

8 Years Ago

To be clear, to owners of Gallery Gora in Montreal, are not related to me in any way.


Robert Matson

8 Years Ago

lol Michael


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