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Ronald Walker

2 Days Ago

Have You Improved?

Has your work improved over the years or are you slipping and feel your work is declining?

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David King Studio

2 Days Ago

Depends on which day you ask me. Actually I do feel like my skills have mostly stagnated, I doubt I'll ever be much better than I am now.


Ed Taylor

2 Days Ago

I think I'm about the same. Not getting worse but not really improving either. (not sure how someone could get worse)


John Twynam

2 Days Ago

When I look back on my photos from several years ago, I can certainly see a lot of improvement in my more recent ones, especially in the composition. I still struggle to get things like animals tack-sharp in most cases though.


Doug Swanson

2 Days Ago

My best stuff is urban and, for the past year and a half, urban has been really strange, so my productivity is low at the best. I took my camera bag out for a ride in the car a couple times recently, but it's obvious that there's some catching up to do. Hopefully a trip to my favorite venue (ocean front) next week will help.


Lisa Kaiser

2 Days Ago

I may be going backwards in skill as in not improving my skill in definition and realism, but in creativity and joy...yes, I'm improving. What am I even trying to say?


Tatiana Travelways

2 Days Ago

I definitely think that I have improved.

- By looking at other people's artwork, I understood that many of my own are actually worth more that I thought they were, so with time, I got a lot of understanding about this.

- On the other hand, I got a lot of knowledge and understanding on digital art, and learned a lot about it.

In photography and digital expressions, things are changing with time and it's a good thing to keep up to date, but stay with our own personality, feelings and style.


Roger Swezey

2 Days Ago


Funny you asked.

Right now, I'm dealing with a dilemma.

I just received in the mail a 30 year old vulture sculpture that had been significantly damaged.

I promised the customer that I would repair it.

I'm sure she expects it to return to the way it was.

I'm finding it hard, though, to get into the mindset, to fix the piece the way I would have 3 decades ago.

Do you think she would be upset with the New Improved version?


Brian Wallace

2 Days Ago

I believe I'm still improving but I'm not focused on only one thing or technique so there's always something else to discover and try to learn. I also believe my love for variety helps me to improve overall which just happens to be my primary goal no matter what aspect you look at. I know I'll never get to where most of us would like to be but after all, it IS the journey, more than the destination, at least for me.

A link to one of my pieces on this subject...


Douglas Brown

2 Days Ago

I believe i have and in many ways, i joined in 2019 and have watched and learned all aspects of creating and SM marketing, hopefully i will continue to improve, i say this as my enjoyment of creating and SM marketing has not dropped so i must be improving.


Shana Rowe Jackson

2 Days Ago

Yes, I have definitely improved with time, and I hope to continue. I feel there is always more to learn.


Scorpion Design

2 Days Ago

I think I have improved. However; some of my work is (very) experimental so it can be variable. For anyone interested there are some very interesting YouTube videos out there featuring Sally Mann (one of my favourite artists) where she addresses this very question. What is of particular interest is that she goes a lot further than say she has improved; she clearly articulates how she has improved. I was fascinated when she describes, how everything she now sees is in a frame.


Sharon Cummings

2 Days Ago

In whose opinion? My own? Every day in every way I am getting better and better...


Donna Mibus

2 Days Ago

I am a work in progress, forever striving to improve.

As to IF I have succeeded in improving is a question others will have to answer.


Andrew Pacheco

2 Days Ago

I don't know about improving. I mean...sure, I definitely get better. I think my work evolves as time goes on rather than improving. At least that's what I would say about it myself.


Phyllis Beiser

2 Days Ago

I think so. I like to keep a few old images of my art and every now and then I run across them and can definitely see major improvements. Am I where I want to be? Not near.


Yes, it has. I have better photo gear, good edit tools like Lightroom, more knowledge, dedication, time, ambition, etc. I keep an eye on those with more experience and altogether makes me get better and improving my skills. Photography was my hobby, and now it's my life's style.


MM Anderson

2 Days Ago

My work has improved greatly over the past few years. I made a resolution a few years ago to do one finished drawing or pastel per week and have kept it up. The practice has been invaluable in improving my artwork.


Su Lee

2 Days Ago

metamorphosis is how i like to view my art journey. for me, creating from one piece to another is like finishing a chapter to start a new one, all inside one big book!


Jordan Hill

2 Days Ago

I've definitely improved since I joined here in 2019. Photography along with any art is a journey in which you control the speed and direction it goes.

Looking back at another 2 years from now I hope I've continued to improve and grow as a photographer


David Bridburg

2 Days Ago

I learned small and larger skills in Photoshop for some 4 plus years. Constantly putting those skills into practice in more complex ways. Is complex more skilled?

Working with concepts I never needed to improve. I needed to explore as I did.

When I came to the point where things would get more repetitive I stopped entirely.

There is an advantage to stopping where I did. More than 400 images is unwieldy for editing to market to the public. Digital marketing tools are demanding in a very different ways.

The biggest insight for me personally was I could not be an artist and a marketer at the same time. There is a level of not caring about why a person would buy that is antithetical to my purposes as an artist. It is okay for the public to have other reasons for buying an image of mine. I just could never really entertain that and produce art.

adding I am rereading that last paragraph it is full of paradox. I certainly do care why a person would buy. But when making the art I assigned that reason. Now selling the art I see other reasons for people buying that would have changed the art. I did not want every influence hitting me as the creator. I chose my influences.


Rebecca Herranen

2 Days Ago

Much improved. Made use of being a couch potato over the last 18 months and I have taken a lot of classes. I feel that have help in countless ways and I am having fun while learning


Ed Meredith

2 Days Ago

Nope ... still as mediocer as ever

Antonio Salieri:-- " I speak for all mediocrities in the world. I am their champion. I am the patron's saint. Mediocrities everywhere... I absolve you... I absolve you... I absolve you... I absolve you... I absolve you all."


Tony Murray

2 Days Ago

Nobody has told me I have improved.


Rick Berk

2 Days Ago

I see definite growth in my work, compared to my earlier work. Better processing, better compositions, better use of exposure. Also, coincidentally, better paydays.


Yulonda Rios

2 Days Ago

Generally, I tend not to stick with one thing to improve on; I change up the mediums and materials I paint on. I’m happy with that since I paint primarily for my well-being.
So to answer your question, not much.


Roger Swezey

1 Day Ago

Have I improved?

I prefer to say that I have evolved


Bruce Bodden

1 Day Ago

When painters are painting in a realistic style, there is a limit to how good they can be.... for something can only be painted so realistically until it is photographic...subject matter and composition aside. But when artists go BEYOND realism, there is a whole realm of possibilities... but if it is better or not is up to debate. I tend to not do realism though, so I may be biased against it...but I used to think that being able to do realism was the top skill to have. I think that my art now is much better than it was when when I was doing realism.


Suzanne Luft

1 Day Ago

I've definitely improved since my earlier photographs, but I still have a lot to learn.


Mike Savad

1 Day Ago

My work only improves, that's always been my philosophy.

Get faster
get better

Do a challenge project so everything else is easier by comparison.

----Mike Savad


Bob Decker

1 Day Ago

Improvement is a matter of perspective. It has definitely evolved and changed. Better post processing tools and more knowledge how to use them. I think I've improved but others might disagree. I don't hate my stuff from a decade or two ago, but I'd probably approach much of it differently now.


David King Studio

1 Day Ago

"I prefer to say that I have evolved"

I like that one, I'm still evolving, it's a matter of preference whether I'm improving.


Roger Swezey

1 Day Ago

Getting back to the Vulture Repair Project.

It's completed

The repaired vulture represents the currently evolved version.....I just couldn't get myself to simulate a vulture the way it. looked 30 years ago.

And I know, it has lost all the "Charm" of the original.

And afraid the owner will feel the same way, I do


L A Feldstein

1 Day Ago

Bruce Bodden: 'I used to think realism was the top skill'. I belong to a watercolor workshop where most participants paint what they see; while I envy their skill and patience, it's not for me. Everything is an experiment for me.

Is the willingness to experiment improvement? Or is that a different conversation?


Milija Jakic

1 Day Ago



David Manlove

1 Day Ago

I will second what LA says and try to tie it to this discussion - experimentation, trying something new (and I will add serendipity). In this regard, I think I've improved. Perhaps that comes from experience.

I find it very difficult to accomplish anything premeditated to my own satisfaction. In this I think I've declined.

I've made Improvements in execution perhaps. I think over time we all improve in one way or another, with experience and skill (and perception)

As has been said many times by others in past threads, I look back at some of my older work and cringe. In other ways, as I'm sure others will agree, there are times when we stagnate but I don't believe we really digress unless it's because of some other problem. Or we're out of practice, or we've lost enthusiasm. (a big one for me)


Val Arie

1 Day Ago

David KIng - I like that - evolving!

To me the creative process still feels the same - sometimes I complete something I like a lot and sometimes I create what I think is awful.

Creating art has always felt experimental to me which hopefully does lead to improvement.


J L Meadows

1 Day Ago

I think I've definitely improved, especially regarding my use of digital paint. I find that the technique is very similar to traditional paints and chalks, except that you can't blend color - I have to find workarounds for that - and it's a little easier to make corrections. Plus no chalk dust and no brushes to wash out (a plus, IMHO). I intend to up my output and improve/evolve even more. I don't think artists ever reach a pinnacle of perfection - even accomplished concert pianists still practice every day, as I understand it - which is why creating art remains challenging and satisfying. The key to that improvement/evolution is to consistently put out the best work you can. For my part, I did pause for a while regarding my creative output to deal with other things, but I never stopped creating in my head. Externalizing those ideas is my new goal. Which means I have a lot of work ahead of me...


Roy Erickson

22 Hours Ago

I'm with David K - evolving - better - I don't know - some of my early work was 'brilliant' and I cannot, could not replicate any of it. Some of the early work was so-so - I'm trying to improve those - or delete them.



Ed Meredith

19 Hours Ago

"I prefer to say that I have evolved" -- Roger Swezey


Tibor Tivadar Kui

15 Hours Ago

Just like everyone else I am continuously improving.


Darius Xmitixmith

15 Hours Ago

...Like wine, My work gets better with time.



Fernando Sanz

14 Hours Ago

I think that I improve every week, just about every time I go out for landscape or with every portrait session that I do, there's always at least a small thing that I can improve.

When I look at photos from two years ago, I find them unprintable.

And looking at older portraits, I see too many mistakes related to posing (directing the model).


Daniel Beard

4 Hours Ago

Looking back at my first submissions to FAA in mid-2020, the quality of my work has certainly improved at least in terms of consistency. Whether that's a function of becoming a better photographer or a more skilled editor or a bit of both is debatable. Today I feel more creative when editing, and newly acquired editing skills have prompted me to try new and different approaches to presenting my photography. That said, outside of peer recognition through group features and a few sales, I feel as though I have to provide my own yardstick for measuring my progress because, with a few notable exceptions, feedback hasn't been particularly substantive. One thing is certain however; trying to work to please other folks remains far less of a motivator for me than trying to please myself.


Angelo Marcialis

4 Hours Ago

I started off great, and continue to elevate daily!


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