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On Holiday - Abbie Shores

14 Days Ago

October Suggestion Thread

Post kindly Suggestions only. ''DO NOT'' Post your suggestion in the form of a Demand

Do not post site bugs or glitches here.

Limit ''ONE'' Suggestion per person per Month.

This site will not give out email addresses to any members of clients that buys art as that would be a breach of information.

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Donna Mibus

11 Days Ago

I would dearly love an ON and OFF button for products. There could be a main one that turns off ALL products (except for prints of course), but there could also be an On and Off for each and every item. It takes a very long time to go through and blank out each and every space on those products that have many sizes, etc. An On and Off option would be heavenly!


Sharon Cummings

11 Days Ago

You know how FAA/Pixels has the 20% off program? It would be GREAT if we could also have a FAA/Pixels generated COUPON code that is 20% off! That makes it clear for buyers to know how much they will save. With our coupons, I always have to explain that I don't know how much they will save because I cannot discount FAA portion. I can tell them it's 20% off of my mark up, but that tells them absolutely nothing about how much they can save. 20% is 20% off the total and would make it soooooooo much easier to offer a coupon!


John Emmett

11 Days Ago

I suggest… easy access to Designer Prints and Licensing

such that anyone can switch intuitively


Anthony Sacco

11 Days Ago

I have been asked recently if I offered high quality tempered glass cutting boards with my art work on them. Could be a good idea.


John Haldane

11 Days Ago

YES, Donna, YES! Great idea!


Kathy K McClellan

11 Days Ago

Several members, including myself, made images specifically for Collection Logos. In FAA/Pixels you can upload the image, mark it as the logo, hit Submit. After it becomes the logo you can then delete that image but it will still show as the Collection Logo.

On our premium sites the image disappears from the Collection Grids when we delete it.

I would like for that image to continue to show in the Collections' Grids on our premium site when we delete the image.


Francis Mensah Commey

10 Days Ago

It is great idea to create something new every day, because art is everyday life, each and everyone has it, so you have to discover it within you.


Scorpion Design

9 Days Ago

The ability too sell a set of texture maps.


Sharon Popek

9 Days Ago

I second Donna's suggestion.


Chris Wetherill

9 Days Ago

I'd like to see what are sometimes called themes... I tend to work up my photos on a black (or very dark) background, and find they then look different when displayed here at FAA against a white background. Context or "surround" is well-known to affect appearance, so it would be nice to have some control/flexibility here.


Would really like to see links open up in a new tab back in the Groups discussions.


Bill Swartwout

8 Days Ago

I would like to see a one-link signature being (once again) allowed in the forums. I realize that anyone who may want to view my work can click on the avatar - but I much prefer people browse on my premium site (rather than the FAA/Pixels profile), which is what I like to include in my sig. USPictures.com


Douglas Brown

8 Days Ago

More products fulfilled from out with the USA must be a priority. I do not know how many or what percentage of artists/photographers come from out with the USA, I bet there is though a significant number. I cannot image how many sales have been lost as a result of high shipping costs and import duty, both of which FAA have no control over, but surely FAA must lose a high volume of sales.

I find it difficult to promote many products because I am in the UK, I am sure there are many artists and photographers from Canada, Australia, UK and the EU who have lost out and feel the same about fulfilled orders, shipping costs and import duty.


Robert Yaeger

7 Days Ago

It would be nice if there was a "duplicate title notice" when you key in the title for an image.
So you don't load a different image with the same title as one previously loaded in your galleries.


Bob Decker

7 Days Ago

It would be nice if artists could send buyers a thank you note. We don't need to see the buyers identity or email address, this the ability to send a note saying thanks. It could help to bring the buyer back to our other pieces.


I saw a great suggestion in another thread for buyers to not have to have an account to purchase.


Peggy Collins

4 Days Ago

If a buyer tries to contact us through their collector account via the "send private message" button, their email is marked as sent, however the message isn't actually sent. It goes to No Man's Land and the artist doesn't receive the message. Therefore the buyer will think that the artist is ignoring them. (Discussed in this thread - https://fineartamerica.com/showmessages.php?messageid=6860620)

Please either enable the contact button on collectors' accounts, or get rid of the contact button.


Hugh Warren

4 Days Ago

Probs too hard, but it would be cool if we could arrange the list of the groups we are in in alphabetical order (or some other order of our choice), so they are a bit easier to find


Leah McDaniel

4 Days Ago

Yes to what Donna said. That is an excellent idea.


James McCormack

4 Days Ago

We can sort newest to oldest in this ( general) discussion.

It would be nice to see the same in group discussions. I imagine it would be relatively simple to reuse the same piece if code.

Fully back up Donna's suggestion!



2 Days Ago

When a buyer wants an item shipped to Indonesia, he cannot write a address with the country name, instead he has to select a country from a country list. which is fine. but Indonesia is not listed there, so the buyer cannot select Indonesia there. I am afraid it will be send to Afghanistan instead, because it is the first country on that list.

(I tried to ask customer support for that, but got no answer. A buyer, who wanted to buy a print from me then asked customer support too, but only got the answer that FAA is also shipping to Indonesia. He asked, how to do it, when he cannot select that country, but no answer.)
Best would be just put Indonesia on that list, which will solve all future sales to Indonesia.
(I know the buyer. We found another way out of FAA, because he got frustrated with FAA customer support and will not buy any item here again.)


I support Kall3bu, the country on the list is not enough. You can't find Ghana in there.
I was trying to register PayPal, but I can't find Ghana in the country list.
The administrators have to do something about it.


VIVA Anderson

2 Days Ago

It has been suggested that I put my suggestion here.........about the 20% Sale banners. There's a consensus
in Forum that my suggestion be placed before FAA here....... as follows:

Please change or add to the 20% Sale notice..........and call them......FLASH SALES . That term is better
understood by the buying public, I am sure you would agree, FAA.

Thank you.


Jennifer White

22 Hours Ago

In bulk price editing - would be nice if there was some sort of formula that doesn't affect those items you have blank because you don't want that image available on that product or it doesn't affect images that aren't even large enough for that product.

For example, not all of my images are available on shower curtains because that image may not be large enough. But If I want to change the price on a shower curtain, I have to go to bulk edit because I have so many images, and then when I do, it puts those images to small for the product I left as blank back on that product. Those of us with 1000's of images don't have time to go through and select which ones to leave off of that product price update and I know I can't remember which ones I need to leave off. I do think the system should automatically not offer an image that is not large enough on a product. Might help with some of the returns of those trying to sale an image that's 3000 pixels for example on a shower curtain which is to small of a file.

Edit - Donna's comment above might solve this issue to. If a product is marked to not be available, then have a formula that doesn't affect those images when doing bulk price editing.


Joseph S Giacalone

20 Hours Ago

I agree with Glenn....Would really like to see links open up in a new tab back in the Groups discussions.


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