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Carlton Thorne

2 Days Ago

Graphic Graffiti

The new democracy

Did you know that One of the greatest Mexican Muralists, as well as a famous artist of social realism, Siqueiros was a member of the Mexican Communist Party and a supporter of the Soviet Union; and, along with Diego Rivera, he studied the work of fresco painters of the Renaissance. Often considered an artist and revolutionary, Siqueiros painted The New Democracy using modern painting techniques and tools—electric projectors, photography, spray guns and new paints—so he could cover large sections of buildings in outdoor conditions. Siqueiros wanted his paintings to be easily seen by the masses as they strolled by. Interestingly, in the 1940s, Siqueiros taught Jackson Pollock a drip-and-pour technique that led to Pollock’s “drip paintings.”

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What do you think about this?

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David Bridburg

2 Days Ago

On a larger canvas or wall the artist gets into the actual image being created as s/he works. Pollock saw a value in that. Prior artists did not have new techniques and relatively new ideas in psychology to work with. Pollock fluffed up all the definitions of what he was doing. Not only was he to be engrossed and surrounded by his work on a larger canvas but his audience.

I think murals for revolutions and new techniques that might not have been solely Siqueiros either are not the same at the end of the day as the audience participation Pollock achieved.


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