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Jacek Dudzinski

21 Days Ago

Let's Follow!

Let's try this again!

Do You want more followers?

Number of followers is one of the criterias for the search engine.

More FOLLOWERS=MORE SALES it was for many artists

Just post link to your Profile Page, and please follow ALL PEOPLE ABOVE.
To Follow just press the button on the profile page on the left under artist name

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Jim Whalen

21 Days Ago



Donna Mibus

21 Days Ago

well okay... but I already follow most everyone before me, lol.


Just a note to everyone.... if you paste in your link and post, and then later edit your link, your link will no longer be "live" (clickable). So try to avoid editing your link once you submit it. That way your link will remain clickable.

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Iris Richardson

10 Days Ago


Please double check you links. Some of the links don't work or go to the wrong page to make following easy.


just want to say we are less than 20 posts above this one and not everyone is following us...really? It is so easy and it is kind of unethical as we even came back to follow all of you. I know which artists have not followed the rules, and will give you a few days to catch up and give you the benefit of the doubt. But if you say you are following everyone above, then do it! Or be prepared to be called out, because several of you are not being truthful.

You cannot just post your link, the point is to follow all of the links above you and those that join after you will follow you, and hopefully everyone above (LIKE US) comes back to follow new entrants.


Daniel Steiger

9 Days Ago

Working on hitting the links, now!

...now I want to go golfing...



Daniel Steiger

9 Days Ago

Aaand done.


Tina LeCour

9 Days Ago

Pretty sure I have followed everyone!!


Hey TS Photo, please follow everyone above you!


Carol McGrath

7 Days Ago

I agree with College Mascot Designs. A lot of people here are not following the others. It should be clear that this is not a post and run discussion. I suggest people who want to be followed, not only follow everyone else but check off the "Please notify me via e-mail when someone replies to this discussion" box. Then they will be able to do the right thing and follow others back. I will be checking back to see if the people I have followed, follow back. If not, I will unfollow them. Fair is fair.


Debbie Blackman

6 Days Ago

Added a follow to everyone that have posted after me. I think I have followed everyone in this thread from start to finish as of today's time. Thank you to those who have followed me back.


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