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Jennifer White

17 Days Ago

Sony Camera's - I Don't Know What To Do.

I've been a Sony A-mount shooter since 2003. My main camera, a99ii needs to go the shop for repairs. I haven't sent it in yet because my back up camera is only the 3/4 frame a77 which won't work for my RE photography so I really can't be without it. It'll be in the shop 2-3 weeks. I can rent one, but to me that's a waist of money when I really probably need another full frame camera so I have 2.

So what do I go with? I've been looking for another used A99ii as I really love this monster of a camera. There just isn't many out there for sale and when they are, they either sale really fast, overpriced, have too many clicks on them or damaged.

Many are telling me to move to the new mirrorless. There are several reasons I haven't done this yet. Main 2 reasons, lenses and MP. My A99ii has 42.4mp. Most Sony Mirrorless are less than that. However, I have been looking at the A7Riii (42.4mp) and A7Riv (61mp). There are so many things I do not like about them.

-They are too small and I feel like I'll drop them.
-I honestly hate their tilt screen. I'm used to my fully articulate rotating screen and use it ALL the time. None of the mirrorless camera's with 42mp + have this screen.
-On the A7riv - I love the ideas of 61mp, especially for FAA, however, I really don't need that with portraits and RE. That's just overkill and uses up so much space. Sadly, Sony doesn't have a smaller raw file option, only in jpeg you can choose mp size. My computer already sometimes boggles down with the 42mp raw files.
-If I go to A7Riv, I would have to upgrade to LRCC bc LR 6 doesn't support it. Which I have been avoiding that for years bc I don't like the fact of paying for a subscription.
-I would have to buy an adapter so my a-mount lenses will work in the E-mount camera as I can't afford to buy more lenses and worry that will affect the focus or picture quality as some have said.

Am I crazy for wanting to stick with the older A-mount camera? It just seems like so much work and $ to switch but what I have is basically dead to Sony now. I really don't have anything I don't like about a99ii (except would be nice for smaller raw file choice), while the newer mirrorless, I have lots of reasons I don't like them, especially the screen.

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Rich Franco

17 Days Ago


WHY do you think you need 2 cameras? Are you shooting "events"?



Jessica Jenney

17 Days Ago

Why can't you just wait for the 2-3 weeks?


Jennifer White

17 Days Ago

Rich - BC I really need a back up full frame camera. My 3/4 frame won't work with RE since lens isn't wide enough and it has too much noise at higher ISO plus I'm a subcontractor for a company that requires full frame. I do shoot some events and often find my self switching lenses constantly. I also switch lenses alot for FAA stuff bc I prefer my full frame and not the other.

Jessica - I'm a contractor for a vacation rental company that requires photos to be taken on a full frame. My other isn't. I'm the only household income and a lot of my income comes from this vacation rental co as they keep me pretty busy so I can't go without it. I would have to rent one and that's going to be $360 for 2 weeks and more for 3 so that seems like a waste of $ to me. Plus my current full frame is getting close to it's max clicks so I'm not sure how much longer it'll last. I've been saying all year that I'm going to have to get another camera next year. I've had this one about 4 years now as I got it shortly after it came out.


Iris Richardson

17 Days Ago

I was reluctant to switch to mirrorless and switching brands. But eventually made the jump and am happy I did. The learning curve was not too bad even so I switched from Canon to Sony. The camera is so much lighter. At first I planned to use the lenses I had with an adapter but felt I was cheating myself as the the adapter slowed down the response time. You could rent a camera first to try it out before you purchase.


Jessica Jenney

17 Days Ago

OK, I'm not very camera savvy. LOL!


Jennifer White

17 Days Ago

Iris - that's one concern I have about using the adapter too. I just don't have the funds to buy a bunch of lens and even just bought a new lens a couple months ago.

With that back screen not being fully articulate on the Sony mirrorless its just so disappointing and a huge factor in my decision since I use that so much. At every RE shoot, I put my camera as far back in the corner as I can and have to rotate my screen up and around so I can see what I'm doing. Can't do that with only a tilt screen!


Robert Potts

17 Days Ago

Personally, I love IBIS. It has been suggested by some that the lens mount on Sony Mirrorless is too small. Don't worry about size. Mirrorless lenses tend to be LARGE. DSLR cameras have the best lens selection. They have a few characteristics you might prefer, but then again, so does mirrorless. If you have a lens that is essential, compare the versions and make a choice based on that. The writing is on the wall for the pellicle, I am afraid...


Adam Jewell

17 Days Ago

I don't know a whole lot about SONY cameras but if the "max clicks" is basically the number of clicks the shutter is rated to that may not really mean anything. I shoot with Canon. Their shutters are rated to 150,000 clicks or something like that and the only one that ever maxed out and broke was well over half a million clicks. Any time I would send a camera back to Canon to get cleaned they would always tell me the shutter needed to be changed for $400 or something like that. I did it once but once I had a backup camera just decided to run them till they failed and that was well beyond the 150,000 clicks. If SONY makes really good equipment, the shutter count might not be something to worry about much.


Jennifer White

17 Days Ago

Robert - Sony quite making lenses for my camera years ago. Now they have more mirrorless selection than they ever had for mine. I looked for over a year for a full frame utlra wide angle lens and Sony just doesn't have any for A-mount. I finally went with a Tamron lens.

Adam - My camera is probably over 250,000 clicks by now. I love this camera. I think they are rated for 500,000 clicks so if I continue to baby it, I may get another couple years out of it.

Everyone keeps telling me I'm crazy for sticking with the older dead cameras for Sony, but they just haven't had anything close to it yet in mirrorless. Yes, the focus might be faster, but I don't do a whole lot of wildlife or sports. Even their new Sony A1 which is probably the closest to what I have, doesn't have the fully articulate rotating screen which is a must have for me.

Guess I'll just rent the same camera I have once it comes available so I can get this one shipped off. I have been trying to wait to ship it off until after the holidays, bc I'm worried about it getting lost in all the Christmas packages, but it's getting worse and I'm afraid it'll just quit working (anytime I move my lens to focus or zoom - it tells me my lens isn't attached and the Aperture goes to F--- causing the lens to white out. I have to wiggle it to get it to connect. Has been a nightmare when I'm trying to capture a running kid).

If anyone has an A99ii they are thinking about selling, feel free to message me.


Edward Fielding

17 Days Ago

Send off the camera for repair. Send it to their professional repair center if they have one. Do not wait because of some kind of paranoia about the holidays. Send it with tracking.

Rent the camera.

At tax time take the rental fee as a business expense.


Ed Taylor

17 Days Ago

I'd get a 2nd camera. If I was just starting out I'd go mirrorless but if you're already established with gear I'd stick with what you're use too and have.


Frank J Casella

17 Days Ago

I've not read this thread, Jennifer, but will Sony send you a loaner body since you are a pro customer? Pentax and Nikon did this for me when I needed it.


Jessica Jenney

17 Days Ago

Have you tried the Facebook marketplace for used cameras?


Bradford Martin

16 Days Ago

I am a Nikon shooter but shoot a lot of RE as well as events, and I face similar decisions about "upgrading" to mirrorless. As the Sony you own is an awesome camera and you are comfortable with it it seems the wise choice would be to get your hands on a used one as a second body, even if you pay a little too much. Despite what others say they don't last forever and they do have good resale value if down the road you want to sell one.

The second option of renting is a good one too. I know that can really ruin your cashflow but in the big picture (pun) it is still a good option. We all know that down the road we will have to go to a mirrorless camera to keep up, but it sounds like Sony does not have the right camera for you (yet), so wait.

As an aside most of my work does not require a FF dslr. I use my FF D750 for all my RE, event and portrait work. But only certain companies require a FF camera. I use my crop frame D7500 for all my food and menu work because it is lighter and the quality difference I not going to be much for these shoots.

These high MP cameras do nothing but slow me down. As a subcontractor I have to send in RAW files to the several companies that book me. I recently upgraded my computer so it can load images almost instantly and crunch down 300 edits in a short time. But the internet where I live is just not up to par. Uploading RAW files can be an hour or more of my day so the last thing I need is some high MP camera.

I like to start and end my day with a little wildlife photography so I mount my 200-500 mm lens to my crop frame. But this makes for a lot of changing lenses and high shutter counts. I am considering getting a crop frame mirrorless with a matching 16-50 mm lens just for my menu photography. That would shave some weight off and reduce lens changes.

I am see one more DSLR in my future and that would be the Nikon D780, which has a viewfinder leveling feature that would improve my handheld work I have it in the D7500 and it is essential for accurate handheld shots. Along the way I have upgraded most of my lenses to those that will not lose autofocus when I upgrade to Nikon FF mirrorless. I like to buy used and refurbished because of the resale value. These days a lot of the refurbished stuff is essentially new from Asia. Just sold as used to avoid dealer restrictions on imports.


Hugh Warren

16 Days Ago

Can't comment on Sony, but with respect to switching to mirrorless ... I've recently gone for a Nikon Z6 (24MP full frame) and have found it wonderful (particularly in low light). I use it with a 70-200mm with an adaptor and it works perfectly (but with my old 17-35 it didn't work well at all) - I've also got a couple of zooms with the new Z mount and they are great. It has a tilt screen which is good, but as you suggest not as good as the really wonderful fully rotating screen that I had on a D5300 - why don't they make more with such a screen??


Tony Singarajah

16 Days Ago

I don't know much about cameras, here is a link for sony cameras with articulating screen.

*** I know a thing or two about camera repairs lol.
My camera fell inside a tour bus in Turkey as I was trying to take a sunset while the bus was moving. It was still working but once in a while my zoom lens was getting stuck I had to power off and on to get it going again.
Mine is not a professional camera, but it does have articulating screen.
The lens is fixed with a zoom.
It is a Nikon P900, not suggesting that camera but just to let you know what I have.
- I was in UK and ask to repair but none of the camera stores were helpful , but suggested me for another camera to buy or send in for repair to the factory.
- While in Canada , same story not able to get it repaired but to send it in or buy new one. Same suggestion from the store where I bought.
- also the repair cost could be over $500.

- Camera was still working with zoom lens stuck once in a while.

---- when I was in Aruba in April 2021, camera was totally stoped working, after two days there. I was using my cell phone.
Very disappointed 😞
- So I thought well I need to buy a new one.

**** Interestimg part is, when I went back to Colombia.
I was talking about this to a Colombian friend. He asked me to go and see a repair shop. Well I took my camera and talk to the technician. He looked at it and he said, leave it for one day and it will be fixed tomorrow.
So I left the camera and went back the next day and it was fixed with 30days warranty.
He asked me to take plenty of photos and use the zoom.
---- It works like a charm even today.
And to top it all , the repair cost was 60,000 Colombian pessos. About $20 Canadian or even less in usd about $15.

Unfortunately to fly to Colombia will be over $1000 usd unless you want to go on a vacation and get the repair done there.🙂


Levan Walker

16 Days Ago

Hi I am browsing like your art here is mine levan-walker.pixels.com


Jennifer White

16 Days Ago

Thanks everyone.

Edward - Thanks. Guess the holiday have me more scared then I should be. I do know it'll be a business expense, which is another reason I though buying would be better that way I don't have to pay that in taxes lol. But since I can't seem to find one, I may just have to rent.

Ed - Thanks. I do think I need a 2nd full frame handy in case this one quits and I'm leaning towards what you suggest to keep with what I have.

Frank - I checked with them and Sony only does that for their big professionals that do cinema photography and videoagraphy.

Jessica - Yes, I have also been watching FB.

Bradford - Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

Hugh - Thanks for the info. Glad that worked out well for you.

Tony - Thanks. I've watched that video yesterday. It's amazes me how Sony hasn't created a camera with the same screen as mine on the A99ii. I would have thought they would have put it on the A1 but they didn't. That feature is so important to me. Thanks for the info. I'm guessing my repair will be around $400 - $600 but considering I paid 5K for the camera.... I'm okay with the repair as I love the camera.

Thanks Levan.

At least business does slow down a little bit after Thanksgiving so I guess now is the time to send it in. I can do portraits with my other camera. Currently the rental place won't have my camera available until 2nd week in Dec. Since I just don't think I'll be happy with the newer cameras bc of the screen issues, I'll just keep an eye out for another used A99ii and jump on it so I have a back up should this happen again. It'll be nice to have another FF as I often have both camera's around my neck with different lenses wishing my other one was FF too.


Steve Cossey

16 Days Ago

Nikon Z9 has a fully reticular screen!
20fps raw
Not only mirrorless but no mechanical shutter at all either!
45.7MP BSI stacked CMOS sensor
A lot of DSLR like features including realllly good low light high ISO performance.
Switching to a new manufacturer can be a daunting venture though, especially replacing lenses.
So far it is only a pre order item though.


M G Whittingham

16 Days Ago

Have you considered buying used? Personally, I would give it careful consideration.

The reality of having a second camera is that unless you shoot live events, you are likely to use the second camera much less than the primary camera. So price your thinking accordingly.

When I bought my second camera, I bought it used. Identical to the one I already owned.

It saved me buckets of money (I shoot Leica). Also, since I already owned the camera, I knew exactly what to look for in the used camera.

Leicas are built like tanks though. They tend to last a long time. YMMV

Hope this helps!


Jennifer White

16 Days Ago

Steve - Sounds like a really nice camera. Yeah, It would be daunting to switch. It's evening daunting to switch to mirrorless for Sony because they made them have a different camera mount which I think is ridiculous. I don't know why in the world Sony won't bring back the fully functional screen!

MG - Used is the only way you can by the A99ii anymore because they have discontinued it. Even the used prices are still $2,500 - $5k, which you can get a new mirrorless camera for that price too. There are a couple out there that they claim is new, but the price is crazy. I saw one listed for $8k! It's such a good camera that photographers who have them don't want to let them go.


Jennifer I can say we love our A7R IV we had been shooting Nikon for the last 20 plus years, now we mostly shoot with the Sonys! There's always pros and cons. We still have a Nikons 850 DLSR and one Nikon Z7 mirroless which we used for architectual and designers magazine shoot because Sony doesn't have a titl shift lens yet thats the reason we still have the Nikons. Its a matter of time just waiting on Sony getting a few more lenses. I love the fact that they are so light, but yes they are not like the Nikon DSLR which is like a tank as MG says. It took a while to get use to the Sonys, but now we both love them! Good luck on your search!


Jennifer White

15 Days Ago

Thanks Tod & Cynthia. I do love Sony. The A7Riv does look like such a great camera but I don't know how I would do RE Photography with it since can't turn the screen up & around. Sounds like to you didn't get into Sony til Mirrorless so you probably don't know what the ones were like before. After using a fully functional rotating screen since 2013 (a77 & a99ii) it puzzles me as to why they got away from that. I think I'm going to go to a local camera store tomorrow to actually look at one in person.


Yea it does articulate up and down just not a complete turn around but one thing we like is the touch focus, along with not being so heavy. Who know why Sony didn't do it probably a weight thing maybe! Maybe in their next release.


Paul Velgos

14 Days Ago

I have an A7Rii. 42MP. Great camera.

Do you have a friend or someone in your professional network you can borrow a full frame camera from temporarily? Even if it's a different brand it could be a good free option while the repair is done.


Jennifer White

14 Days Ago

I went to the camera store today and looked at the A7Riv. While it's a very nice camera, The screen just won't do what I need it to do for Real Estate. A work around would be blue toothing to my phone but that seems time consuming, battery consuming, and typically realtors want you in and out. I do love the feel of it though better than the 7Riii. I can also only use it for RE while my camera is in the shop and then just make my a99ii my RE camera and then use the A7Riv for Fine Art stuff. Geez....decisions, decisions.

I found a good used a99ii with only 1,000 clicks (hopefully he's truthful about that). It amazes me how torn I am about this. When I think I'm ready to make the decision, I get a thought that makes me rethink it lol. I'm always like this when it comes to spending this kind of $. For about the same amount I can get the newer one as I can get what I have. But then I do have to invest in a lens adapter and then either need to upgrade LR to the subscription version, or convert to DNG which worries me about quality loss.

Paul - That's a good idea but everyone I know locally has either Nikon or Cannon and I wouldn't have time to learn the settings.


Richard Reeve

14 Days Ago

I guess you must be doing very high end real estate photography to need 40MP. Most of the stuff I see is ridiculous wide angle shots that makes single internal doors look like garage doors and is given ridiculous HDR treatment. Property here sells within 2-3 days of listing independent of the images...

That being said, I do use a (measly) Sony A7II full frame and find it a superb camera.


Jennifer White

14 Days Ago

Richard - I don't need the 40 mp for RE Estate photo. I'd actually prefer to be able to have a smaller RAW file for that for faster processing but Sony doesn't give us that option. We can only shoot smaller Jpeg Files. Another reason I'm concerned about the A7RIV. The only time I would need to take advantage of that 61mp is for fine art or large commercial billboard photos. There's no need for that size for RE or family portraits, ect. The A7iv is coming out that's supposed to be 33 MP which may be okay. I think some of those could still sell as Duvet covers and Shower curtains here. Would be better and faster processing for the RE and family portrait stuff.


Jennifer White

13 Days Ago

After looking into the specs of the soon to be released A7iv at 33mp with the full articulate screen, I'm thinking I may wait for that one now. I had already found a good used A99ii. They guy is currently out of the country for Thanksgiving but I had already told him when he gets back that I wanted it. Since the A7iv isn't getting released until end of Dec, I guess I can get this one, ship mine off for repair, and then I can always resale this used one along with one of my older cameras and equipment and get the A7iv along with a lens next year after more reviews come out. Then I'll keep my A99ii and A77 for my backups.

Has anyone else looked into the A7iv?


Your right Jennifer you don't need 61 megapixels that way more camera than what is needed for most RE shoots. We worked mostly for architectural firms and designers which were seriously annal! We alway used a camranger so we could show the designers and architects on our ipad what the room scene looked like in advance then we could make any changes before we finalized the shot. These kind of clients were always hands on when it came to how the room look, because in most case it was their firms work. That is why we never needed a camera with an articulating screen. Sounds like you have a good plan of action for your needs.


Jennifer White

12 Days Ago

Thanks Tod and Cynthia for all your help and advise. Hope it's the right choice. Would like to have that 61 for FAA but need to focus on where my main income is and that's my local photoshoots for RE, Commercial and Families.


Bradford Martin

11 Days Ago

It sounds like you have a good plan. One of the advantages of buying used is you can sell it for close to what you paid. And easing into mirrorless for your fine art work will save wear on you RE workhorse and prepare you for when you finally switch to mirrorless. Already I feel like a dinosaur with my FF camera. That's one reason I am buying a crop frame mirrorless for my menu shoots, where there are always people watching and a FF is not really needed.


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