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Lynn Raizel Lane

14 Days Ago

Art Contest Tie Question For Faa Admin Please?

As Administrator of art competitions (generally speaking here), if there is a TIE, what is the protocol for the tie-breaker? How is that PLACE decided? Is that something the Admin chooses or FAA? I'm not in any current predicament, but fairly new to this, (and one of my contests has several in the same positioning at this point). I need to find out AHEAD of this BEFORE it happens, so I'll know how to handle it, if needed? Thank you!

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Abbie Shores

14 Days Ago

The administrator of the contest would decide any tie breaker IF they have told people they will do that before the contest ends. Otherwise it is joint winners


Lucia Waterson

14 Days Ago

That is a very good question, Lynn!

By the way, I'm so very happy for your recent, deserved winning third place!!!


Lynn Raizel Lane

14 Days Ago

Thank you for that important clarification, Abbie.. always want to be fair and honest here!

Hi Lucia, and thanks for making me feel special.. I am absolutely AMAZED that I won something, LoL ~ one person won BOTH 1st AND 2nd Place!


VIVA Anderson

14 Days Ago

Good to know, Abbie. Thank you. Admin must state they will choose in a Tie when we upload to the contest.
I'm in one now: it finished and the 1st place keeps changing, b/c, all three have 10 votes, and admin didn't 'choose'.
I call it Equal 1st.........sounds nice, lol


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