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Michael Geraghty

14 Days Ago


Over the years I have tried most of the tetrachromacy tests and appear to be high level tetrachromat but it resulted in me constantly recalibrating my monitor as the color calibration software never seemed to get the colors right.

Does anyone have any links to color content of images that give some averages of color levels used in a painting or image and does anyone else have the problem with maybe too much color in their work.

Tetrachromacy is more dominant in women but others also share the same event of seeing milliaons of extra colors.


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Michael Geraghty

14 Days Ago

How many for example limit their color ranges right from the start or use a color gamut with a lower level of colors.


Mike Savad

14 Days Ago

I didn't think monitors had the ability to show a tetrachromat level of colors. But there are painters and they simply used it to make their stuff look like their stuff.

From my understanding a tetrachromat can see into the UV range, and unless you had a physical piece of paper that had UV dye put on it, you may be something else. They say it happens with females more than anything else.


this lady is one, and uses it as she sees it.

I am curious what tests you took, its not a common test. I know I was never tested for it, I took those online tests but those are impossible.

----Mike Savad


Michael Geraghty

12 Days Ago

I agree Mike, the tests are all the online tests and ones I have tried a number of times over the years on some of the facebook groups I am on when I found out that a high percentage of Rhesus negative people are very high with the tests and repeatedly high a number of years apart with the tests. The color variations with sight may not all have the extreme levels but there is a definite correlation between groupings as with women having a higher level of tetrachromacy. The color part that I am looking into is whether some images have far too much color or more than they need without the creator of the images knowing or is aware of. Perhaps at some time in the future our eyes will be calibrated to view as the person who created it viewed it.


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