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Louis Dallara

13 Days Ago

Making A Catalog

Does anyone know of an easy way to make a catalog of my images?

It was taking way to long to do a pdf of each image. I got 593.

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Tibor Tivadar Kui

13 Days Ago

Old issue, shortcuts unknown yet.


David Bridburg

13 Days Ago

I think FAA offers PDF files.

Or using google sheets you can make your own manually. Wishing for an automated way of doing it wont probably happen.


John Twynam

13 Days Ago

Are you talking about making a catalog of your images from your FAA site? Or are you referring to cataloging the ones you have on your hard drive (or wherever you store them)? If you have Office 365 with Power Automate, you could probably put something together to loop through all your images, pull out the title and description from the file (assuming you have them stored in the file), export all that to an individual PDF file for each image, and then combine all the PDFs into a single PDF with multiple pages.

There are likely other automation tools that can do this as well, but I'm not aware of any free ones. Automating something that pulls them all off your FAA site would be more complicated, but not impossible.

That might be an idea for a feature - click a button, and have it create a PDF catalog of all your images. Even offer a few different page templates, so you can choose where to place the image, what fields to include (i.e. do you want to include all the keywords? do you want to include just the title? etc). I'm not sure how many people would use such a feature, but maybe if it was a popular enough idea, it might get done.


Susan Maxwell Schmidt

13 Days Ago

Are you talking about a physical catalog or an electronic one? Because if it's physical I would just print out the PDF that is available on every page of your art. I don't know if there's some means of combining all of those PDFs into a single PDF for an electronic file but I suppose you could just screenshot them and then combine them into a single PDF.


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