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John Morris

5 Years Ago

Selling Art

hi all im new to fine art america, and a question that i want to ask all you artists, is how do you sell your work? what makes a painting sell?

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Need Help - Start Here this link, normally found on the tabs across the main discussions, has some great threads for help and advice. Especially the 'Links To Frequently Asked Questions And Help '

Welcome to the site :)

One of the other new members has begun a thread to help us get to know you :) You may like to pop in there NEWBIES: If you joined less then a month ago, please say "hi" here.


Tagging, or Keywords and Descriptions
Marketing Yourself
Marketing Your Work
Innovative Marketing for Artists - Challenge!
Niche Marketing?
How Do I Launch A Local Art Show??
PRESS RELEASES what are they and how to use them
YOUR Print Quality - Please Read
One of the newsletters with some good info on

Social Area Manager
Need Help - Start Here
Contact FAA Direct
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Norm Holmberg

5 Years Ago

Presentation is job #1. The photos of your work display a considerable lack of care. Acceptable photos should center the art both vertically and horizontally, and the photo should be cropped so that ONLY the art is visible. Also, several pieces are shot at such a low resolution that they are virtually useless as prints. There are many tips on this site and elsewhere on the web for shooting artwork. You are competing with tens of thousands of artists on FAA, let alone the rest of the art world. Don't shoot yourself in the foot. God helps those who help themselves.


Richard Rizzo

5 Years Ago

welcome John.


John Morris

5 Years Ago

thank you for your advice and stiring in the right direction... i am waiting for my new camera to come so as soon as that arrives i can take a whole load of new photos...


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