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Susan C Mills

5 Years Ago

Print Sizes

I\'m a watercolor artist and a recent new member just beginning to upload some pictures for sale. What I\'ve noticed is that when I post high resolution images of my smallish paintings they end up being available in much larger sizes than the originals. Is there a reasonably easy way to make sure to maintain the quality without having them offered in oversize versions?

For example: This image is an approximate 9\"x12\" painting but at 1908x2801 uploaded pixels will allow prints of 20\"x30\".

Perhaps this isn\'t even a problem but I\'d appreciate hearing any thoughts you might have.
Thanks in advance.

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If you wish them to be in the same size or less, do not add markups in the spaces provided for the larger sizes.

Need Help - Start Here this link, normally found on the tabs across the main discussions, has some great threads for help and advice. Especially the 'Links To Frequently Asked Questions And Help '

Welcome to the site :)

One of the other new members has begun a thread to help us get to know you :) You may like to pop in there NEWBIES: If you joined less then a month ago, please say "hi" here.

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Margaret Saheed

5 Years Ago

Susan, like you I paint small (around 8" x 10") and only offer sizes about the same size as the painting although I have much larger size options.


Shana Rowe Jackson

5 Years Ago

I have run in to issues as far as print quality when selling a print that was larger than the original, and have almost lost a sale, so now I too try not to sell prints larger than the original just to be safe. As Beth said, FAA will only sell image sizes that you have provided your mark-up price on. If you leave the price blank on larger sizes when uploading, those sizes will not be offered.

Welcome to FAA hope you like it here as much as I do!!


Susan C Mills

5 Years Ago

Margaret and Shana,
Thanks to you both for responding to my question. I posted a couple of pictures so I could order cards to send out to friends. They turned out nice enough that I've become interested in joining FAA as a seller but the idea that someone might actually buy an enormous print of a small painting scared me. Thanks so much for letting me know that doesn't have to happen and also that I don't have to be fiddling with file sizes here at home. I love to draw and paint but tech is absolutely not my thing.
Best wishes,


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