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Ken Walker

1 Month Ago

Share Your Story


Many of you enjoyed the last thread, so hopefully we can keep this one going. This is an opportunity to share the story behind your artwork. This can be how you created it, why you created it, what was happening when you did, etc. Maybe there is a message behind the painting you want to share in more detail than you did on your site.

IMPORTANT: The story is the real purpose here - in order to keep this going, DO NOT INCLUDE AN EMBEDDED IMAGE but rather paste a link to your image so we can go and visit your artwork for context and be introduced to you. Image threads are shut down after a certain amount of time and many expressed their desire to keep a thread like this open. Let's make this happen. So many of you have interesting stories to tell.



Funny how you can start in one direction, spending hours and hours on something, only to end up with something totally different from what you had originally envisioned. "Midnight Clear" part of my "Ides" series was just that. I had this photo I had worked on, spending hours a piece I called "Confluence". At the time I thought I was really onto something, but in the end, I just felt it wasn't worthy of posting and subsequently tossed into my scrap bin. Maybe use the parts later. I took a stab at it once more to use the main element for my Christmas tree project I wanted to do. I worked hours and hours on trying to get this abstract tree to work, but once again, nothing seemed to stick for me. A few days later I had this idea to go with a minimalistic approach. I took the entire image - all those layers - and shrunk it down to a tiny tree spaced in a long 1:3 aspect ratio way off to the side with this line in front of a white background. I still laugh at all the work and layers (most you can't see of course) in that tiny little tree, but in the end, happy with the image. I know what is truly hidden there. LOL That's enough for me.

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J L Meadows

1 Month Ago

Here's my share:

"Epitaph For A Captive Cheetah" - This piece started out as a bit of doodling and the thought: what if the cracks on an old, decaying wall formed a picture? And then the old saying "If walls could talk" got mixed in, and then a childhood memory of a visit to a zoo badly in need of refurbishment probably added to the mix. Then a cheetah entered the picture, probably because cheetahs are my favorite wild cat. The idea of caging such a swift, fierce creature is pretty horrific. In the end, while I really didn't set out to make a statement with this picture, I guess I kind of did.



Roger Swezey

1 Month Ago


It all started one drizzly summer, Sunday afternoon, in Quogue, on Long Island, way back in the early 1960's.

Everyone, at the beach house were pissed, spending all this money and stuck inside, sick and tired of playing Cribbage

Everyone, except ME

I loved the subtle colors, this dismal day provided.....And we did pay to get wet....

So, I spent the day, walking the beach.

I did try to convince the others to come out and enjoy the treasures of that day

No Dice

So, I told them that I'm going to come back with a treasure.

I had no idea, what that "treasure" would be

Confident in my unfettered artistic EYE, I knew I would come back with something.

Off I went

After, rejecting an "owl" made from a piece of driftwood and flat stone, there was a pair of mussel shells at my feet.

" They look like vulture wings,...What can I use for the head?", I asked myself

And VOILA !!, right there was a small crab claw....The beginning of the first vulture sculpture..

With, pieces of rusted snow fence for the legs, a chunk of cork for the base,

and a manipulated tar ball, instead of getting between my toes became the body and stuck everything together

I had my TREASURE.

Happily, and proudly, I went back with my treasure.

I might have made 3 or 4 in the next 15 years, for I had more important things to do with my life


It was in the middle 1970's that I started making vulture sculptures in earnest.

First as therapy, that EXPLODED into a completely NEW LIFE.

A LIFE, I'm still living.

Now, back to the cellar,....To Create more Vulture Sculptures


Roger Swezey

1 Month Ago


RE:.. "Epitaph For A Captive Cheetah" ...A Statement

This haunting image, certainly speaks to me


VIVA Anderson

1 Month Ago


I stand by the outcome, but must say, this was an adventure! It all started when I got out the
ladder, determined to get this! from a height. Picture me!! shaking, lol.
The jpeg unedited is just a view of my kitchen table (round),
my chair, and, there’s no explanation of how I got this….hours later!
The red moon is actually the base of the table, my pov of course!
Literally, spaced out!


J L Meadows

1 Month Ago

Thank you, Roger. And I enjoyed your story about the origins of your Vulture sculptures. I'm so glad you made a career out of it. It gives other non-conformists, like me, such inspiration and hope!


Matthias Hauser

1 Month Ago

Many years ago, after a long period of pondering, I bought a new lens for my camera. A 14-24mm wide-angle zoom. I was eager to test my new precious one when it arrived, so I went to a small park.

The first thing I noticed was this beautiful swan. The swan was focused, cleaning feathers, so I got very close behind.

Suddenly, after finishing cleaning, the swan started spreading the wings. I had only a second to get the shot. After that, the beautiful bird turned to me, hissing angrily.
I fled and checked the camera display to ensure the shot was successful.

It was: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/swan-spreads-wings-in-front-of-state-theatre-stuttgart-germany-matthias-hauser.html

Great stories so far, love this discussion!



1 Month Ago

My story is contained within my ABOUT section at: http://revad.pixels.com .

Here is a copy, as it currently reads. It gets tweaked quite often.


C O N N E C T E D [ A L P H A B E T S ]
and other paraphernalia


If you need a pigeon hole, I work across several art movements, incorporating elements as the enquiry requires. Think abstract, algorithmic, conceptual, concrete, constructivist, and you may find a partially appropriate pigeon hole. You may also think code is the common factor. Whatever you think, I make what I need to make, when I need to make it.


I make it. I share it. I come back in a day and look at it. I come back in a week and look at it. I come back in a month and look at it. If I am still sharing it in a year, then it made the cut. It is important to note, most of my work is made in a virtual space. So, I have to share it for it to exist. Rare outcomes make the transition from virtual to real. Some of those transitions are triggered by others, some are triggered by me. There is no right way to do this. It is an art of itself. Self curating is hard. Letting others curate for you is hard. My philosophy is, nothing is a waste, everything leads to something. The web is my gallery, prints are merchandise. It's all about the process. EVERYTHING IS TRANSIENT!


My earliest outcomes, as can be seen here on FAA/Pixels, are my geometric alphabets.

CIRCUARE MONO = https://revad.pixels.com/featured/circuare-mono-alphabet-revad-codedimages.html

There are more examples in my ALPHABET collection.

ALPHABET = https://revad.pixels.com/collections/alphabet


Sharon Cummings

1 Month Ago


I periodically go through old photos for inspiration and ideas. Years ago I came across this image that my daughter took of our dog when she was around 10 years old. It was special because my girl is on the spectrum and we had bought her a camera because she really took to it and it helped her be more engaged with the World. Most of her pictures were of little strange things she found here and there. But she took a picture of our Bacchus out in the back yard. Our special boy died from bone cancer at 3 years old and we were devastated. I had never even seen this image before. It was just in a random file folder that she had put in my computer. It was blurry, small and a very poor quality. But I decided to create an entirely new image with my Color Fusion collage style. Many days later, I had a beautiful piece of art to celebrate his life! And he just keeps giving back to our family because this image is my number 1 best selling dog image ever. Woof!


L A Feldstein

1 Month Ago

I had an interesting piece of burled wood. And ended up here:



Val Arie

1 Month Ago


It has been more than ten years now that I started doing digital art. I had been, and yes I still am, a traditional artist. It was the middle of a very cold snowy winter and I needed art supplies to work on anything. I no longer remember what I was out of but there was noting I could work on without a trip to the art supply store many miles away.

I was sitting there bored out of my mind, it was too snowy to travel. My youngest son asked why I was just sitting there. When I told him I needed supplies, he replied " No, you don't" and pointing at the computer he said "You are an artist, you can make art on that!"

I wasn't really as easy as all that, but I am stubborn and kept at it. The link above is one of the first pieces that was worth sharing.


Ken Walker

1 Month Ago

It's early here so haven't had the chance to read everything here, but so far such wonderful stories.

JL love the painting and the back story it brought a lot when I finally opened up the link.

Roger thanks for sharing and adding the photo... interesting to hear how it all started, especially something beautiful out of what the others considered such a dismal day.

VIVA my precious... I didn't know that was a table and chair.... What a knack for turning the ordinary into elegance!


Renata Natale

1 Month Ago

I was taking a photography course called, Pursuit of Light and it changed my awareness in a big way. It wasn't just about sunrise/sunset. It was about noticing and that's why I love this image.



L A Feldstein

1 Month Ago

I had planned something hugely complicated for this. Lots of little pieces cut out as stencil and tracings. It was a total disaster. Whatever was planned in my head, was a mess on paper. I washed it off. You can still see in the background the faded tracings.

Stuck in the Middle with You



Cathy Anderson

1 Month Ago

Some of my images, like this one, are here to document or journal experiences that I have had. This one came to mind because I just revised it last night and uploaded this version, replacing the original image. I think it's an improvement. My husband and I went to Moab to spend Thanksgiving (2004 or 2005) with my son and his friends who were rock climbing there. We had a great time and I wandered around taking photographs. I had a nice little Sony Camera...now with a little coaxing from today's software I think its a great picture and I was so excited when I found this old truck. I loved that camera...(has a nice Zeiss Lense)



VIVA Anderson

1 Month Ago

Ken, thank you so much, :) VIVA

Great thread, entries!


Nothing could beat a beautiful day fishing. This photo was taken in 2004 with a throw away camera. I transformed it into a digital pencil finish. That was a challenge. The camera had been thrown in a stack and developed several years later at some drive through developing center. It was yellowed. But the aged look lent a bit of character to it.

The location is in the June Lake belt of California. The temperature was 75 degrees and there was not much of a breeze. Just lots of peace, quiet, beauty. and mosquitos! Didn't catch anything that day except a memory.



Shelli Fitzpatrick

1 Month Ago

I hope you don't mind if I use an older blog post where I told my story...

On Becoming a Digital Artist
by Shelli Fitzpatrick

I’ve always been an artist, but I have only recently realized that I’ve become a digital artist and how that happened is really quite incidental.

I never thought of myself as a starving artist, even though I was close to being starved for creative outlets due to my financial estate of barely above the poverty line, while I struggled as a waitress to raise two children on my tips.

We didn’t go hungry but I also didn’t have money to spare for art supplies so I became very resourceful and used whatever medium was available at the moment.

I drew on napkins and school notebook paper with ink pens and pencils, until once, when I found some left over model paints at a yard sale and some clay pots, I used toothpicks for brushes and painted the pots with those enamel model paints.

Then I bought cheap acrylic paints and miniature wooden boxes and painted them. I planted cactus in the pots and glued felt in the boxes and these became Christmas gifts for family and friends.

I would also hodge-podge my drawings onto wooden plaques and give them away not realizing that I had no record of any of this art for the future or that I might need one someday, so nearly all of my early work is undocumented.

Once my kids were on their own, I acquired a laptop and began dabbling in digital art with simple paint programs which produced very primitive and naive art and saving it all to my hard drives.

Then my daughter gave me a digital camera and I discovered a love for snapping photos and especially macro photography.

I started thinking of ways to make my average but decent photos into one of a kind unique works of art and that is when I got my first iPhone.

Things started getting serious from there when I signed up for Instagram and learned about all the amazing art apps for iPhone and started participating in Instagram challenges and groups.

From there I started to develop my own digital techniques of photo manipulation, glitch art and app stacking trying to create my own personal style.
I discovered I have a passion for creating abstract art and digital impressionist paintings from my photographs.



Over the past five years I have been mastering the use of Gimp software which is an alternative to Photoshop, and nowdays digital is about the only medium I ever use to make art.

My latest adventure has taken me into the world of fractal art with an amazing app that allows me not only to discover beautiful fractal landscapes but to tweak and manipulate them into truly unique art that I hope will become recognized as my fractal style.


And so that is how I came to realize that I am not just an artist but I am a digital artist for better or worse... and I love this digital medium because it is so versatile and elastic and seems to have endless possibilities for creating art!


VIVA Anderson

1 Month Ago


Sharing this because I am mostly 'locked in' these days, and, my granddaughter, Emilie,
is always out and about, and so thoughtful, to send me her snapshots, as was this one, too.
She's my great 'supporter', so here I honour her love, devotion, b/c, she knows.....
Purple's the 'go' for me; that I'll play for hours happily with her pix; and I really got into
this one and learned about enhancing to the max. Thanks for this great thread.


Milija Jakic

1 Month Ago

Revad, what a cool images!!

Well, ok, my program is unbreckable, unmistakable, but that time, it broke, very simple scene with one box and 3 piramides started to act weird, it devided space to 3 segments, by orientation and colour, so I had to save that work, unfotunately in a very low resulution ..



Ken Walker

1 Month Ago

I'm overjoyed to see so many of my FAA friends here and to read your thoughts, stories, and musings.

Matthias - It was interesting to thinking of you creeping behind this beautiful bird only to have to startled - but what a great shot. How these things come about is facinating.

Revad - Thanks for sharing

Sharon - I have seen this image, and actually wondered the reason behind this - now it's so much more special knowing what this means to you personally. Love your style :)

L A - One of my FAV. Knowing from the last discussion how you create your works - your eye in taking a photo, and using it as your inspiration for something fantastic - wonderful.

Val Arie - I commend you transitioning thus - reminds me of VIVA - how having that experience adds to the digital work you do. Thanks for the cute story.

Renata - I so appreciate you eye in the images you shoot. Love the abstract nature here and the colors.

L A - YES! Let the art become what it wants. This is how much of my work tends to go :)

Cathy - Thanks for sharing, and adding the type of equipment. I often wonder when I see something I like what equipment/software was used.

Glenn - Thanks for sharing. Been a long time since I've been fishing - that was my Dad's thing (passed away in 2016) but with the right people and location - I'd be game.

Sheli - Wonderful. Thanks for the history behind your work. BTW, what fractal program do you use? I have wanted to try some, but don't know where to start.

VIVA - I treasure the more I learn of your world. PURPLE. This used to be my COLOR. SYNC! these days I'm not sure I have a FAV, per se, but I tend to still lean towards the cooler colors.

Milija - ....But you made something out of this.....good work.

THANK YOU ALL for all these stories. I think they enhance the work, and also connect us together. I appreciate you all.


Shelli Fitzpatrick

1 Month Ago

Ken, I use Frax. Mine is installed on my iphone but I think you can get it for ipad too.

It is really an amazing app even it it is an iphone app. I always render the images in the pro format to get the highest resolution and I also bring my images into Gimp on my computer to tweak them some more. lol

I am planning on getting an ipad someday if they don't come out with a version for Windows first.


VIVA Anderson

1 Month Ago

Description ...Fourth in the series The Story Vol 1 telling the story of finding hope in the midst of grief.

- "She stretches her toes out in the sand, something satisfying and grounding this connection with nature. In the distance is her sanctuary on the water where she spent the day reading one of those damn books she promised herself to get to, but never did. But all good things come to an end, or so they say. She was not done taking each one of these experiences she shared with him and making them her own. This was something she had to do, not to forget the love of her life that was taken so quickly from her, but to honor him by living. This had been their spot on the beach for romance, watching the sun dip below the horizon. Now it was a place to recognize the beauty around her-within her. She sighed with contentment, 'This was a truly wonderful day.' But now, The Night Comes For Her, and though she will miss her time on the beach, she is looking forward to the dreams that await her. viva 👏👏👏


Ken Walker

1 Month Ago

Thanks for posting - I had forgotten this story LOL. Since you brought it up, the series THE STORY VOL 1 https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/kenneth-walker?tab=artworkgalleries&artworkgalleryid=899776 was a way to share my love for a good romance. I have no shame in admitting I'm a HALLMARK romance movie addict - and don't even get me started about the Christmas marathon.... I thought it would be fun to write a story of my own in a series of shorts with an art piece for each. In this one, 2 people slowly come from across the country to finally reunite. It was an interesting thing to do because I was working with abstracts, and the abstracts were in a may guiding the story, but sometimes the story would influence the direction of the painting. Some of the images I feel can stand on their own, why others I feel more serve as an illustration to the story. Either way, I haven't done anything like this since. As some of you know, I've been doing more poetry than prose.


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Chuck Staley

1 Month Ago

A shepherd and his trusty sheep-herding dog watch his flock on this magical day in France. This is a 35mm slide I took in 1954 while in the army signal corps in Fromont, France. It was always my most popular slide, and the sad part about this picture is that it was the only one taken of the shepherd, who died a few days after I took it. I would never have known that he passed away, except that some farmers showed up at the microwave relay station and told me that his wife had no pictures of him and could she please have a copy, so naturally I had a print made for her. I think it is wonderful that he may live on forever in this and other pieces of my artwork.


shortened: https://bit.ly/3EWHxNb

This image got me started thinking about sharing my work with others about a dozen years ago.

Before that, TV directing was my game.


L A Feldstein

4 Days Ago

Ferocity of Elegance - Ken, I love how your 're-purposed' this, looked at it with fresh eyes

VIVA, thanks for the local history


Blue and Yellow Cats was based on a photograph of two cats sitting on a roof top in a city. I painted it twice, once with cool colors and once with warm colors. I like they way they look side-by-side.


BA Tripi

4 Days Ago

Ken You asked about the story behind “Lioness Rising of Lyra”? The painting, “Lioness” occurred by chance at the end of most days painting my brushes and pallet are full of paint. I have developed the habit of keeping an odd canvas near to receive these “left overs” a recycling of paint and IDEAS! In time layers of peculiar paint combinations and brush textures build up to produce a “tangle” of mismatched colors and forms Then BAM you realize the canvass is ripe! This is how “Lioness” began! “Lioness Rising of Lyra” This painting actively engages the viewer to ENTER “Lioness” sinks her charms into the imagination “Rising” implies strength as does a lioness—“Lyra” is a small galaxy (“Far Far Away”) that host one of the brightest stars in the night sky —-The “Lioness” reminds me of a 20’s Flapper (broadways’ bright lights) OR a creature from “Avatar”(mythological and intriguing) I just like her spunk, attitude, strength, intelligence and a certain disdain for conventional norms—?!?!
If you know such a “Lioness” it is comforting to keep ( her/him) close!
PS -I almost didn’t show this canvass but Lioness has brought a good bit of conversation from others and has already found Her new home??amazing — never know???



VIVA Anderson

4 Days Ago


BA, the boss will reply, and this is early thanks for posting Lioness.


VIVA Anderson

4 Days Ago


VIVA Anderson

The story here is about me, not the sprig, because this was one of the very first
times I totally re-wrote the image out of the camera, and found such joy in
making it ‘mine’ and not just a snapshot. So! I wrapped her in red chiffon, oh
Yes!, and the rest was all about the dramatic lighting and inverted colours, and
just a complete act of bravery. Fulfillment gained!! That’s where photography from a painter’s mind goes……
The Story !! The palette, the design – re-imagined, painterly.


VIVA Anderson

2 Days Ago


Well, still in isolation, myself my best choice for new Art, and this has to be the most fun
I've ever had: another not-a-masterpiece. But, just picture yourself opposite the mirror,
holding the camera left-hand for this exercise, then with my tremor, trying to get a 'still' !!
Then:::::::::: off I went to Picasa......let's see:
1......open image and crop: that's 90% of the image gone, lol, silly girl ! very small, had
........it 'enlarged' at Online Image Enlarger(free): great program (if like me you don't have p/shop),
2......dare to be different, again, yep, that's me.....so I used every trick to accomplish
this, which I HOPE looks like a black painting/brushmark, on white field of my now b/w image!
3......You don't HAVE to comment. lol. L A, and me , we decided it infers: 'come hither',


Ken Walker

2 Days Ago

My business needs a bit more of my attention, so I'm behind in response - so sorry.

VIVA - Always burning bright - you're most welcome. I love these stories of your experiences - so vast and so different from my own - Wondeful.

Lucia - HUGS and more HUGS and KUDOS and then more HUGS :)

L A - I like that you put these side by side. Well done!

BA - I really did enjoy your painting and now the story behind it. So much repurpose here - from MORE to MORE to MORE - A favorite of mine

VIVA - "That’s where photography from a painter’s mind goes……
The Story !! The palette, the design – re-imagined, painterly." This shows in all that you do. On display fully and enjoyed by all here. I especially was impressed with your My Curl.....excellent abstract - the master painters touch, again, showing through and such modesty.


VIVA Anderson

2 Days Ago

Thank you, kindly, Ken. Such beautiful Affirmation is grist to my mill, and keeps me GOING.
As does your Art, so deeply moving, in vision and song 🙏🌺🤗.


Ken Walker

2 Days Ago

You're most welcome - such love and respect...how else can I be with such inspiration?


Ken Walker

2 Days Ago

Well, once again - up later than I should - these are from last into the early morning. Had enough with work and needed to do something -quick (a lie I tell myself because it never is quick LOL). I was fooling around with an earlier image and this interesting cool effect came about with these broken lines - A "glitch". The more I fooled with it the more idea or variants on a theme emerged. Couldn't stop. Back story, I have noticed a few artist creating many variants on a theme - I understood the appeal, but never really did this until now. The objects themselves never change in there form and position, but DO CHANGE quite a lot as the colors and interactions change - as well as the position of these layers. Pure fun, Pure creativity. I had a blast and will continue to do a few more - see how far I can go. Quite a few didn't make the cut. These were the ones that I liked and kept.

GLITCH series



VIVA Anderson

2 Days Ago

SPLENDID SERIES, KEN. KUDOS. Commented on all, so beautiful, unique.




Oh, Yes I do have a story. It's probably a bit long for some people even though it happened in short period of time, but it has been gold mine too. Tell it so people understand where I am and how I got here. Lots of rocky twists and turns and seemingly at warp speed. I just got done telling it in my bio actually so I'm talked out using talk to text and I will come back to this later but definitely! And the storage behind artists... We all have one and it's significant every single time. I think I like the stories sometimes more than I do the art. Did I just say that out loud? I have autism so I tend to say a little bit too much. I hope y'all can handle me.

Glad you chose this topic because it immediately grabbed me. Look forward to getting to know the others who post

And I am sorry I did not post a link. I'm new here and still trying to figure everything out. I will delete this shortly if I can't get it on here.


L A Feldstein

2 Days Ago

Ken, I really like your Glitch series. I am one who loves to make variations, because sometimes new things are seen with each painting. Some new direction to go, some shape that fascinates me. Keep up the great work!


VIVA Anderson

2 Days Ago


There ya go, Lisa. And, welcome to the thread.


Ken Walker

1 Day Ago

UPDATE: Got the booster today and already feeling it - more than the second dose for some reason. I may be off the grid for a day at least - we'll see. Hard to stay away.

VIVA - I appreciate you taking the time to comment on all the GLITCHES...so glad your love and kindness are not a glitch :)

Lisa - Welcome. Beautiful work I commented on a painting that stood out for me. Can't wait to hear your story - all safe and welcome here.

L A - Thanks for the encouragement! Fun to do right? How far can you go - endless :)

VIVA - thanks for the support.

OK...until next time - off to bed.


VIVA Anderson

1 Day Ago


Fare thee well, Ken….beat the phantom virus, b/c we want you back,
asap…stay strong…great new Glitch!! ☘️☘️👏👏💪💪🌈🎈🎈🎈


Ken Walker

1 Day Ago

Thank you. Rough night for sure starting around 6ish and through the night. Woke up feeling a bit better..we'll see how the day goes. CARRY ON!


VIVA Anderson

1 Day Ago


Ken, so good you're gonna get past this Booster reaction. Here's a fav of mine from your Series: GLITCH ART.
My fav., and, thanks for your reply there, to me.


L A Feldstein

8 Hours Ago


This past fall the incredibly, large, old silver maple had to come down. It was in poor health. It broke our hearts – it provided shade in summer and was home to myriad beings. In the aftermath, we found three tiny shards of mismatched pottery. Remnants of some long-ago party (the house is 70+ years old; we are the third owners). Photographing these pieces did not do them justice, nor did painting them (a failed project that I have just washed off.) I digitally manipulated the painting. This is the result: Colorful, patterned ball.


Ed Meredith

4 Hours Ago

L A in know the feeling of having to down a tree. We have Live Oaks
and the old one's that had to be felled for safety are sorely missed.


Ed Meredith

4 Hours Ago

.Double Click oops


Ed Meredith

4 Hours Ago

I was curious as to when opera was first preformed and I found that it may have been;

artists, poets, intellectuals, writers, humanist and musicians of the Florentine Camerata
In 16th century Renaissance Florence who recreated the storytelling of Greek drama
through melodic speech set to music.

The first to be known they say, was Dafne, the love story between the god Apollo
and the nymph Dafne, and the four centuries that followed have been simply, well…

Dafne, balanced coral:

Today’s Opera:


Ed Meredith

3 Hours Ago

Once upon a time i showed a friend of our's 8 year old son my drawer full of dead bugs and critters…
He thought they were "cool".
A month later we mailed him a birthday gift of snake skins, dried dead lizards, frogs and toads…
About three weeks later i got a letter from his mother telling me that he took them to school for show
and tell and it was a big hit... at the end of the letter his message written in his own hand to me was,
"Dear Ed, thanks for all the dead stuff"... made my day.


Oh and this is an example of what I may do with the Dead Stuff:


VIVA Anderson

59 Minutes Ago


So, though I really want to speak to L A, Ed, all, on your posts, I get forgetful, and am
Sharing this first.

The story is : I was wandering lonely (as a cloud,lol), apologies to Wordsworth), along the footpath
in my village, and found these. They struck a chord: here be the remnants
of Autumn! And then ! I saw their potential as Art, because they aroused
a sensitivity in me to their divine, natural forms, and, three together worked
so well for a Study. At that point, of course, I went further and further into
the realms of my imagination, to create an homage in my own, inimitable
‘orangy’ , sensuous, style. The comments have amazed me, so I took heart,
and share them here. This is ‘limited palette’ by design, btw. My way.
Enjoy, VIVA


L A Feldstein

46 Minutes Ago

Ed. I remember you posting about the felled trees awhile ago. Because ours had so recently come down, it was too fresh to write about at that time. Your two operatic pieces, so different and so well done.

I love the dead bug photos -- we have little bone things and such -- some on a windowsill, some in a basket.

VIVA -- you find beauty everywhere!

Among the remnants of the silver maple, were two interesting little pieces of burled wood. Digitally they became long-horned beetles.



Lucia Waterson

38 Minutes Ago

Ed, how did it die that dead stuff? It almost doesn't look dead...

Congratulations VIVA for an other successful contest!

L A, forgive me, I'm scared of beetles and family!


VIVA Anderson

29 Minutes Ago

Years, !, summer after summer, sent off to 'camp' for my own good, in the Adirondacs.
Beetles! omg, everywhere. UGH, lol,
but, LA, yours are beautiful !

Thank you, LA, Lucia, Ed, et al.


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