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Brooks Garten Hauschild

11 Days Ago

Group Support - Kudos To Administrators Doing A Great Job!

To borrow a fellow administrator's words ~

"I think that any negativity regarding groups ought to be banned in the general discussion threads, just like politics & religion. In a sense, it's like shooting administrators who log in many hours voluntarily, naming and shaming in a way".

Groups getting bad press sucks, especially when members' are choosing to spend their precious time running them, and SO many members enjoy participating in them for hours each day. If they didn't exist, many members would quit.

Good & great administrators should be applauded for the work they do, and it is 'work'. I guess we could be all be self-absorbed & consumed with our own promotion 24-7, so it's a good thing when members are willing to support others in this way...and do it well. That in itself should be greatly appreciated, not the opposite. Same goes for hosting contests, when they are creative & well-tended. Both are very popular pastimes here.

There are rules for administrators laid out by Abbie in the 'Group Administrator's Only' group, which everyone should read & follow in order for things to run smoothly.

If YOU think your group administrators are doing a great job, let us know! Constructive and positive comments only, everyone!! I have too many of you in my groups and entering my contests, so be NICE!! Famous last words.


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VIVA Anderson

11 Days Ago



L A Feldstein

11 Days Ago

Yes, thank you. All your (all group leaders) hard work is appreciated.


Joy Watson

10 Days Ago

Thanks for raising this Brooks. I totally agree being a group administrator is a lot of work. In the past I ran 2 groups for 5 years on another Art pod site. Before Christmas on a thread here about groups really depressed me about how people comment on group forums. I stopped creating due to what I read. (No negative posts thanks).
I know I mainly do floral, but like all art and photography it's about learning your skills. We are all doing it every time we work on our craft.

All art takes skill. All hosts takes hours of work per day on their groups. Accepting work, features and group messages takes hours.

Groups administrators still want to create their own.

Thanks to all group administrators.


Bill Swartwout

10 Days Ago

My feeling is that group leaders do an awesome job. They offer a channel for people with like-minded interests, many of whom do not care to participate in the general discussion forum.


Mark Andrew Thomas

10 Days Ago

I've thought about stepping up to take over a group or two or even starting my own but I never have as I don't know what it entails and there is really no way to find out without starting one. I also work so it probably wouldn't end well lol. I'll leave it to others and say a big thank you instead. So THANK YOU!


VIVA, amen sister.

L A, appreciate you so much.

Joy, my friend, good for you heading those groups. And so sorry that neg thread here put a damper on your enthusiasm about running one on FAA. You'd be great! Happy that all three of you are members of my group...and many others...and that you participate.

Thanks for your kind feedback, Bill.

And Mark you've been here a long time & know the ropes. Working full time would certainly make running a group more difficult, but I do know some who work & run a group! Appreciate the big THX.



Jurgen Lorenzen

10 Days Ago

Bravo, Brooks!!


Xueling Zou

10 Days Ago

Bravo! Thanks!


Eddie Eastwood

10 Days Ago

Thanks to all group leaders!


A good discussion Garth.

Thanks for bringing attention to this.


Ernesto Beckford

10 Days Ago

Abbie and David are wonderful.


Lucia Waterson

10 Days Ago

Yes, they definitely do a great job! I appreciate their work so very much and I thank them all, because I found they have no prejudice at all!

And I agree with Ernesto regarding Abbie and David being wonderful.

In particular regarding Abbie I would like to describe her as hard worker, very patient, very sensitive, very talented, strong and at the same time very sweet, too.

Thank you very much!


Thank you, Jurgen! Hi, Xueling. Thanks, Eddie...and Glenn [Garth, lol]...and Ernesto! Lucia, you posted just as I was. Thank you, as well.

* * * * * * * *

Here are some ideas that might also make the group experience better for everyone:
[1] If you want to create a group, make sure you're ready for the responsibility; too many aren't prepared for the long haul.
[2] Abandoned groups should be closed ASAP, so as not to clog up the works; there are a lot of them.
[3] Perhaps limiting the number of groups any one member can take over and still be able to administrate properly?
[4] And, wouldn't it be great if new members became familiar with FAA-Pixels for a specific amount of time before being allowed to head a group! It would be beneficial if they also knew something about organization, promotion & marketing. This goes for contests, too.



Karen Kaspar

10 Days Ago

A big THANK YOU to Brooks and all the other administrators for all the work you do for the groups and for supporting your fellow artists! I really appreciate!


Val Arie

10 Days Ago

I am sure it is a lot of work to run a group and no doubt the group admins are taken for granted by many, if not most, of us. I know I am guilty of using groups as a fun place to stick my images without doing much in the way of particiaption. Sometimes that makes me feel bad so then I don't even bother to add my images to any groups.

So yes all the group admins deserve a big thank you for all the time and effort the expend in their groups! THANK YOU!


Thank you, Karen & Val! I think when we are members of so many groups, there aren't enough hours in a day to be active in them all. Probably wise to choose one or two favorites that get most of our time. And we all have our favs!

'Sad' to see groups closing. Another one just announcing today. Unless they find a new administrator to take over, it's curtains for 'Floral Photography & Art', which has been around since 2014. That makes 5 closures of groups I am a member of, or was, in the last month. Happily some get new life with a new administrator.

Yes, Val, it can be a thankless job. As you can see, not a lot of members flocking to comment here. Still, a little bit of love goes a long way. So, thank YOU.



Renata Natale

10 Days Ago

A big thank you Brooks and to all admins. for helping us all promote our work, greatly appreciate it. I am sure it is a lot of work!


OBT Imaging

10 Days Ago

Ah Books G H, thank you, Yes Indeed, I feel the same,
Thank you to all the Group legends,
FAA is a great place to be right now, so many creative folks to be inspired by.
Happy New Year Fine Art America :), from Old Scotland.


Georgia Mizuleva

10 Days Ago

A big THANK YOU to Brooks and all the other group admins!!!


Renata, Gordy [OBT Imaging] and Georgia ~ it's members like you who make the job worthwhile = always uploading your best work, participating in the group threads and visiting your administrators' galleries to offer your support.

* * * * * *

Feel free to share any helpful advice or ideas on how groups can better support their members. Some just offer features, that's it...and there are those members who only want that from a group experience. Others want interaction amongst members and threads available that are aimed at promotion & marketing. Happily, there are enough of both, at least in the groups I am a part of, to make everyone happy.

I do often hear administrators wondering how to get their members to be more active! That is something each administrator will have to work out for themselves. There are so many options available, but I can say that [1] running well-tended contests [3] offering a variety of discussions threads [3] creating a visually appealing homepage [4] featuring one artist each week in the spotlight so members get to know one another better [5] sending out one group email update once a week or month, and [6] actually paying attention to members in a more personal way.

For example, if you haven't seen an image submitted from someone for a little while, shoot off an email to see if everything is alright. Answer questions ASAP. Participate in your own group threads! Listen when necessary. And be sure to feature everyone. Not everyone's work is good or great or your cup of tea, but find something fabulous in even the most elementary of images. In other words, try to treat members fairly, so everyone has a chance to shine.



Sharon W

9 Days Ago

A huge thank you to Brooks and all Administrator's for their hard work! It must be so time consuming I cannot even imagine! It is you who are the backbone of this site, and make a beautiful, informative and helpful community surrounding our art. The features and contests inspire us to do better and be more creative as well as viewing the amazing talent here. Wow. I feel lucky just to be here. THANK YOU!


Lucia Waterson

8 Days Ago

I can say that when I once had the idea of opening a contest, even though there were only few participating, I got so stressed worrying and making sure they get the attention and the votes, worrying not to hurt the feelings of anyone, but I had to cancel a photo because it was a baby self portrait and they posted a Gorilla baby, that I decided I would never do such a thing again. And that's it.

I don't know how you, dear administrators, do all you do!


Groups could be so much more of a benefit to FAA/Pixels and all the artisans here. Good administrators, that do the work voluntarily, would be more active in the organic growth of FAA if they had some more basic tools to work with. Pinning, group search, Social Media tools, blocking from pesky artist trolls, co-administrating capabilities, and incentives for recruiting to FAA/Pixels. etc., etc, etc.

I just named those off the cuff. But it would mean a stiffer vetting of those who take on the task, a basic framework, and a signed acknowledgment of some kind.


A heartfelt thank you to all the group administrators! You are greatly appreciated!

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Rahdne Zola

8 Days Ago

Even before becoming a group administrator, I recognized the effort put into it by those who are successful in running groups. I appreciate it tremendously.

As the administrator of 3 groups (1 of which has very low activity), it is a time commitment, but to me the benefits are worth it. I enjoy the connection with like-minded artists, I enjoy observing and praising their work, and I especially enjoy designing the group's homepage. If I had more time, I would devote it to building active discussion threads, but unfortunately I currently do not have enough time for that. So, I make up for it with regular praise, administering, contests, etc.

Over the years, I have found that as a group administrator, you get what you give. I have seen group administrators who don't speak respectfully to their members and then that's what they get in return. I try to be helpful, respectful, and supportive in my groups, and I usually get the same in return. It's a wonderful way to build friendships.

Brooks, I am not a member of your group, A Woman's Touch, but I know it is highly regarded and very well administered! Kudos to you for all that you do!

In peace,


Glenn, I always screen new members...and you are right, some members simply do not read [or want to follow] the rules set by an Administrator. That's why I check new members every day.

For the last few weeks especially, there have been some bogus accounts joining with avatars of young models with NO images or bio. Very funny. But since most administrators do not check new members, anyone can join. I would have 3 times the amount of members in my women only' group if I did not screen daily.

I have men who try to join every day! Yep, men in a women's only group. I have also gone thru my pages of members several times and removed those who've not uploaded an image or participated in a thread in 6 months or longer.

Your new 'highly active' group up for adoption has very visible & specific rules! Why people do not read & follow them is beyond me. Definitely understand you saying "I have rejected 99% of those that join my group. The home page shows them in LARGE letters what is expected. (But why worry about the rules?)".

I do hope you find someone to take over the reins. If there is anyone in the group you think could handle the responsibility, ask them. Maybe a temporary take-over if you plan on coming back when you have more time?

* * * * * *

Thank you Mary Anne! We hear ya loud & clear...and appreciate your comments!


Sherrie Triest

4 Days Ago

I admire and very much appreciate your commitment and consistency, Brooks! You are a fabulous administrator! A huge Thank You to you and all group Administrators!!


Constance Lowery

4 Days Ago

Let me put in my 2 cents. Thank you, Brooks and all administrators for your hard work. I appreciate you.


Shelia Hunt

4 Days Ago

Brooks, a huge heart-felt thanks to you and other administrators for all your hard work. It is totally amazing how much you give of your time to help oversee the board(s). your hard work does not go unnoticed, and we all greatly appreciate everything you do. :)


Joseph S Giacalone

4 Days Ago

Thank you...


Natalie Holland

4 Days Ago

Thank you very much Brooks! I also want to thank all group administrators for their hard work......it is much appreciated!


Janice Sobien

4 Days Ago

Thank you Brooks for all you effort put towards this group and promoting other artists.


Judy Foote-Belleci

3 Days Ago

love this group and all the great artwork i see here ... wonderful work done by our administrator, brooks !


Betty Denise

3 Days Ago

Thank you Brooks for all you do. This group is fabulous because of you!


Cyril Jayant

3 Days Ago

Good thought Brooks!!!
I think there are two sides of the coin too. Only the administrators see those two sides. Definitely without the members there are no GROUPS! Frankly they are there to provide some thing to showcase and that is an act that ADMINS ( I don't like this word :-) myself. this word sounds like someone in a box to run a show. yes we are living in a simulation that We have inherited to this selective labels. ) ... get in to the point.... must have a little common sense give an advise and lead the goal of bringing the group to the next level not paying attention to some attitude of their contributors. Not by messaging or by any other communication. Some people used to complain that some groups have so long rules ,what I call GUIDELINES, Funnily they don't seems to understand they are repeating the same mistake over and over again.

Good luck and GREAT CORAGE TO ALL ADMINS WHO ARE PUTTING MORE ENERGY AND PERSONAL SUPPORT TO MOVE THE ART WORK TO GET IN TO FFA SEARCH-ENGINE!! I know Some believe Admins doesn't merit any thing but they only exist because of the contributors. I think FAA must support and appreciate them more so a part of the site will keep active with groups. I don't know if I am wrong this is how I feel it.


Mary Bedy

3 Days Ago

Brooks, I love your women's group. I've been trying to find the time to be more active there. Maybe this weekend I can work on that, but with a day job and other things going on, time is of a premium right now.

I do administer one group that I keep very low key - no requirements for membership except an appropriate image for the subject. I know there are a lot of people like me who like to be in groups of subject matter that interests us, but some of us don't have a lot of time. I do check for new images at least two or three times a week, though and shuffle the featured work when I have enough new work to fill the front page.

I don't know how you do all the stuff you do in the women's group. I'm exhausted just watching you LOL, but it makes for a great group.


Sherrie, Constance, Sheila, Joseph, Natalie, Janice Judy & Betty ~ thanks to each of you for taking the time to add your kind comments in support of group administrators! We appreciate you, the members, as well, especially when you submit your best work each week and participate in group activities, even if only sporadically. Every little bit helps!

* * * * * *
Thanks for the love, Mary! I completely understand not everyone has the time to participate fully in their group or groups. Some, like you, have a fulltime job, and can only devote a certain amount of energy to group activities AND have the time to create, process & upload. They do well to simply submitting an image now & then. I get it. Running a group is like a part-time job in itself, so kudos to you on administering a group of your own, no matter how big or small or active!



Robert Yaeger

3 Days Ago

People go through highs and lows throughout their lives. Sometimes they just need a place to vent, but often choose the wrong outlet.
It's easy to put down and try to minimize others, but before doing so, ask yourself if you would want to be on the receiving end of what you are about to say/write.
I say no put downs. Try to look for something positive. Try to find happy outlets (exercise, music, talking with someone, creating something, etc.) that will alleviate your ill feelings and create balance in your life. Administrators are volunteering their time, which in turn serves as a way to promote your work. You can always administer your own group.
I have great respect for every administrator on FAA. Thank you for what you do!


Cyril, thanks for your post. So true that there are two sides to the coin. Members need groups and groups need members! Guidelines are necessary, but I agree, make them simple & easy to follow. Some groups have most of their 'Homepage' taken up with rules when they could be showcasing members' work instead. I think a 'Homepage' should state the group's intention up front, as well as its guidelines, and then get on to featuring members work.

Some groups are mere shells of their former selves as certain original administrators have moved on. Some of those groups get taken over by others. Others limp along buoyed by loyal members who haven't yet moved on to more active groups. And some group administrators only dole out features, and their only 'Activity' is 'thank you for the feature' notes. If an Administrator wants their group to be in the TOP 10 'Highly Active' Featured groups onsite, they will NEED to offer organized well-tended threads that keep their members coming back for more, as well as regular features!!

There is a something for everyone in the groups. Certain members just do not want to interact or promote their work within a group setting; they only want features. And others are looking for a group experience that gets them more exposure, sales, interaction with others, etc. Certain administrators are on their toes, others not so much, So, look for those groups who offer you what YOU want and participate at whatever level you can! Administrators can only do so much, though, and their goals are all over the board, from promoting their members in a big way or simply hosting groups for their own enjoyment, nothing further.

Fyi, the MORE popular your group is the MORE work is necessary! In my 'A Woman's Touch' group, for example, I have nearly 100 images a day to review, numerous organized threads to tend, contests galore to tend, emails to answer from members, a weekly group email update every Sunday, My 'Administrator's Picks of the Week' each Tuesday, an 'Up Close & Personal' featured artist with bio each week, etc. That's a lot!

If you can get your members to do something as simple as sharing the group link on Social Media, daily or weekly, that will help bring visitors & potential buyers. If they like what they see, they will return for more.


* * * * * *

Hi Rob! I always suggest someone create & run their own group if they have issues with how an administrator is running theirs. Same goes for contests! Once they do host one, they understand how much work it is. Thank you for posting and for the suggestions to those prone to complaining about anything & everything. Appreciate your ~ "I have great respect for every administrator on FAA. Thank you for what you do!"


Lorraine Palumbo

3 Days Ago

I really enjoy the groups on FAA, the contests, and promotional threads. I've been a member for a year, and I am loving the experience. I think the administrators do a great job. I try to participate as much as I can and am trying to broaden my portfolio into more abstract and macro images instead of all landscape.

Running a group/contest involves a huge amount of the administrator's time to keep everything current, it's hard work, and involves lots of energy to manage. I applaud all the group administrators and love your women's group Brooks.



Anita Pollak

2 Days Ago

My dear Brooks, I am so grateful to you and all the other group administrators for your hard work and dedication and for supporting us through challenging times. I have so much admiration for all of you and it's been a privilege to get to know so question your willingness to be an ame of you and become good friends. I also know you have to put up with some difficult things that may at times make you wonder if all that work is worth it. Rest assured that by far and away the majority of us appreciate and admire you for all you do, and also for who you are.

Thank you, Brooks and all the FAA admins for supporting our art and enriching our lives!

Love to you all, Anita


Rachel Morrison

2 Days Ago

Thank you for all your dedication and hard work! It's a pleasure to be a member and exciting to interact with others here!


Diane Zucker

2 Days Ago

I add my thanks to the many committed, conscientious and consistent group administrators who put in so much time to run the groups.


CR Greaves

2 Days Ago

I think the group administrators for the various fine art groups all do a great job. They put in long hours to sort through all our submissions and the contest as well as send out emails. A hearty thank you.


Thanks to my fellow administrators.


Lorraine! Thank you for posting your wonderful words in support of all administrators. We appreciate members like you! Thanks, too, for your lovely kind comments re 'A Woman's Touch'. So kind of you.

* * * * * *
Dear Anita, what can I say, but 'thank you' for your kind & generous comments! Such a joy to become friends with you as well, and yes these are challenging times. The groups can offer a special place to share with others & find daily comfort in a community of like-minded artists & photographers. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of 'A Woman's Touch' and for the pleasure of reviewing & promoting your beautiful work.

* * * * * *

Rachel, Diane and CR ~ big THX to each of you for posting your 'hearty' words of thanks & support! So special.


Alida M Haslett

18 Hours Ago

Excellent, Brooks!
Thank you for bringing this important topic to the discussion group.
I could not imagine the hours involved in running the groups- And I have only the utmost regard for those who do!
There are Admins who are gifted with positivity, encouragement, and enthusiasm.
There are those who are primarily professional, few words but are there for all artists who wish to be engaged.
There are a few who are not always positive or tactful. Everyone has their own inner story.
We are to find the groups that inspire us to be motivated and continuously creative- as best we can.
***What is remarkable to me is the time and responsibility that each person dedicates to these roles-
EVERY ARTIST in FAA, should be grateful for our ADMINS or we would have no platform -

Brooks, Thank you For All You Do For Our Group!


Laurie's Intuitive

15 Hours Ago

Thank you Brooks, and all the group administrators for all you do!! Your hard work and time is very appreciated!!


Katya Atanasova

5 Hours Ago

Thank you to all of the administrators, as well as you, Brooks, for your devotion and hard work in establishing this art community, which is actually the groups! Your efforts are significant and appreciated! Thank you for all the time and energy, I admire you!


Alida, Laurie and Katya! Thanks to each of you for taking the time to post your thank you's and encouraging words. Members like you make administrators' work worthwhile...and I'm blessed to have all three of you in 'A Woman's Touch'! So 'thank you', too.

Alida ~ you are welcome....and thank you for accentuating the POSITIVE! So often we hear members ragging on the groups & administrators, so it's good to pause now & again to offer some encouraging words & thanks for a job well done. No, not everyone who hosts a group does a great job, but MANY do...and those who don't can learn from others!
Love this from you: "LOOK FOR THE POSITIVE***What is remarkable to me is the time and responsibility that each person dedicates to these roles-EVERY ARTIST in FAA, should be grateful for our ADMINS or we would have no platform - THANK YOU ALL ADMINS- BRAVO!"

Laurie ~ appreciate your kind comments.

Katya ~ thank you for your wonderful words re administrators in general [and me]! I agree that the groups are the backbone of this art community. A great way to look at it...and it makes the job of administrating a group or group that much more significant & important.



Wild Snark

40 Minutes Ago

I would not agree with "I think that any negativity regarding groups ought to be banned in the general discussion threads, just like politics & religion''

In my view the list of banned topics could be kept to a minimum; and must have very clear reasons to be banned topics. The current list seems to have got the balance right.

Saying that; it must be remembered that group admins are volunteers; who give freely of their time to provide a service for other members of FAA.

Also naming and shaming is simply not good practice; and to a very large extent is not allowed in threads.

Concerns re any group admin is best dealt with; by a discussion with the group admin and if that does not work, then an email to Abbie seems to me to be the best way forward.

There are clearly two (in fact many) sides to debate re groups. It is also true that for some the debate is not that pertinent, they submit to group and move on.

I must admit in such discussions the old adage ''two ears and one mouth'' is well worth remembering.''


Abbie Shores

32 Minutes Ago

And on that note I'm closing this now.

The best way to thank admins is to take part in the groups.

All the best,

Site Manager FAA/Pixels


This discussion is closed.