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Floyd Snyder

2 Days Ago

Wow! Congratulations To John Twynam

We are not allowed to open threads to promote our own gallery or images. But can we recognize someone else that has done an outstanding job?

We get so many new people in the threads that seem to be totally overwhelmed and have a hard time getting organized and up to speed. It can be done and it can be done in a short time.

John has 607 images, 322,416 views and he has done it all in just 8 months!!


I hope this is not some form of name and shame and is allowed. If not, just remove it, David or Abbie.

I just think we need to show new people what can be accomplished if one sets their mind to it and recognize people that have done such a great job.

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John Twynam

2 Days Ago

Wow, thanks Floyd!

But I couldn't have done it alone - much of it was done with suggestions from other members. Joining and posting in groups to gains views, followers, likes, favourites, and comments, joining Pinterest and Twitter after reading many posts saying that we need to advertise OFF of FAA/Pixels, updating keywords and descriptions (still a tedious work in process) based on many other articles, etc. Everybody in the forums has been very helpful.

Sadly, those 322k views have only translated into 2 sales over those 8 months, but I'm hoping that'll pick up.


Val Arie

2 Days Ago

WOW John that is a great accomplishment! 2 sales on 8 months - just starting out I think is great - more will come. You work is great and you have organized it nicely. I like to see you have your best work here. A nice share Floyd!


Shelli Fitzpatrick

2 Days Ago

607 images in 8 months is also quite an accomplishment. I am just gaining on 400 uploads since 2017. lol. of course I let myself get discouraged and went dormant for almost a year while I was working hard on a different POD where I was seeing sales.

But still it is time consuming to upload that many images and give them the meta data. Good Job! here's to many more sales in the future :)


J L Meadows

2 Days Ago

"I am just gaining on 400 uploads since 2017. lol. of course I let myself get discouraged and went dormant for almost a year while I was working hard on a different POD where I was seeing sales."

Same story here, Shelli. But I've gotten some wonderful encouragement here of late, so I'm giving FAA another try. May we both get good results.

Congrats, John!


Shelli Fitzpatrick

2 Days Ago

It's funny J L, but when I wasn't paying attention I had 4 sales and I didn't realize until the money went into my PP account. That was all I needed to come back and start working on this site again.

I wish you many sales to come also!


John Twynam

1 Day Ago

In all fairness, when I first joined here I think I uploaded maybe 250 images that I had already processed and tagged for my stock photo stuff... and after that, I started going through a bunch of my other photos back to 2015 and seeing what might be usable. So, it's not as if I did some crazy traveling and actually TOOK 607 usable images in those 8 months, they were taken over the span of around 6 years. Most of the ones on here were taken within the past 2 years though, because as I looked through my older ones, I realized just how much I sucked, so I found few from previous years that were usable.

Plus, I'm kind of an insomniac. There's been many a night when I can't sleep, so I get out of bed for a bit and start fiddling around on my computer. Often, that turns into going through my older photos and thinking "hmmm, I wonder what I could do with this one".

Everyone here has been very helpful and encouraging.


Lisa Kaiser

1 Day Ago

Great job, John! Great share, Floyd!


J L Meadows

1 Day Ago

Yeah, it's funny, Sherri, all through 2019, after my division at my former place of employment shut down and we all got laid off, I paid little attention to FAA. But a couple of weeks ago, I checked my sales page here and realized that I'd sold a lot more in 2019 than I thought I did. A nice surprise.

Sorry if I've derailed the thread, Floyd. :p


Awesome, congratulations, John!


Edward Fielding

1 Day Ago

"322k views have only translated into 2 sales over those 8 months"

Attracting qualfied views is the key. Creating context and content around links to your images. This brings in people (rather than bots) who are looking to buy, rather than just view.



Jennifer White

1 Day Ago

Great job John! Congratulations on a great accomplishment!


That's great John! I am also finding photos that I forgot about from years ago.


Awesome John!


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