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Ilker Goksen

5 Years Ago

Sources For Photographers

I have put together some of the blogs and websites I’ve been following recently thinking they might be useful to other photographers out there. They include anything from general advice for a specific photo shoot to detailed technical analysis. I think there is something for everyone. Even if you’re not a photographer, you might still find some of them useful while photographing your paintings or sculptures since the issues such as color correction, lighting and white balance are also explained and mentioned on a few of these blogs. Some of you probably know these sites already, but I thought it’s still worth sharing for those of you who haven’t heard of them before.

These are some of the blogs that include tutorials and advice on photography;

Laurence Kim has tutorials on shooting portraits, posing, retouching and lighting as well as a few equipment reviews;

You may find Ming’s blog beneficial especially on color correction and white balance. He also has articles on different subjects if you follow “Articles” link on the top;

This one has very helpful articles on composition in photography. Under “Lessons” and “Essays” links on the top, you’ll find many readings;

This is also another blog that deals with various issues and has some beautiful photographs in it;

If you’re into technical stuff, Dante Stella’s website is excellent. He writes on a lot of things from light meters, flashes, optics, to film, darkroom and scanning. And many many other things. This is a great source to keep as a reference and come back from time to time whenever you need help;

If you’re doing large format or medium format photography, Ken Lee’s website is an invaluable source and he has a lot of tips for photographers;

This is the blog of photojournalist Alex Garcia, who works for Chicago Tribune. Especially street photographers will this useful since he talks about things such as shooting strangers, candid portraits or how to get ready for shooting on the street;

This one is not updated anymore, but if you dig the archives, you’ll find some very informative posts;

This blog also has very beautiful photographs and articles that are informative. It’s mostly on film photography;

Art from a business point of view;

And here are some websites for inspiration;

A great photo project that anyone can join. All you need is an old photo of your family or friends and access to the same location where that photograph was taken. You can submit your photographs to the project. They just came out with the first book that consists of photographs submitted;

Famous photographer Steve McCurry’s blog. He updates it often;

Online magazine curated by Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey;

A great ongoing project;

Vivian Maier, a photographer from Chicago whose work was discovered after her death;

British Journal of Photography;

Matt Weber is a photographer from New York who’s been photographing his city since 1960s. He has an amazing collection of photographs of everyday life in New York;

A collection of found photographs;

An online magazine;

A great website for documentary photography;

Another one on documentary;

Iconic photos with their stories;

A few other online magazines;

Visions and Images; A series of interviews with legendary names such as Elliott Erwitt, Cornell Capa and Garry Winogrand.

I hope you enjoy them and if there is a website or blog that you follow and would like to share, please feel free to do so.

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Dan Carmichael

5 Years Ago

Thanks for contributing this list of links, Ilker.

Would you also happen to have a good list of photography forums?


Joel Witmeyer

5 Years Ago

Great list, thanks for sharing.

Here are some forums I visit:

Canon Photography

DPS Forums forum

I had more but my browser crashed and I lost some of my bookmarks.


Dan Carmichael

5 Years Ago

Thanks for the list.

If there are more, please post them.

I have been in forums for years. Some of the largest have gone downhill the last few years (no names).

I am now trying to find a photo forum that has a higher percentage of professionals and maturity. Even if it is a paid subscription.

So any help would be appreciated.


As to additional links, about the best-known site for the legal side of photography (copyrights, photographer's rights, etc) would be Carolyn Wright's:


Ilker Goksen

5 Years Ago

Dan, I am not really following forums but one I can give you is It is a forum more oriented towards rangefinder users, but covers many issues on photography. Also thanks for the Carolyn Wright's website. I've never heard of her, would surely be useful in the future.

Joel, thanks for the links! I'll check them out now.


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