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David Morefield

4 Years Ago

Marketing Ideas

This week, I have been trying to come up with some ideas on other ideas of how to get more traffic on my website.

I ordered a decal for the back of my vehicle with my website on it and something funny to get people's attention. If I see a rise in web traffic, I will definitely update this thread with my experience.

Anyone else do something similar and did you find that it worked?

I gave my church permission to use one of my photos for one of their publications and I got some direct responses from people wanting to see my work. I guess we'll see if any of it turns into something decent. I gave away 30 business cards today when people asked for them. I am betting that less than half visit my site and then it is a smaller percentage that will actually make a buy. I guess we'll see.

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Minnie Lippiatt

4 Years Ago

David I was thinking of doing that where can one order a decal made? Back in CA it was easy to get anything but in CO not so much LOL


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

if you made a sticker - did you use a name - or the long impossible to remember artist.blahblah website address?

like mine if but no. i'm kind of lazy and i can't imagine how many people in their cars will look up my address while driving. or remember it when they get home. or care even.

you'll get more people at your site if you have more work up. unless your talking about your private site - you only have 58 images here.

your keywords are very long. it's doubtful they will type in 1972 chevrolet chevelle - maybe one of the three, or the single word car for a car shot.

of your images it only targets a particular audience - cars, houston, florida and lightning. so there is little reason to go back there.

if you handed out car cards at a car show you might get interested people, but only if it was there car. you should join more groups to get more traffic that way. you basically attract online people online. because they are already there. i suppose a card with one of those static bullet things that get you to the site faster would work. but in my case i would have an antique card, and it wouldn't look right.

---Mike Savad


Mel Steinhauer

4 Years Ago

I got a rear window decal for my car with my artists website link, from an online company called :

My sales have increased, but no one has contacted me and said they found my website pages from the decal on my car.

It's a static-cling type decal, so it can be easily removed and replaced for periodic cleaning. It only cost about $17.00 as I remember, and I have had it on both of my cars for over a year now. Wherever I travel or park it locally while I am shopping or at a restaurant, it is there for people to see. Of course, most probably never notice it or care when they do, but some may just get curious enough to check it out. I also recently added a QR code that I made and had laminated. I have a photo on my hard drive, but not sure how to add it here.

I used my go-daddy url which I had forwarded to my own page here:


Maria Arango

4 Years Ago

There's a place called where you can get a decal for less than $17.00 just let them know you want a custom decal and will provide the artwork if neccesary. If you only want type then just let them know too. They just started offerring decals.


David Morefield

4 Years Ago

I ordered mine through

I will be sure to let y'all know what it looks like when I get it.

I used my Web address :

I think that when you pick a domain name, there are two things that are most important:
1. It has to be something easy to remember
2. It has to be something that people can spell later

I know that is asking a lot, but with some creativity, you can come up with something that folks can remember.

I host my site on my webserver and then just have links over to my Artistwebsite. I really wish I could mask the in order to make more of an integrated piece of my site, but I am not complaining.

I use Google Analytics for all of my websites, so I should see some kind of activity if the decal is effective.


Maria Arango

4 Years Ago

I checked out the site that you posted David but I only seeone color decals. The site that I use has full color decals.


Kylani Arrington

4 Years Ago

The best place I go for anything I need in terms of advertisement for my company, Arrington Fine Art, is I've had T-shirts, decals, business cards, pens, key chains, stationary, and more made there and it's very inexpensive. The products are also very good quality, especially the t-shirts. They're very comfortable and don't shrink.

Hope that helps!



David Morefield

4 Years Ago

Hi Maria, the application that I intend on using will be a White decal on a Tinted Window, so it should stand out from 7 car lengths away.

Maybe someone will find it funny and check out the website. I've always found when you can get someone to laugh, they are more inclined to give you money....


David Morefield

4 Years Ago

Here is a picture of the decal that I got for my vehicle.

I have seen a moderate increase in hits on my site from local viewers.


Carolyn Finnell

4 Years Ago

I had magnetic signs on my car for a while with my website. The only response I ever got was a nasty email because they didn't like my bumper sticker.


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