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Sharon Talson

4 Years Ago

New Visitor

Hoping the viewer from Victoria Crater, Mars will be purchasing something... lol.

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Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

i didn't know they had internet connections that far out. must be satellite.

---Mike Savad


Shipping may be a problem!


Leslie Bilbrey

4 Years Ago

I just saw this on one of my pictures....weird.


Joy McKenzie

4 Years Ago

What on earth? I mean...Mars?? lol


Marcio Faustino

4 Years Ago

It is the NASA robot.
It should open an account on FAA and sell those pic it took for NASA.


Dan Carmichael

4 Years Ago

Martians don't need to purchase anything. When they get good and ready, they'll just come here and take what they want. Hide the women and children.


:/ erk


Carmen Hathaway

4 Years Ago

Utopian, Mind will likely mind the competition ;)


Joshua House

4 Years Ago

Victoria had a look at some of my work this evening too. I want to know how I can pull that trick. I promise I will not be a Klingon hanging around Uranus.


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