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Eddy Crowley

4 Years Ago

How Do You Find Your Audience?

Hi folks,
I am a self taught abstract painter with a graphic design background. I don't want to come across as self promoting, I'm having problems with my gallery site and feedback, over 1,000 hits a month and no sales over the,past 3 months since launch, Very little intrest / contact. Is my work that worthless? Is there anything obvious wrong with my gallery site . Any body got any advce?

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Jeffrey Campbell

4 Years Ago

There is no magical formula, or everyone would be making millions each year selling their art. Try not to worry about the sales and do what it is you do best.


Dean Harte

4 Years Ago

Eddy, I would maybe ditch the rectangular presentation of your works on the website. I understand the beehive reference to your logo, but buyers may think the works are shaped that way and if they are not looking for that kind of work they will not click through.

Another thing I noticed is that not all of your works are photographed in the most optimum way (glare, light reflections); buying art online can be daunting and presenting your work in the most favourable manner could perhaps make a difference between a customer pulling the trigger or not.

One thing that struck me about your work is the strong sense that you really enjoy what you are doing. Dont let bad sales get you down, and maybe read the pointers given here at FAA about marketing and such.

Good luck!


Rich Franco

4 Years Ago


I like this one but you have hardly any keywords, especially about the color or sense of what the image is portraying. You have good stuff, but bad keywords and you need to spend some time improving your keywords, because, as I have said here before, they are your "key" for people finding your work,

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I'm a photographer, so take this for what it's worth! LOL


Eddy Crowley

4 Years Ago

Cheers guys, I love painting, got a 90cm square on the go right now, I'm gonna have to look into key words.
The bee hive look is taken from the rock shape of the 'Giant's causeway' here in Northern Ireland, It's sort of ment to reflect where I'm from.
Yeah 'Waterwall Firehorse' is painted on the back of a blackboard so you can flip it over when the Art Police call round.


Gregory Scott

4 Years Ago

If you can do so, perhaps you can start with high impact "popular" keywords, and reverse the process, allowing your images to be meditations based on the words that you choose.
If you find that is too intrusive on the process, and you choose to pursue your non-representational muse, you are in a very common quandary with many other artists.
My main advice would be to be faithful to your primary audience -- which is YOU. But you may need to forget about search engines, and do some face to face real human marketing, and whatever the equivalent of that might be on social networks. FAA is merely a place to file your portfolio, and allow customers to order prints. It's your responsibility to bring them to your work, or with enough success, maybe you can hire a marketing agent of some sort to help you with that work.


Marlene Burns

4 Years Ago

hi eddy...i must agree that presenting your paintings in a beehive format is telling people that is their shape....and that's going to hurt potential sales....also....add some pages....keep your home page painting and with info...your portfolio should be shown on subsequent pages.


Megan Dirsa-DuBois

4 Years Ago

I'm just gonna be straight ... Are you paintings geometric shapes? If so, why? If not -- why are you putting them into those odd things? Doesn't work for me at all and really did put me off. The first image that I was drawn to was the one with the musical instrument in it. It's a bit odd, but interesting, that is right up until I read the title of it. Okay, I get that maybe you were aiming at humor when you decided to call it, Strangling a cat, but --- really?! (I donno). I know in my head that you probably meant it to be fun or silly, but (shrug), I'm also a cat-owner and so I also found it to be just a little offensive. Although to be fair -- depending on my own frame of mind, time of day and/or energy level ... I might have thought it a wonderful title. Like the way I feel about the title of another work here on this site called Camel Juice, even. (Can't remember the artist or I would put it here as an example). But -- anyway, I agree that the key words would help and just taking your work out of those title boxes would be a huge benefit too. Keep your chin up. Offer to make a painting for free for a local business.... advertise the heck out of doing that and - well - keep up the fight!



Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

your not coming across as self promoting with an image and an avatar like that?

i'm certain we gave it a critique. first off - abstract is a tough sale because it has to be seen. keywords aren't enough to get someones attention. a quick look at your source code shows you have no keywords for the images. or for your main page. so you are currently invisible on the web.

and on this site you also have no keywords - you have your name which is good but if your not advertising your name and your work, no one will really be looking for you. the work my sell, but if you have nothing that will attract attention, you won't get sales. your prices could also use a bump, considering your low price is $22, and the original is like $7000, it should be a bit higher.

mostly it's about advertising your work in every way possible. that means (both sites) you need:

keywords - the most basic thing ever.
more descriptions, the more words the better, google like words, and people like to know what they are buying.
advertising - facebook, twitter, google plus - and a number of other sites. including your sigline, etc.

don't expect that just being on the web is enough to generate sales.

your main webpage to change - as said keywords. the about you should be at the top so people know where they just landed. you need many words, because google relies on them.

for example this is what it reads:
I would like to introduce myself, my name is Eddy Crowley, I am a self taught abstract artist from Northern Ireland and this is my gallery site, . I am presently displaying my artwork in a small gallery at my studio and am looking for a larger gallery show here in N. Ireland or further away.

I am a creative in various formats, starting as an illustrator / cartoonist, then graphic designer, magazine editor, marketing director and now, for the past decade, painting. Taking all the skills I used in a virtual environment into practice in my artwork creation, abstract mood and emotion paint style with gravity flow techniques.

To keep up to date with me please make friends with me on facebook:

the header of the page, title etc - don't have the word abstract paintings. and that's what you want to push. it's a basic in webpage SEO design. keep it simple use many words that repeat. make sure each image has a great description using the method and techniques you used, along with colors, feelings etc. because these are picked up by google as well.

---Mike Savad


Here are some good links to discussions in our forum and elsewhere about marketing your work Dan Turnerís 7 Keys To Selling Art Online The Art Of Social-network Marketing Available Online For Free Tagging, or Keywords and Descriptions Marketing Yourself Innovative Marketing for Artists - Challenge! Niche Marketing? How Do I Launch A Local Art Show?? PRESS RELEASES what are they and how to use them YOUR Print Quality - Please Read One of the newsletters with some good info on


Eddy Crowley

4 Years Ago

Wow, thats a lot to take in, I thank you for your time and input, I am paying attention and will draw up a plan of action.
Didn't mean to offend with title of 'Strangling a cat', it's a saying here in Ireland for bad music, sounded like he was strangling a cat, I have always had cats, got 2 now.
I'm trying to get my work out there, got a potential show near Dublin next year and a show in my hometown Omagh in early 2014, but they both seem such a long way off, have had 1 show so far in Clinton centre Enniskillen in 2010 but that was for my digital work.
I defend the design interface and logo as a tailored unique interface that reflects both myself and N. Ireland. The logo has both CMYK and RGB, being reflected light and projected light. The hexagonal shape crops up in many formats, not just the rock formation of Giants causeway, but in chemistry formula, and referenced to the window of the mind in films such as Lawnmower man 2, Jobe inside a virtual rationalised inteligent entity. The wisiwig format is as simplified as possible and works well on smartphones and tablets, it's basically an icon interface that I find pleasing to the eye, one comment I got refered to it as a church window effect.
About pricing, I have no idea what the market would support or how to position myself in relation to more established artists, the art market in Ireland seems rather conservative at best, and non-traditional artworks basically ignored. I have an uphill battle on my hands.
Everything you see on the site was created on a shoe string by me, paintings, poor camera work and design, a 1 man band, sole trader. I think it's near time I start seeking reviews in relivant publications.
Cheers. Eddy.


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

at the very, very least you must add keywords to both your FAA site, and your main website. without them there isn't much to go on. those metawords were empty the last i looked. the layout is fine, once clicked people can see the shape, but people have to find it in the first place.

---Mike Savad


Georgiana Romanovna

4 Years Ago

Mike is right - start with keywords!!!!!!

Photography Prints

Abstract, red,blue,green,red abstract,blue abstract,textural,acrylic,Eddy Crowley,decorative abstract,waterfall firehouse,crowley, crowley ed,Ink,mixed media

There's a freebie for starters :)


Eddy Crowley

4 Years Ago

Thanks Mike & Zeana, I will do over next few days.
Just posted this, my latest artwork, 10 views in a min. then nothing, what do you think? Painted during the time period of this discussion. WOW!
Art Prints
Check out the fracture effect I have deployed here.


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

did you put it into any groups? advertise on google and twitter when you uploaded it? on facebook too? if you sent it only here and didn't do any of those things that's why the views are low. they will stay low because you have no keywords. or a good description that doesn't say the obvious. the image appears soft up close.

if you don't have the keywords as i said above - you won't get visitors. you won't get into google, you won't be seen. you can add this to a bunch of painting and abstract groups, flags, blue, orange, colorful, etc. lots of them. but you have to make that effort. on average i will get about 30 view in the first hour of viewing, which is mostly google and twitter hits.

---Mike Savad


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