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Bill Stephens

5 Years Ago

Is Linkedin Any Good?

I have gotten several invites to join LinkedIn. I get this message: "I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn".

Does anyone use this for promoting your FAA work?

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Mike Savad

5 Years Ago

i think it's more like a place you put a resume and get business contacts. it's not much of a place to advertise because you need to be a member and signed in, in order to see what they have. i think i had to join to get an a location someone was working at. now i get requests to be a contact to total strangers.

---Mike Savad


It is a business network


Dan Turner

5 Years Ago

Is cobalt blue any good? If you know what you're doing with it, absolutely.


Mike Savad

5 Years Ago

now i'm curious, is cobalt blue good for advertising FAA? i means it's a nice color and all, kind of dark though.

---Mike Savad


Patricia Strand

5 Years Ago

Bill, don't join unless you want to get emails forever. I can't find a way to unscubscribe, and I only joined at the request of a friend. Never needed it, personally, and really wish I could get rid of it now!


Jeffrey Campbell

5 Years Ago

Absolutely, Mike. Cobalt blue is one of the most soothing colours to the mind.


Bill Stephens

5 Years Ago

That's all good stuff to know. Thanks. I certainly don't care to try and kee up with more emails from who knows who. I get plenty of those from scammers who say they want to buy my work.

You know, the faster we travel into the future, the more I want to try and simplify.


Bill, yes it's good to use. I don't specifically use it to promote my faa site, I use it to promote my photography business and what I offer. My faa site is just one portion of the business.

It's doubtfull you will get inquires about buying your work. I don't mean that in a sarcastic manner, it's just that the site seems to work well as a business to business link. I've had galleries contact me via my homepage website after finding me on linkedin. If you link your POD website to Linkedin, art collectors will simply navigate to the site to purchase. I feel it's value is useful to market yourself, and you get to pick and choose using keywords exactly HOW you wish to appear to the rest of the world. I've found it works for selling stock photos, since so many publishers and add consultants are pounding the pavement.

You can control the emails you recieve from Linkedin in your control panel. I just had to shut down responses from one of the forums. YES the emails can be a PITA if you allow them to update you everytime someone signs in.


Marlene Burns

5 Years Ago

dan turner, once again you nail it with your analogies....
patricia, i was gonna say it's really good if your e mailbox is lonely! lol


Lynn Palmer

5 Years Ago

Thomas S. is correct, email distributions can be changed in the control panel and it is best for business to business contact. They have a few photographer/photography groups you can join but it's not a place to create a portfolio for display. If you already have a photographic business and want to network with executives that make purchasing decisions I would consider it.


I recently sold this series to a (near-local) fellow LinkedIn Member, for an office lobby -

There's no way of knowing if I've made other sales by being a LinkedIn member, but I rarely turn down the chance to add my links, profile and other info to a legitimate business site.

Also, through LI's Artists' and Writers' groups, I've made some great contacts, and found really useful resources and feedback.


Elizabeth Lane

5 Years Ago

I use a networking site as it is supposed to be. Membership in an artist group is as Wendy 's post a great resource for artist websites.
As in anything else, use it for what it is intended and what you put into it is what you get out of it.


Bill Stephens

5 Years Ago

Good to hear about the control panel control. Control is a good thing. I may just sign up then.


Gregory Scott

5 Years Ago

I've read some people here say that they use it with good result for networking/marketing.


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