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Odd Jeppesen

4 Years Ago


I was interviewed by the local paper last week. The article was published today and they've given me a full page. There's a bit of biography and a lot about my pictures. The best thing (as far as I'm concerned) is the screen shot and address of my FAA artist website. The paper has a circulation of 10,000, so I'm hoping that I'll see more traffic and that a few readers will decide to buy something from someone local.

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Wibada Photo

4 Years Ago

Wow, congratulations, Odd! Well deserved.


Carol Groenen

4 Years Ago

That's wonderful, Odd. Congratulations!


Georgiana Romanovna

4 Years Ago

Odd, I am so happy for you! Congratulations, this is so well deserved :)


Odd Jeppesen

4 Years Ago

:-) Thank you all. I tried to stay cool about the article but now that I've seen it, I'm kind of excited.


Xueling Zou

4 Years Ago

Congratulations, Odd! What an exciting news:)! So happy for you!!


Fantastic news for you , Odd......and so well deserved.....recognition is priceless ..........V


Jean Noren

4 Years Ago

Thats great, wish I could read it.


Dean Harte

4 Years Ago

excellent Odd, congrats on this well-deserved exposure!


I'm thrilled for you, Odd! I hope this is the doorway to wonderful opportunities for you. :-)


Maria Disley

4 Years Ago

Fantastic news Odd, well deserved you are always showcasing other members work, now your turn has come :)))


Heiko Koehrer-Wagner

4 Years Ago

We will keep all our fingers and toes crossed, Odd! What a fantastic advertisement for you!


Paul Cowan

4 Years Ago

Congratulations. Do let us know if it turns into sales.


Brian Wallace

4 Years Ago

Great News! Congratulations and best of luck!


Amy Weiss

4 Years Ago

How wonderful, Odd! I hope you see increased traffic, too. Such a deserving artist. :)




John Rizzuto

4 Years Ago

Congrats Odd. Great news.


Odd Jeppesen

4 Years Ago

Thank you:-) I wish I could respond to each comment directly.


Luke Moore

4 Years Ago

Well done Odd! You have a unique style and approach with your photographs; I really hope more folks are able to see them, enjoy them, and think about them.


Judy Hall-Folde

4 Years Ago

Wonderful news, Odd! Congratulations!


Jason Christopher

4 Years Ago

Yeh that is exciting!! good luck!!.. if u had a trampoline.. nows the time... id be jumping up and down!


Kevin Callahan

4 Years Ago



Marcio Faustino

4 Years Ago



Lynn Palmer

4 Years Ago

A full page is seriously impressive. Congratulations on this well-deserved honor!


Dindin Coscolluela

4 Years Ago

Congratulations, Odd! I do hope this will bring more sales for you. Good Luck! :)



4 Years Ago

That's fantastic, Odd! Congratulations!


Tom Roderick

4 Years Ago



Angelina Vick

4 Years Ago


That's fantastic!


Marlene Burns

4 Years Ago

Sell Art Online
most excellent news, odd! you know i have followed you for quite some time!
i hope this brings you the recognition hthat your work deserves!


Kim Henderson

4 Years Ago

Well deserved, Odd! Fantastic news!


Richard Rizzo

4 Years Ago

excellent news .. congratulations Odd !!


Raffaella Lunelli

4 Years Ago

Congratulations, Odd! This is great!

Ciao, Raffaella


Deanna Fainelli

4 Years Ago

Fantastic! congrats on the story.


Allen Beatty

4 Years Ago

Very happy for you Odd. It's nice when nice things happen to nice people.


Mary Deal

4 Years Ago

Totally fantastic, Odd. A rare opportunity. Congratulations!


Warren Thompson

4 Years Ago

Way to go!


Patricia Strand

4 Years Ago

Very well deserved, Odd. Way to go!! I really wish I could read Danish!


Pamela Patch

4 Years Ago

Thats is so exciting! Congratulations Odd, very happy for you!


Olahs Photography

4 Years Ago

Congratulations!!! Very happy for you Odd!!


Cricket Hackmann

4 Years Ago

Congratulations, Odd! I hope this brings some new collectors your way! :-)


Nadya Ost

4 Years Ago

Great news, congratulations!


Deborah Hall Barry

4 Years Ago

Odd, I am so very happy for you! You really deserve it. I hope it brings you lots and lots of sales! :) Wonderful...


Jean Moore

4 Years Ago

Congrats, Odd!


Peter Jai

4 Years Ago

Congrats! Wooo Hooo!!


Barbara Middleton

4 Years Ago

Wonderful news! Enjoy!


Aidan Moran

4 Years Ago

Nothing like a bit of recognition Odd. Your right to be excited by it, congratulations.


Theresa Tahara

4 Years Ago

Wonderful news, Odd. So happy for you. ;-))


Penny Hunt

4 Years Ago

Super fantastic! Congratulations!


Jolanta Anna Karolska

4 Years Ago

Brilliant news Odd!! Bravo!


Lisa McStamp

4 Years Ago

Congratulations, Odd!


Gladys Steele

4 Years Ago

Congratulations Odd!! That's fantastic news!! Very happy for you :)


Cindy Singleton

4 Years Ago

Congratulations Odd! You deserve it!


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