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Michael Hugue

4 Years Ago

Success College Soon

WOW it my Sr.year an High school an its alot of work but i know all this hardwork going payoff just keeping god first wonder how college will turn out i hear its fun but alot of work any advices just chasing a dream

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Angelina Vick

4 Years Ago

I have only taken one college art class...but my advice is learn everything you can. =)


Lynn Palmer

4 Years Ago

You're going to have a blast, enjoy it while you can!


Lynn Palmer

4 Years Ago

Which college/university?


JC Findley

4 Years Ago

Study hard as grades actually matter in college.

That said, mix in a LOT of time to meet people and enjoy the ride.


Minnie Lippiatt

4 Years Ago

Michael you will meet many gifted artists. NEVER compare yourself to them. NEVER GIVE UP on your dream. It will become real with hard work no chasing necessary :o) Oh and don't sell yourself short. That is a waste of time!


John Crothers

4 Years Ago

I went to college at age 38 and it was one of the best things I ever did. Just graduated this past May and I have a job creating stuff!

Take it seriously (but have fun)


Michael Hugue

4 Years Ago

Thank you right now I have a list of colleges I like but the one that stand out to me for now is USF,FAMU,SCAD but still keep my options open


MM Anderson

4 Years Ago

College was so much better for me than high school! It was a ton of work but I loved it. I didn't decide to major in art until my junior year and I had a ton of catching up to do with the art classes. Plan on doing a lot of work outside of class. I would also recommend taking some business or marketing classes. I wish I had. Good luck!


Michael Hugue

4 Years Ago

thank you an i will


Christine Till

4 Years Ago

You can do it !!!


Joy McKenzie

4 Years Ago

I went to art college (Massachusetts College of Art) and had an absolute blast! There were kids from all over the US so most lived in dorms. I commuted from home (since I lived like 7 miles away) and this sort of set me apart. I kind of wish I had the opportunity to live at school and enjoy that aspect of it. But enjoy your experience in school, Michael. Balance the 'having fun' part with the studying part because you'll never be this young again, and it's much easier to learn when you're young. Best of luck to you!


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